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Home » KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd. Anyone can participate in carbon offset events! PBADAO and KlimaDAO JAPAN launch Japan’s first green NFT project launch service “tancre”! Demonstration experiment with IVS Crypto

KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd. Anyone can participate in carbon offset events! PBADAO and KlimaDAO JAPAN launch Japan’s first green NFT project launch service “tancre”! Demonstration experiment with IVS Crypto

[KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd.] Anyone can participate in carbon offset events! PBADAO and KlimaDAO
JAPAN launches Japan’s first green NFT project launch service “tancre”! Demonstration experiment with IVS Crypto

*View in browser* *KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 1, 2024
Anyone can participate in carbon offset events! PBADAO and KlimaDAO JAPAN launches Japan’s first green NFT project launch service “tancre”! Demonstration experiment with IVS Crypto
*With a system that allows everyone involved in events and services around the world to participate and take on the challenge of reducing environmental impact, we aim to improve the sustainability of the business itself and create a culture of environmental consideration! IVS
Challenge participants and offset with Crypto! *
PBADAO Co., Ltd. (Representative Directors: Makoto Haga/Horii Shingo, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Pabadao) is the Japanese subsidiary of KlimaDAO, which has many achievements in the world of climate change finance based on Web3 and blockchain.
JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shohei Hamada, Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
We are pleased to announce the release of “tancre,” a green NFT project launch service that promotes efforts to reduce environmental impact in collaboration with Crimadao.
*What is green NFT project launch service “tancre”*
“tancre” is a system called “Green NFT Project” that works together with participants to take on the challenge of carbon offset using NFTs.*
This is a vertical startup service* that allows you to start up quickly and easily.

Also in progress* “Green NFT Project”*
We have also created an environment where more people can participate in the project by checking the project list page at any time. tancre official website
Japan’s first Green NFT Project launch service

Background to the launch of “tancre”
Until now, efforts to address many environmental issues have often been carried out independently by businesses or general consumers. Under such circumstances, Pabadao and Klimadao felt the need for an industry service where people involved in services and events could work together as one team to maintain the service.

At tancre, rather than changing the way we present things, we emphasize ease of understanding and ease of participation for participants. * 1. Lowering the hurdles for participation *
and the issuance of digital certificates to participants* 2. A mechanism that makes it easier to build lasting relationships between participants and planners*
Realize. We will provide a system that makes it easy for both parties to create a culture of continuous efforts to address environmental issues.
*NFT is used as the basis for digital certificates.

We also believe that by providing these systems as a system that can be quickly and easily set up, the number of planners working on environmental issues will increase and their penetration into society will be promoted.
What is Green NFT Project*?
The Green NFT Project is a project that utilizes NFT to promote carbon offset.

All people involved in services and events* participate in
environmentally friendly initiatives*
This is an initiative in which businesses and consumers work together to take on the challenge and work towards offsetting greenhouse gases.

Green NFT
The project allows for environmentally friendly projects that everyone involved can enjoy while bringing them closer together. Specifically, all parties involved, including business operators and general consumers, work together as a team to offset the amount of greenhouse gases generated by planned events. Participants will be issued an NFT digital certificate and receive invitations to participate in various future environmental initiatives.

This project aims to create a society where everyone can enjoy daily events in a fun and sustainable manner while being considerate of the environment, rather than ending with one-off efforts.
What is Green NFT?
What is Green NFT?Green NFT
This is a digital certificate issued as a record of your participation in the project. By issuing certificates digitally, it will be easier to use them when participating in green events, etc., and it is also envisioned that they will function as invitations and tickets. It is hoped that connections will be made to tackle environmental issues and that the group will function as a community.

