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Home » Badge Co., Ltd. “”, where you can freely create fan clubs, online salons, and subscription services, is running a campaign with zero live streaming fees!

Badge Co., Ltd. “”, where you can freely create fan clubs, online salons, and subscription services, is running a campaign with zero live streaming fees!

[Badge Co., Ltd.]
“”, where you can freely create fan clubs, online salons, and subscription services, is running a campaign with zero live streaming fees!

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Press release: July 1, 2024
“”, where you can freely create fan clubs, online salons, and subscription services, is running a campaign with zero live streaming fees!
*This is a chance to use live streaming “OnLIVE”, which is one of the features of where you can freely use a rich variety of functions such as chat, videos, photos, blogs, surveys, etc., for up to 3 months free of charge! *
Badge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Koichiro Tamura, Endo
From July 1, 2024, Mifue will run a campaign to waive fees when using the live streaming service “OnLIVE,” which is a feature of its membership platform service “”

*Campaign details*
For those who apply for between July 1st and July 31st, 2024, we will charge 0 yen commission on sales of live streaming “OnLIVE” for up to 3 months from the start date of operation. Let’s eat.
Application period: Until July 31, 2024* (The sooner you start operation, the longer the free period will be!)*
Application conditions: Those who have applied for for the first time.
Discount/Benefits: Fees including payments incurred during live streaming will be waived.
Eligibility conditions: Applicants must apply by July 31, 2024. Other notes: Membership fees and fees incurred for shopping, etc. are not covered.
Contact us now

*What is OnLIVE? *
It is a unique live streaming system included in “” which has many functions, and although it is a membership-based service, OnLIVE is designed so that even non-members can watch it.
There are many functions within live streaming, and we have prepared a system that makes it easy to increase profits.
* 1. “Viewing restriction function” that allows non-member viewers to become paid members *
* 2. “On-stage function” that allows two-way video calls for a fee * * 3. “Live commerce function” that allows you to sell products to viewers all at once *

* Features of OnLIVE 1. Viewing restriction function *
*Streamer screen (viewing restrictions)
Although itself is a membership service similar to an online salon, live streaming can be viewed by non-members as well.
As a non-member, your functions will be limited and you will be able to see what members are having fun with.
Time limits and function restrictions can encourage non-members to register as paid members, and paid members can also create up to 3 plans, so it is possible to encourage them to increase their rank. Live streaming for members only means there will be no slander, and communication will be smooth and constructive.
It is also possible to issue coupons for new member registrations. *Live streaming for non-members is generally limited to 30 minutes. * Features of OnLIVE 2. Onstage function *
*On-stage screen (display switchable)
The on-stage feature is an original system that includes a billing function for two-way video calls with members, allowing one-on-one video calls by setting the amount and call time.
It adds even more entertainment value to live streaming, and depending on your ideas, you can generate large profits.
[ Example of use ]
Lecturers and experts = Answer questions
Counselor = Consultation for concerns
Singers and musicians = Perform one song upon request
Fortune telling and feng shui master = Interview and diagnosis based on appraisal
Cooking and gourmet = advice on cooking methods
Pro gamer = Competitive battle with viewers
Athletes = Online lessons, etc.
* Features of OnLIVE 3. Live commerce function *
*Live commerce screen
In conjunction with’s shopping function, you can freely select from a list of registered products and sell them during live streaming.
Products that can be sold include not only physical goods but also digital content such as videos and photos, and through live streaming, the appeal of the product can be conveyed in real time, increasing the desire to purchase and generating large sales. I can.
Members can easily make purchases using their registered credit card without leaving the live streaming screen, and can enjoy live commerce without missing any live streaming.
In addition to selling original goods exclusive to members, you can increase satisfaction by using sales methods that benefit members as well, such as advance sales and sales at discounted prices.
* Other features*
*Questionnaire screen
You can take surveys in real time during live streaming.
Even during the broadcast, you can set the survey content, response time, and result display time, and accept votes, with each viewer responding with one vote.
The results of the survey can be viewed by all viewers, so everyone can have fun.
*Up to 5 answers can be set for one question.
* What is *
Unlike open-type SNS, it is a membership-based service that allows you to create your own safe and secure community and develop your own content without relying on advertising revenue.
Compared to other online salons and fan clubs, we have an
overwhelmingly rich range of functions, which allows us to communicate our appeal in a variety of ways, thereby maximizing our ability to attract customers*
Furthermore, since it can be used on LINE, which boasts the largest number of users in Japan, the hurdles for registration have been lowered, making it possible to acquire a large number of members. Contact us now

*Operating company*
Established: November 1, 2019 (Reiwa 1)
Capital: 68,000,000 yen
Address: 6-7 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044
Phone: 03-6304-9107
FAX: 03-6304-9108
Officer: Co-Representative Director Koichiro Tamura
Co-Representative Director Mifue Endo and 2 other officers
Business: Online salon platform management
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