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Walking app “aruku&” will hold Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024 sponsored event

Walking app “aruku&” will hold Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024 sponsored event In-app walking competition for those over 60 years old Entries open. From July 1st, Tottori prefecture mascot “Genki Trippy” will also appear on the map nationwide
The walking app “aruku&” operated by ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd., a member of the TOPPAN group, will be a support event for “Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024”, starting from October 19, 2024, for people aged 60 and over. We will hold a walking event “Nenrin Pick Walking on aruku&” within the aruku& app exclusively for users of . We will start recruiting participants from today, July 1st. People from all over the country other than Tottori Prefecture residents and athletes participating in the “Nenrin Pick” can participate, and those who complete an average of 5,000 steps during the period will win prizes. In addition, prior to the walking event, Tottori Prefecture’s mascot “Genki Trippy” will appear on the aruku& map from July 1st to promote “Nenrin Pick” to users nationwide.
[Image 1:×616.jpg] Nenrinpic Walking on aruku& HP ■About Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024 The National Health and Welfare Festival (nickname: Nenrinpic) is an exchange event of sports and cultural events. Through a variety of events related to health and welfare, we aim to maintain and improve the health of the people, mainly those aged 60 and over, increase their social participation, and increase their sense of purpose in life, thereby contributing to the creation of a society where people can live a long life and live a vibrant life. To this end, it has been held every year since 1988. At the 36th National Health and Welfare Festival Tottori Tournament (Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024) in 2024, everyone, including the elderly, will be able to enjoy sports and cultural activities in a relaxed and lively manner. With the theme of “Let’s let the flowers of longevity and smiles bloom in the sand dunes”, we hope that the event will be held in the rich nature and delicious air of Tottori Prefecture, and will expand the circle of exchange across generations from each region to the whole country. This will be carried out for the first time. ■About “aruku&” Since November 2016, it is a walking app operated by ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd. that is packed with features that make walking fun. When you talk to the various resident characters that appear in the app, requests will be issued to you, and if you clear them, you can apply for a gift campaign where you can win regional specialties. Teams such as local governments, companies, families, and friends promoting health promotion measures are also welcome. ■Background of the event Our company has been supporting the health promotion of Tottori prefecture residents, such as by using aruku& in the Tottori Health Points Project “Walk and Health! Move and Energy!”. In addition, in order to enliven the event, the tournament PR character “Kamijiro Aoya” has been appearing in aruku& since September 2023. This time, our company agrees with the purpose of holding “Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024” and has decided to support it. The number of users of “aruku&” is over 2 million (as of December 2013), and it is used by both men and women, but many users are in their 60s and above (*). Therefore, we will be holding an online walking event “Nenrin Pick Walking on aruku&” exclusively for users over 60 years old as a sponsored event. We will work with users from all over the country to make this tournament even more exciting.
[Image 2:×652.jpg] ■Comment from Shinji Maruyama, Secretary General of the Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024 Executive Committee, Tottori Prefecture has been promoting health promotion through walking using aruku& since 2020. Because of our relationship with Nenrin Pick Habatake Tottori 2024, we have been able to cooperate with Nenrin Pick Habatake Tottori 2024. Nenrinpic is a festival of sports, culture, health and welfare that can be enjoyed by people of all generations, including those over 60. This year, it will be held in Tottori Prefecture from October 19th to 22nd with the theme of “Let the flowers of longevity and smiles bloom in the sand dunes.” We hope that this event will encourage people all over the country to work on improving their health while having fun at aruku&, and that this will continue to be carried forward into various health-promoting events such as Nenrinpic. ■Event Overview (1) Nenrinpic Walking on aruku& – Sponsored Event – An online walking event exclusively for users aged 60 and over nationwide will be held from October 19th to 21st, 2024 during the “Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024” period. We will be holding “Nenrin Pick Walking on Aruku&”. Up until now, participants had to visit the venue to participate in the “Nenrinkiku” held in each prefecture, but this time, by using a walking app, participants can participate in the “Nenrinpic” event from all over the country. If you reach an average of 5,000 steps during the period, you will receive a certificate of achievement and win luxurious prizes. Application period: 2024/7/1 – 10/21 Event period: 2024/10/19 – 10/21 (3 days) (“Nenrinkiku Habatake Tottori 2024” is 4 days from 2024/10/19 – 10/22 Target: People aged 60 and over nationwide Contents: Achievement certificate (digital) will be presented to all those who aim to achieve an average step count of 5,000 during the period.Second prize: Those who have achieved the goal will receive a luxurious prize by lottery. Presents and participation prizes are also available How to participate: Download the walking app “aruku&” and see the website for participation details (2) Genki Trippy appears on aruku& Sponsored event “Nenrin” Prior to the start of “Rympic Walking on aruku&”, Tottori Prefecture’s symbol character for health promotion, “Genki Trippy”, will appear at aruku& from July 1st to August 31st. Together with the tournament PR character “Kamijiro Aoya” who has already appeared on aruku&, “Nenrinpic Habatake Tottori 2024” will be made more exciting. If you talk to Genki Trippy and complete the requested number of steps within the time limit, you will receive an application card. If you collect application cards, you can apply for a giveaway to win local specialties. In addition, in conjunction with Tottori Prefecture’s prefectural code (31) and the 36th edition of Nenrinpic, the step count request is “walk 310 steps within 36 hours”, making it easy for first-time participants to participate. Masu.
[Image 3:×458.jpg] ■About ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd.
Address: TOPPAN Shibaura Building, 3-19-26 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: January 20, 1997
Capital: 500 million yen
Representative: Rei Hayakawa, President and CEO
Employees: 143 people (as of April 1, 2024)
Main services: Map search service “Mapion,” electronic flyer service “Shufoo!,” walking app “aruku&,” store information platform
“LocalONE,” etc.* Products mentioned in this news release・Service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. *The information contained in the news release is current as of the date of the announcement. It is subject to change without prior notice.

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