Please note that Green
For the issuance and sale of NFTs, we will utilize TORMO, a wallet solution developed by Pabadao that enables transactions on the blockchain through passkeys (biometric authentication, etc.). Flow of participation in Green NFT Project
1. Access special pages set up on service sites and event venues 2. Take on the challenge of carbon offsetting with the desired amount 3. You will receive a digital certificate (NFT)
4. Amortize the digital carbon credits for the offset challenge from this site
5. Digital certificate serves as an invitation for the next green event (free to implement)
This service utilizes blockchain, and by combining the cashless payment provided by Pabadao with blockchain, businesses can start their efforts simply by setting up a link. We provide an
infrastructure that allows users to experience the characteristics of blockchain without the hassle. We will also leverage the advantage of blockchain transparency by utilizing digital carbon credits, which provide highly transparent movement using blockchain operated by KlimaDAO.
Main features of this service:
– Improving environmental awareness among participants: By working on decarbonization together with event attendees, we will increase their interest in environmental issues.
– Improving corporate image: Visualize a company’s environmental efforts by utilizing carbon offset and NFT technology.
– Incentive function: Green NFTs serve as proof of environmental contribution and can also be used to provide benefits to holders. – Ensuring transparency and reliability: By using blockchain technology, we ensure the transparency and reliability of the offset process.
– Scalability: By collaborating with other Green NFT Projects, it is possible to develop into larger-scale environmental protection activities.
* Collaboration that leverages the strengths of both companies: * –
Crimadao will provide expertise in sourcing and offsetting carbon credits on blockchain and will be responsible for the infrastructure design of the service. Pabadao will leverage its expertise in blockchain UX solutions, planning, development, and operation of Web3 services and applications, and Web3 business development to provide the best user experience to participants in this project. We also aim to eliminate the hassles unique to blockchain and contribute to improving blockchain accessibility.
* Expectations for the utilization of Green NFT and its application in a wide range of fields: *

Offsets when purchasing products: Helping consumers make
environmentally conscious choices. Visualization of a company’s environmental contribution activities: A company’s ESG activities can be shown with high transparency. Support local communities by purchasing carbon credits: By purchasing carbon credits created in developing countries and rural areas of Japan, you can support local renewable energy projects and contribute to sustainable development. Quantifying the environmental contribution of individuals and organizations: It is possible to concretely show how much your daily activities contribute to the environment.
With these applications, Green
NFTs can be a powerful tool to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. Through this technology, we aim to improve environmental awareness and promote concrete behavioral changes, and realize a more sustainable society.
* Demonstration experiment: * IVS Crypto 2024 * Green NFT Project* held at KYOTO*
As a demonstration experiment of this service, we will challenge offset using Green NFT with participants at “IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO”. IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO* Overview:*
– Date and time: July 4th (Thursday) to July 6th (Saturday), 2024 Estimated number of visitors: Approximately 15,000 people
(approximately 40% will be from overseas)
– CO2 emissions: Approximately 5,000 tons
(Preliminary investigation into IVS operation by Crimadao and preliminary calculation using Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s official Carbon Footprint Calculator)
*Characteristics of the demonstration experiment:*
– Payment of 500 yen will offset 1 ton of digital carbon credits and digital certificate (NFT based Green
Using Pabadao’s passkey smart wallet “TORMO”, a digital certificate will be issued (Mint) after the credit card payment is completed. Carbon credits from a wind power generation project (VCS-728) in Gansu Province, China, certified by Verra, the world’s largest credit certification agency, will be used. Participants can purchase carbon credits through side events and QR codes installed at the main venue. Aiming to offset approximately 5,000 tons of CO2 emitted during the entire event
* Reason for choosing wind power project in Gansu Province, China: * –
Historical connections: We capitalize on this historical connection by selecting projects in Gansu province, which borders Shaanxi province in the People’s Republic of China, with which Kyoto Prefecture first formed a friendly alliance. Sister city cooperation: The largest number of sister cities within Kyoto Prefecture are cities in China, and we placed importance on this relationship. Spirit of the Kyoto Protocol: We respect the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol adopted in Kyoto in 1997, and contribute to international environmental protection efforts by supporting renewable energy projects in China, an important party to the Protocol. To do. Environmental protection effect: Wind power projects in Gansu province will provide clean and renewable energy and greatly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This project will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote sustainable energy supplies.
Request for participation and cooperation in demonstration experiments Green NFT
Project is an innovative initiative aimed at realizing a sustainable society. We would like to further develop this initiative and expand the circle of environmental protection.
IVS Crypto 2024 Towards carbon offset at KYOTO:
1. We are looking for sponsor companies to cooperate with offset. 2. For companies with booths at IVS and companies holding side events: Green We are looking for companies that can cooperate in installing QR codes for NFT distribution. Please help us raise environmental awareness among visitors and promote their participation in carbon offsets.
Please feel free to contact us using the contact information below for consultations and inquiries regarding participation in demonstration experiments, cooperation, and partnerships.
Contact us

