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Guerlain Co., Ltd. Guerlain The maison’s representative jewel lipstick “Rouge Je” has been reborn and now available

[Guerlain Co., Ltd.] [Guerlain] The maison’s representative jewel lipstick – Rouge Je – has been reborn and is now available

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Press release: July 1, 2024
[Guerlain] The maison’s representative jewel lipstick – Rouge Je – has been reborn and is now available
*July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) Guerlain official online boutique pre-sale      July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) Isetan Shinjuku store pre-sale Nationwide release on Monday, July 15, 2024*
15 years since its release, Guerlain’s signature jewel lipstick – Rouge J- opens a new chapter in its legend. In 2009, jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer devised a luxury lip case made of chrome-plated metal with mirrors that caused a stir in the industry at the time. Since 2018, a number of seasonal limited cases have also appeared. It has
established itself as an innovative and fashionable lipstick that can be customized with endless combinations.

And in 2024, makeup creative director Violette will introduce 24 shades of satin finish and velvet matte.
A new Rouge Je is created, with 16 finish colors and a total of 40 shades, making lip care a reality.

The iconic Rouge has been given an ultra-modern design thanks to an eco-design approach and nine fully customizable jewel cases. G- is packed with Guerlain’s know-how and commitment.

* “An unparalleled object – Rouge
A jet is an infinitely customizable fashion accessory that you can take with you wherever you go. It is a beautiful talisman that fits perfectly in your hand. ”*
* -Violette, Guerlain Makeup Creative Director*
*Take generous care of your lips*
Achieved further evolution – Rouge
J- has been reborn as a lipstick that celebrates the beauty of your lips more than ever before. Formulated with over 81%* skincare ingredients and 100% naturally derived waxes, the formula includes Guerlain’s exclusive oleolily extract. Contains lily flower and sweet almond oil to protect the lips while promoting turnover, smoothing the texture and leaving lips plump and moisturized.

New generation Rouge available in satin and velvet matte finishes Je-. It has a very light texture that makes it feel as if you are not applying anything at all.

*-Rouge Je- (satin): 89% or more, -Rouge Je Luxurious Velvet-: 81% or more * ●Rouge Je*
24 colors in total 5,170 yen (tax included)
The finish is silky and glossy for a long time, keeping your lips smooth and perfect. A formula that leaves your lips soft from the moment you apply it, with 46% more moisture* and a comfortable fit that lasts for 16 hours**. Approximately 4 weeks after you start using it, you can achieve plump and well-groomed lips with a lively look even without makeup.
★=Recommended color
*Results of device testing on 32 subjects. **Results of self-scoring by 30 subjects.
* ●Rouge Je Luxurious Velvet*
16 colors in total 5,170 yen (tax included)
The finish has a soft texture that wraps around your lips, giving it a high-quality velvet-like finish. From the moment you apply it, your lips will be moisturized and smooth. Like satin, it provides comfortable wear that lasts for 16 hours*. Approximately 4 weeks after you start using it, your lips will become softer and you will have beautiful lips even without makeup.
★=Recommended color
*Results of self-scoring by 30 subjects.
*Craftsmanship in pursuit of the ultimate color*
Utilizing Guerlain’s know-how and Violette’s artistic color sense, the new Rouge Gé offers new shades made only from rare ingredients. By carefully selecting highly pigmented pigments and mixing them with oil at the optimal temperature and timing for each pigment, we have succeeded in bringing out the maximum color, shine, and depth. Furthermore, the color booster Abyssinian oil is added to overturn the limits of color.

Violet comes in 24 shades of satin finish and 16 shades of velvet matte. We have paid particular attention to each of the 40 shades of finishes. Red, orange, plum, pink, nude… The new Rouge Gee, which reinterprets each color, has the finest shades that expand the possibilities of your lips.
*Parisienne emblem*
*Unique Signature Red*
As an avant-garde and elegant Parisienne style and a brilliant emblem of the lips, Violette has been created in seven different shades of red. All the red shades of the new Rouge Gé are injected with Guerlain’s first proprietary pigment “Red” to highlight their depth and vibrancy.
G (red)
Exquisitely blended with “Je”. The secret is a bluish-red pigment and an orange-red pigment. Blending the two amplifies the richness of red.

In the new Rouge Ge collection, the leading role, the red shade, makes its presence felt proudly.

“Red, which symbolizes universal beauty, is truly limitless. There are countless shades of red. Our goal was to find a red that would look the best on the lips. However, A small amount of pigment can have a big impact on the look. Just one drop of yellow or pink can make all the difference.”
* -Violette, Guerlain Makeup Creative Director*
*Jewelry lip case that creates style*
It’s not just lipstick that has evolved. Guerlain also revolutionized the iconic jewel-like case of Rouge Gé.

The metal parts, which were previously based on silver, now feature gold, which plays an important role in Guerlain’s creations. The curved shape of the case, equipped with a double mirror, has become even more beautiful. Although it is refillable, it has a beautiful design that you will want to pass down to the next generation.

This reinterpreted luxury case is designed with the environment in mind. In addition to reducing weight by 19%, CO2 emissions were reduced by 30% by reviewing the manufacturing process.
We also succeeded in reducing*

The refillable Rouge Je case has been reborn in nine different designs under Violette’s direction. Chic and timeless style offers even more customization possibilities with this iconic case. By collecting cases that are renewed every season, you can change your lipstick to match your daily fashion and mood. The nine new cases are made up of three categories: Timeless, Ornament, and Pattern.

*2021 edition – Rouge Ge – and 2021 edition refill, 2024 edition – Rouge Ge Comparison results of the 2024 version refill.

*The essence of style*
“Women exude personal elegance and create timeless wardrobes. In the same way, I designed a new Rouge Gee case. These nine cases are beautiful talismans that are worthy of being displayed proudly. ” * -Violette, Guerlain Makeup Creative Director*
* ●Rouge Je Case*
9 types in total 4,730 yen (tax included)

★=Recommended case
* Nude * ★
As a symbol of gentle femininity,
Nude pink with grained finish.
A red crocodile finish reinterprets the house’s most popular design. *camel*
With an elegant light brown wood grain,
For a particularly classic look.
★=Recommended case
* Strass *
Covered with large and small rhinestones,
A design that expresses splendor and nobility.
* Art Deco * ★
To the architectural style loved by the Guerin family
A novel design with homage.
* Marble * ★
White marble with touches of gold and gray pay homage to the floors of the historic boutique at 68 Champs-Elysées.
A soft leopard print that symbolizes the animal print wardrobe. *Studs*
In elegant velvet
Scattered with elegant gold studs.
The tortoiseshell pattern swirls and shines in amber color,
A perfect motif for a collector’s item.
*Contour Je*
6 colors in total 4,070 yen (tax included)
Contour, a long-wear lip pencil boasting a highly pigmented formula, is in line with the renewal of -Rouge Je-
J- is newly introduced. A sharpener is included and the ultra-fine nib provides an extremely delicate finish. With a comfortable feel that melts into your lips and a feather-light texture, you can combine it with other lip products to increase the longevity of your color. Rouge Available in 6 shades to highlight your shades.
★=Recommended color

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