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Pokecal Summer Issue Recommended for going out during summer vacation! Application for day trip begins

Iore Co., Ltd.
[Pokecal Summer Issue] Recommended for going out during summer vacation! Application for day tour begins
~ Plenty of original tours, including first class seats at the Tanabata Comedy Festival and watching the September Grand Sumo Tournament! ~
Pokecal, a site specializing in day trips operated by Iore Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yu Tomitsuka, hereinafter referred to as Iole), has published a booklet called “Pokecal Summer Issue” to help families and seniors enjoy summer. We have started accepting applications for over 20 day trip bus tours.
[Image 1:×533.png ]
“Pokecal Summer Issue” featured tour (part)
・[1st class seat 13,000 yen ticket included! ] Watch the performance of “Tanabata Comedy Festival” starring Naomi Fujiyama & see the wind chimes that decorate Nihonbashi and “Toyosu Thousand Guests Banrai” bus tour
[Image 2:×531.png ]
・Date: July 20th and 25th
・Meeting location: Tokyo Station
・Travel fee: 14,500 yen
・Minimum number of participants: 17 people
・Meal: Lunch included
This is a bus tour where you can enjoy the Tanabata Comedy Festival performance starring Naomi Fujiyama from a first-class seat. In the food and entertainment building “Toyosu Outer Edomae Market”, we will carry on the tradition of Tsukiji and open restaurants and retail stores that make use of fresh ingredients unique to Toyosu. Enjoy eating out and shopping at this open mall that recreates the old townscape of Edo.
・[Watch powerful movies! 】Bus tour with a 5-hour stay at Seibuen Amusement Park, where you can make memories during your summer vacation
[Image 3:×699.png ]
・Date: July 27th, August 17th
・Meeting location: Tokyo Station
・Travel fee: 13,200 yen
・Minimum number of participants: 29 people
·No meal
Includes admission to Seibuen Amusement Park and unlimited rides on attractions for one day! You can enjoy all day long at the attractions in the Yuhi no Oka shopping street and the park, which is filled with the enthusiasm and vibrancy of the Showa era. You can also take a free stroll through Metsä Village, where you can enjoy the Scandinavian world.
・[Inevitably sold out! Apply early] Watch the September Grand Sumo Tournament & Stroll around Ryogoku with an Edo-style atmosphere
[Image 4:×597.png ]
・Date: [Chair A] September 20th
[Mas B Seat] September 18th, 19th, 20th
[Mas C seat] September 21st and 22nd
・Meeting location: Ryogoku Station
・Travel fee: [Chair A seat] 12,760 yen
[Mas B seat] 14,300 yen
[Mas C seat] 15,950 yen
・Minimum number of participants: 16 people
・Meal: Lunch included
Speaking of Ryogoku, it is the sacred place of Japan’s traditional national sport, sumo wrestling. The main tournament is held at Ryogoku Kokugikan three times a year. You can watch a heated sumo match on-site and enjoy a stroll through Ryogoku, visiting the lush Japanese-style garden “Old Yasuda Garden,” the Octagonal Room and Nishikido Room (exterior view only), and Nomi-Sukune Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of sumo.
We are currently accepting applications for a variety of other tours, including fireworks displays and summer vacation outing courses that are only available this summer.
Click here for fireworks viewing special feature
What is “Pokecal”?
“Pokecal” is a site specializing in day trips where you can enjoy intellectual cultural entertainment that fits in your pocket. By specializing in “day trip leisure”, we always provide over 200 rich contents such as bus tours, cruise tours, city walks, experiential events, experiential classes, factory tours, etc. that pursue the originality of tours and products that other companies do not have. It offers. It is planned with the hope that it will be memorable for people of all generations and countries.
【Company Profile】
■Company name: Iore Co., Ltd.
■Head office location: 4F RONDO Nihonbashi Building, 6-16 Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0003
■Representative: Yu Tomizuka, President and Representative Director ■Established: April 25, 2001
■Capital: 915.33 million yen *As of March 31, 2024
■Number of employees: 112 *As of March 31, 2024
■Listing market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities code: 2334) ■Business details:
・Operation of various services for PCs and smartphones
(“Rakuraku Contact Network” “Rakuraku Contact Network + (Plus)”) ・Development and provision of ad technology product “pinpoint” ・Development and provision of operational job advertising platform “HR Ads Platform”
・Internet advertising business
・Sales promotion business
・Web3 business (NFT sales agency, guild management)
・Providing comprehensive pet information services (“Holiday Dog Club” and “Perrole”)
・Travel business
[Various service links]
■Recruitment search engine operation
■HR ad platform
■College student advertising navigation
■Easy contact network mom/housewife targeting platform
■Holiday dog ​​club
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