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Home » Menicon Co., Ltd. Released a new visual by Akari Takaishi for “1DAY FRUTTIE”, a colored contact lens that makes “eyes full of energy and freshness” come true

Menicon Co., Ltd. Released a new visual by Akari Takaishi for “1DAY FRUTTIE”, a colored contact lens that makes “eyes full of energy and freshness” come true

[Menicon Co., Ltd.] “1DAY FRUTTIE” colored contact lenses that help you achieve “eyes full of energy and freshness”
Akari Takaishi’s new visual released

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Akari Takaishi’s new visual for 1DAY FRUTTIE, a color contact lens that makes your eyes full of energy and freshness, released
Menicon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 21-19 Aoi 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Representative Executive Officer and President, COO: Yasushi Kawaura) is a daily disposable colored contact lens “1DAY”.
A new visual featuring Akari Takaishi as the new image character for “FRUTTIE” was released on July 1, 2024.

FRUTTIE” was released in 2020 as a colored contact lens with the image of round, lovely, fresh, fruit-like eyes based on the concept of “eyes full of energy and freshness,” and two colors will be added in 2023. Currently, we have a lineup of 5 colors and have been well received.

This time, “1DAY”
Akari Takaishi, who has attractive big eyes and is attracting attention as the next breakout actress, has been appointed as the new image character for “FRUTTIE”. The image visuals have been completely renewed, and the five lens colors are expressed with a variety of expressions, such as a soft and gentle atmosphere and a bursting smile.

At Menicon, we will propose new ways of seeing by providing products and services that match the lifestyles and needs of our customers, with the aim of realizing daily life filled with happiness and joy.

* ◆Image visual*
* ■About “1DAY FRUTTIE” Product features*
・3 tone effects
The three tone effects create naturally large and impressive eyes. * Special points for eyes *
* Product Summary*
■“1DAY FRUTTIE” brand site
■“1DAY FRUTTIE” Official Instagram
★Virtual wearing experience with AR effects is available on the official Instagram account!
Please try it on your smartphone with the Instagram app installed.

* ■ Akari Takaishi profile *
Akari Takaishi (21) From Miyazaki Prefecture
He began his acting career in earnest in 2019.
A young and hottest actor who became a hot topic when he starred in the movie “Baby Warukyure” (directed by Yugo Sakamoto), and has since received hot attention for his numerous works.
Her performances in films such as “My Happy Marriage” and “Baby Warukyure 2 Baby” were praised, and she won the Best Emerging Actress Award at the 15th TAMA Film Awards.
Among the films waiting to be released and broadcast are the movies “Rookie Reporter Trocco: If I Don’t Do It, Who Will Do It!” (8/9), “Kimi no Iro” (8/30), and “Baby Warukyu* -* Re.
Nice Days” (9/27) and the drama “Baby Warukyure” (TV Tokyo, this fall) are also coming up, as well as the currently airing drama “Crash JK and Crash Teacher”.
Lesson 2” (MBS/TBS Dramaism), she is currently appearing regularly as the heroine.
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