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Home » Maruyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Japanese-originated “water changing technology” “Ultra Fine Bubble” generator to achieve the effect of suppressing fish mortality. Introduced in the Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative Association’s primary storage fish ta

Maruyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Japanese-originated “water changing technology” “Ultra Fine Bubble” generator to achieve the effect of suppressing fish mortality. Introduced in the Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative Association’s primary storage fish ta

[Maruyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.] Japan’s “water changing technology” “Ultra Fine Bubble” generator to achieve the effect of suppressing fish mortality
Introduced to Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative’s primary storage tank
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Press release: July 1, 2024
“Water changing technology” “Ultra Fine Bubble” generator from Japan – Achieving the effect of suppressing fish mortality – Introduced to Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative Association’s primary storage fish tank

Maruyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takeharu Uchiyama, hereinafter referred to as “Maruyama Seisakusho”) and JALUX Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takahama)
Satoru (hereinafter referred to as “JALUX”) has announced that it has been decided to install “Oxygen Gas-Liquid Mixing Ultra Fine Bubble Generator” manufactured by Maruyama Seisakusho for the primary storage of the Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative Association
(hereinafter referred to as “Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative”). To do.
Maruyama Seisakusho and JALUX have been collaborating with the Tomakomai Fisheries Association for approximately six months to verify the effectiveness of “reducing fish mortality loss” using ultra-fine bubbles. As a result, we were able to obtain effective demonstration results that confirmed the reduction in fish mortality, and we decided to introduce this system.
In addition, we believe that this verification result is a step towards reducing not only the profit loss of seafood businesses, but also the economic loss of society as a whole, and JALUX and Maruyama Seisakusho will continue to work together to develop ultra-fine bubbles, a technology developed in Japan. We will work on reducing the loss of marine resources used, applying it to other primary
industries, and developing equipment suitable for that purpose.

Primary octopus storage cage injected with “Oxygen gas-liquid mixture ultra-fine bubble”

-Configuration diagram of introduction device-
■Main results of effectiveness verification at Tomakomai Fisheries Cooperative Verification items Results
Dissolved oxygen amount *1 (Before verification) Approximately 7 to 10 mg/liter → (After verification) Approximately 9 to 13 mg/liter Effect on heifer mortality Confirmed reduction in the number of heifer deaths in the cage
Condition of living organisms Confirm changes in biological activity in the cage and firmness when handling.
*1 Amount of oxygen dissolved in seawater
(Factor analysis)
It is thought that being able to maintain an appropriate dissolved oxygen concentration in the cage over a long period of time and improving water quality by removing biofilm inside the cage led to the reduction in mortality.
■Comments on effectiveness verification by Tomakomai Fisheries Association – Because oxygen can be used efficiently, a single oxygen cylinder can maintain an appropriate oxygen concentration to suppress death over a long period of time.
– There was almost no rise in water temperature, which is an issue with other ultra-fine bubble products, and no additional equipment such as a chiller (cooling water circulation device) was required to maintain the water temperature in the cage.
– Can be retrofitted to existing fish cages, and the hurdles for introduction were low
– We were able to suppress the death of fish in the fish tank, maintain the health of octopuses and flounder, and maintain good shipping quality.
– Avoided profit loss by reducing fish mortality

■Maruyama Seisakusho’s unique MUFB technology (Maruyama Ultra Fine Bubble Water Generation Technology)
Unique MUFB (Maruyama Ultra Fine Bubble) technology instantly generates highly concentrated ultra fine bubbles.
1. [One pass method]
Unlike the circulation method, which takes a long time to generate ultra-fine bubbles, it instantly generates ultra-fine bubbles of uniform size and high concentration with a single water flow.* can.
2. [High oxygen gas dissolution efficiency]
* It is possible to generate high-concentration oxygen ultra-fine bubble water with a small amount of gas input.* Since there is little loss of oxygen gas, the cost of oxygen gas can be optimized. 3. [Water temperature rise is small and dissolved oxygen
concentration is stable]
The one-pass method generates almost no frictional heat, and there is also almost no rise in water temperature due to heat conduction from the device. *Thus*
Can maintain stable dissolved oxygen concentration* for long periods of time.

At Maruyama Seisakusho, we utilize these unique technologies to develop products that maximize the expected effects of ultra-fine bubbles, such as salt removal and cleaning, improved penetration, and growth promotion. is.

■What is Ultra Fine Bubble?
Fine bubble is a world-leading technology originating from Japan. It is made up of water and air, is environmentally friendly, and can be applied to all fields, so it is attracting international attention as a technology that can contribute to achieving the SDGs. Bubbles with a diameter of less than 100 micrometers (0.1 mm) are called fine bubbles, and among these, microscopic bubbles with a diameter of less than 1 micrometer that are invisible to the naked eye are called ultra-fine bubbles. It has a variety of effects such as cleaning, promoting plant growth, and inhibiting oxidation, and is increasingly being applied in a variety of fields such as industry, medicine, agriculture, and fisheries.
■Company overview
[JALUX Co., Ltd.]
A trading company of the JAL Group that operates a wide range of businesses including aviation and airports, insurance, real estate, e-commerce, and food. In addition to ultra-fine bubble generators, we handle a wide range of environment-related materials and equipment, such as environmentally friendly road repair materials and
biodegradable biopolymers.
Company name JALUX Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Shinagawa Season Terrace, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and President Satoru Takahama
Business overview Aviation and airport business, life service business, retail business,
Foods and Beverage Business

[Maruyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd.]

A company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard, celebrating its 130th anniversary. “Creating the next 100 years – All for the Under the brand statement “future-”, we will use Japan’s
cutting-edge technology, ultra-fine bubbles, to provide earth-friendly technologies and products in a wide range of fields, including agricultural, industrial, and consumer products.
Company name Maruyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-4-15 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Takeharu Uchiyama
Business overview Agricultural machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, firefighting machinery, industrial machinery, cleaning machinery
・Manufacture and sales of construction machinery, prime movers, automobiles, and other agricultural vehicles, pipe construction ・Design and construction contract for firefighting facility
construction, real estate rental business
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