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Shikoku Ushimoki Company, Ltd. Shikoku Ushimoki Company increased production of “Binchotan” and opened EC site “KORIKI STORE”

[Shikoku Ushimoki Company, Ltd.] Shikoku Ushimoki Company increased production of “Binchotan” and opened EC site “KORIKI STORE”

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Shikoku’s Ushimoki company “Binchotan” increases production and opens EC site “KORIKI STORE”
*Accelerating hardwood utilization business*
“KORIKI STORE” top page
Shikoku Mishimogi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture, Representative Director: Motoharu Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as “Shikoku Mishimogi KORIKI Co., Ltd. has recently completed two new Binchotan charcoal kilns, increasing production by operating a total of four charcoal kilns, and launching the e-commerce site “KORIKI
We are pleased to announce that we have started selling at “Koriki Store” (
We will work to ensure a stable supply of domestically produced Bincho charcoal, whose supply in the domestic market is tight due to chronic production declines and increased overseas demand.
Two new kilns that have started operation (Kiln No. 3 and Kiln No. 4) ■Background and initiatives for the restoration of “Koki Forestry” Natural forests, which account for about 70% of Japan’s forests and more than half of Japan’s forests, are mainly made up of broad-leaved trees, and were once valued as satoyama for obtaining firewood, charcoal, and fertilizer. However, due to a decline in economic value due to a decline in demand for firewood and charcoal due to the fuel revolution, and a decrease in the number of forestry workers, forests are becoming neglected and overgrown. Broad-leaved trees, which were supposed to be felled and cultivated on a regular basis, are left unattended and become larger trees, which not only causes more oak dieback and wind-blown tree disasters, but also causes problems such as the stagnation of generational change due to insufficient light on the forest floor. This is causing the deterioration of the forest environment.
The Shikoku Ushimogi Company is located in the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture, where the firewood and charcoal industry used to be flourishing.The company is located in southern Tokushima
Prefecture, where the firewood and charcoal industry was once popular. In order to create a lasting relationship between people and forests through the recovery of the forest, in the summer of 2023, we will complete two charcoal kilns that enable smart charcoal production using IoT, and will begin full-scale production and sales of “Koki Binchotan”. I started it. Bincho charcoal has an overwhelming combustion ability and emits a large amount of far-infrared rays, so it is valued as the best cooking utensil that brings out the full flavor of ingredients, and is used not only in restaurants in Japan and overseas, but also in overseas restaurants. Demand from
restaurants is also increasing. Therefore, in June of this year, in addition to the two existing charcoal kilns, we started operating two more charcoal kilns to strengthen our production capacity.

*) Woodcutter Forestry: A forestry technique developed in Minami Town (formerly Hiwasa Town) and Mugi Town, Tokushima Prefecture, targeting evergreen broad-leaved trees (evergreen trees) such as ubamegashi and oak. It is characterized by the fact that it was felled and
transported using the selective logging dwarf forest regeneration method that takes advantage of the germination power of evergreen trees, and fishbone-shaped forest roads, and was transported by pipes using rivers. be. On May 29, 2018, it was registered as a forestry heritage site by the Forestry Society of Japan as “Kaifu Woodcree Forestry.”

■Aim of increasing production of Hiki Binchotan charcoal and opening an EC site The health of Japan’s forests has been damaged due to the collapse of the supply and demand balance for wood resources, but the same is true for broad-leaved trees in satoyama, and deterioration due to underuse of forest resources is becoming more serious nationwide. One of these products, binchotan charcoal, is in a state of chronic production decline and unstoppable price hikes.
The Shikoku Ushimoki company is reviving the “edible industry” in hilly and mountainous regions by producing high-quality domestic Bincho charcoal with high added value and steady demand. By creating demand, we are attempting to carry out regular logging in Satoyama and create a healthy forest cycle.
Amid the decline in production of domestically produced Binchotan charcoal and increasing demand both domestically and internationally, we are increasing the production of “Koki Binchotan” and the e-commerce site “KORIKI”.
We believe that the expansion of sales channels through the opening of “STORE” will contribute to alleviating confusion over shortages in the domestic Binchotan charcoal market and solving problems caused by forest underuse.

The Shikoku Ushimogi Company is steadily moving forward with efforts to further promote the use and industrialization of neglected forest resources, regenerate forests in Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture, and contribute to resolving forest issues nationwide. I’m coming.

Manufacture of Hiki Binchotan charcoal (charcoal making)
Woodcress bincho charcoal 12kg (product example)
Company Profile
Trade name: Shikoku Ushimoki Company, Ltd.
Location: 54-5 Benzaiten, Okukawachi, Minami-cho, Ama-gun, Tokushima Prefecture Representative: Motoharu Yoshida
Established: April 2021
Business: Recycling-based forestry targeting natural forests by Kiki Forestry, manufacturing and sales of fuel wood and charcoal energy such as binchotan charcoal, and providing services for local governments based on a regional development model centered on the use of forest resources.
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