We look forward to your participation in the Green NFT Project. IVS Crypto 2024 Through this new initiative at KYOTO, we hope to demonstrate the possibility of reducing environmental impact in the event industry. We look forward to working with you to take the first steps toward a future where innovation and environmental protection go hand in hand. What is carbon offset?
Carbon offsets reduce the unavoidable CO2 emissions of our activities from those that have already been implemented.
This is a mechanism to offset this with the results of CO2
reduction/absorption projects (carbon credits). At Green NFT Project, it works as follows:
1. Calculate CO2 emissions: Calculate the amount of CO2 emissions generated from events and other activities.
Preparation of digital carbon credits: Secure carbon credits on the blockchain that are issued based on the amount of CO2 already reduced and absorbed by environmental projects (e.g. renewable energy, forest protection).
3. Payments and Certificates for Offsets (Green NFT): When a participant participates in an offset and completes a payment, they receive a Green NFT as a digital certificate.
An NFT will be issued and the proceeds will be used to raise digital carbon credits.
4. Amortization of carbon credits: Procured carbon credits are amortized (recorded as used) according to the CO2 emissions of the event.
5. Completion of offset: Depending on the amount of carbon credits amortized, the CO2 emissions of the event will be offset and the environmental impact will be reduced.

By participating in carbon offset through NFT, you can directly contribute to environmental protection. The use of blockchain technology ensures transparency and trust in this entire process.

* ■About KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd.*
A company that uses Web3 and blockchain technology to transform climate change countermeasures from Japan. Based on the various innovative technologies possessed by KlimaDAO, which is working on climate change countermeasures globally, we support climate change countermeasures by developing services and systems tailored to Japanese customers. Currently, “KlimaDAO” is a marketplace where carbon credits can be traded on the blockchain.

* 【Company Profile】*
Trade name: KlimaDAO JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Established: October 11, 2023
Representative Director: Shohei Hamada
Address: 7th floor, Nihonbashi Mizuno Building, 1-11-12 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Corporate website:

* ■ About KlimaDAO *
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous
Organization, decentralized autonomous organization). By combining tokenized carbon credits with a blockchain technology stack, it aims to increase market transparency and efficiency.
Approximately 25 million tons of VCS (Verified Carbon Standard, the most commercially available private certified credit in the world) have been transferred to blockchain through the infrastructure developed by KlimaDAO, and more than 150 organizations are using them to contribute to climate change countermeasures. More than 600,000 tons of credits have been retired on-chain.

* ■About TORMO*
TORMO is a wallet solution that enables transactions on the blockchain through passkeys (biometric authentication, etc.). When using conventional blockchain, managing wallets and handling crypto assets was complicated. Additionally, most of the services that have been released in recent years are wallet solutions, but services that do not allow the use of private keys. Rather than Web3 being provided with “complicated management” or “restricted functionality,” it has been developed with the aim of providing the desired functionality in a simple experience.
In this way, we will prevent the wonderful experiences of the world from being spoiled by the stress caused by the complications at hand, and provide services that maximize the experience.
*■PBADAO Co., Ltd. (*Pabadao*)*
Company name: PBADAO Co., Ltd.
Official website:
Head office location: Daikanyama 135 Building, 13-5 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Kyoto Branch: 209-2 Nabeyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Representative Director: Makoto Haga/Shingo Horii
Business content: Internal product development using blockchain and external business development support

A blockchain company with bases in Daikanyama, Kyoto, and Shonan. We are skilled at planning, developing, and operating products that incorporate blockchain, and mainly develop our own products in areas such as entertainment, primary industry, smart cities, and tourism.

In addition, the hardware wallet “pokke” (*patent applied TORMO, a smart wallet that can be operated using passkeys (such as biometric authentication on smartphones), and Othello, a blockchain UX solution SDK.
*Patent pending for each product.

In addition to low hurdles to introduction, products that specialize in practicality are being used by many governments and companies because they are safe, secure, and easy to use, and are being used by ministries, government agencies, and major companies. (Tokyu Corporation, etc.), aiming to become one of the largest blockchain companies in Asia.
*About details about this release*

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