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Euphoria Co., Ltd. Introduction of condition management program for construction workers

[Euphoria Co., Ltd.] Introduction of condition management program for construction workers

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Introduction of a condition management program for construction workers *-Appropriately manage worker conditions and reduce the risk of developing heatstroke-*
* Euphoria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director/Co-founder: Hiroshi Hashiguchi, Makoto Miyata, hereinafter Euphoria) and Okumura Gumi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Abeno-ku, Osaka, Representative Director and President: Takanori Okumura, hereinafter referred to as
Okumura Gumi) is using the condition management program “ONE TAP SPORTS for We are pleased to announce that we have optimized “Biz” (hereinafter referred to as this program) for construction sites and introduced it on a trial basis at Okumura Gumi’s site. *
* By introducing this program, workers working at construction sites will be able to properly manage their physical condition and reduce the risk of developing heatstroke. *

* ■ Background *
Managing the health of workers is a major responsibility for construction companies. In recent years, summer temperatures have become much higher than they were a few years ago, and the extremely hot environment has been lasting for a longer period of time, increasing the risk of developing heatstroke and the severity of the disease when it occurs. . The risk of heatstroke increases not only due to external environmental factors such as temperature and weather, but also due to internal factors such as the worker’s physical condition and fatigue level, so appropriate management of worker’s condition is required. . Therefore, Euphoria and Okumura Gumi have developed a program to prevent heatstroke by optimizing the
conditioning method practiced by athletes who seek maximum performance no matter what the environment, for construction workers.

* ■ Technology overview (Figure 1) *
This program is a wellness program developed to support workers in physically demanding jobs, utilizing the conditioning know-how that Euphoria has cultivated over many years to support athletes. Since this is the first time the system has been applied to a construction site, we conducted repeated interviews with people involved in the site, and optimized it for construction sites under the guidance of Professor Hideo Hatta of the University of Tokyo, who specializes in exercise physiology.
Workers use smartphones or tablets to enter subjective data such as their level of fatigue and sleep quality, as well as quantitative objective data such as sleep time, weight, and amount of hydration. Industrial trainers monitor this data and provide feedback and advice on improvements to the conditions of individual workers. In addition, Euphoria will submit a “monitoring data analysis report” to the site manager, which will be used to improve the work environment at the construction site.
Figure 1 Overview of ONE TAP SPORTS for Biz

* ■ Application in the field*
[Target] 20 workers working outdoors at Okumura Gumi’s construction site [Applicable period] From the second half of August 2023 to the end of October 2023
[Measurement method] Workers enter the data themselves on tablets as part of their work confirmation and hazard prediction activities (KY activities), which are performed every morning at the start of work (Figure 2, Photo 1).
[Improvement advice from industrial trainers encouraged workers to take necessary actions to maintain their physical condition, such as drinking enough water during and after work. In addition, by visualizing the physical condition of workers through monitoring data analysis reports, site managers were able to take measures against heat stroke at the appropriate time, and no heat stroke or suspected heat stroke occurred. .

Figure 2 Measurement items and data registration screen

Photo 1: Data entry

* ■ Future developments *
In the future, we will apply this program to multiple sites and properly manage the physical condition of workers, thereby preventing heat stroke and supporting the health and performance improvement of workers.

* ■ Guidance/Supervision*
Professor Hideo Hatta
Affiliation: The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Broad Sciences, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Physical Exercise Science Laboratory Specialty: Exercise physiology, energy metabolism centered on lactic acid during exercise

* ■About Okumura Gumi Co., Ltd.*
Head Office: 2-2-2 Matsuzakicho, Abeno-ku, Osaka City
Established: March 3, 1938
Representative: Takanori Okumura, Representative Director and President Business content: General construction industry and related operations Role of this technology: Providing application sites/technical evaluation/examination of actual operation

* ■ About Euphoria Co., Ltd.*
Euphoria is a sports tech company that uses technology to solve sports problems with the mission of “making people’s encounters with sports happy.” ONE is a SaaS data management system for athlete condition management and injury prevention.
), school-operated DX platform “Sgrum” (
) is developed and provided. Furthermore, we are also promoting a business that uses the know-how we have cultivated in the sports world to solve business issues for general companies.

Head Office: 2nd floor, Iida Building, 5-5 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: August 18, 2008
Representative: Representative Director/Co-founder Hiroshi Hashiguchi, Makoto Miyata
Business content: System development, maintenance, and consulting in the sports field, product development support business using sports data, health management support business
Role of this technology: Providing physical condition management tools/data analysis/proposing improvement programs
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