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Asahi Ryokuken Co., Ltd. Toshihiko Tahara becomes a “Healthy Partner” of the Double H Project!

Asahi Ryokuken Co., Ltd.
Toshihiko Tahara has been appointed as the “Healthy Partner” of Double H Project!
Asahi Ryokuken, which has had the highest sales of green juice in Japan for 18 consecutive years, has been appointed as the “Healthy Partner” of Toshihiko Tahara’s new project “Toshihiko Tahara Double H Project,” which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. ……
As the first project, with the cooperation of Toshihiko Tahara, we will be producing three types of official collaboration packages for green-flavored green juice! We will start accepting reservations from July 1st (Monday)!
Asahi Ryokuken Co., Ltd. (location: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, CEO: Ryota Koga), a company specializing in green juice, has made its debut this year.
A new project by Toshihiko Tahara, who is still active in singing and dancing even at the age of 63, celebrating his 45th anniversary. Supports the “Toshihiko Tahara Double H Project”. We have been appointed as a “Healthy Partner”, which is one of them.
As the first project, we will be selling three types of “Official Collaboration Packages” created with the cooperation of Toshihiko Tahara!
[Image 1:×897.png ]
Asa Toshi “Good! Morning”
[Image 2:×897.png ]
Hiru Toshi “Rose for you…Daytime”
[Image 3:×897.png ]
Night Toshi “Tokimeite TONIGHT”
■How the official collaboration package was created
Toshihiko Tahara, who is entering his 45th year in the entertainment industry, has a new project called “Toshihiko Tahara Double H Project.”
“H” means “HAPPY&HEALTHY”.
With this year, the 45th anniversary of our debut, as our starting year, we have set our goal for the 50th anniversary as “Let’s all have fun and stay healthy.”
lets go! ” is a life project.
Our company, whose philosophy is to “support each day to shine brightly,” empathizes with this project.
We have been appointed as a “Healthy Partner”.
To commemorate our appointment as a “Healthy Partner,” we will be giving away free samples of green juice to all visitors at tour venues (20 performances in 19 locations nationwide) this year as well. We will give you a present. In addition, as a featured project this time, a new collaboration created with the cooperation of Toshihiko Tahara
We will release the package.
Three types of packaging are designed based on the concept of “enjoying green juice with Toshi-chan throughout the day, morning, noon, and night.”
Collaboration packages can be ordered on a special website. This is a special project only for this time! Don’t miss this opportunity! ≪Product overview≫
Product name: Green effect green juice/official collaboration package ・Asa Toshi “Good! Morning”: An image of a refreshing morning that allows you to start your day healthy.
・Hiru Toshi “Kimi ni Rose Rose…Daytime”: Bright and energetic during the daytime. Image of a gorgeous afternoon.
・Yoru Toshi “Tokimeite TONIGHT”: An image of a luxurious moment that heals you with excitement at the end of the day.
Price: 3,700 yen including tax (1 box of 30 packets) *550 yen including shipping fee
Reservation acceptance start date: July 1, 2024 (Monday)
Special order site URL:
For more information, please check Toshihiko Tahara’s official YouTube channel “Toshi Tahara Channel!”
■Toshihiko Tahara Profile
Born February 28, 1961 in Yamanashi Prefecture. Debuted in 1979 in the drama “3nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei”.
Together with Masahiko Kondo and Yoshio Nomura, she was called the “Tanokin Trio” and quickly became a popular idol. Debuted as a singer in 1980 with “Aishu Deito”, a huge hit that sold 750,000 copies. Since then, he has released hit songs such as “Hatto! Good” and “Dakitte TONIGHT.”
Achieved the remarkable feat of reaching number one on the Oricon chart 12 times and ranking in the top 10 with 38 songs. He continues to be active in various fields such as movies, dramas, and concerts. ■About Asahi Ryokuken
◇Company name: Asahi Ryokuken Co., Ltd.
◇Location: 3-5-15 Hakata Station Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City ◇Telephone: 092-471-4800 (Main)
◇Official website:
◇Representative: Ryota Koga
◇Business details: Sales of green juice products, mainly green juice
[Image 4:×595.png ]
Asahi Ryokuken
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] Green juice product image
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