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Virtusize Co., Ltd. Virtual try-on service “Virtusize” now available for original cut and sew brand LIFiL L

[Virtusize Co., Ltd.] Virtual try-on service “Virtusize” now available for original cut and sew brand [LIFiLL]

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Virtual try-on service “Virtusize” now available for original cut and sew brand [LIFiLL]
* Virtusize Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Andreas Ueno, Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereafter
Virtusize) is STYLEM Takisada Osaka Co., Ltd. (President Taki From July 1, 2024, we have started providing the virtual try-on solution “Virtual Size” to the official online shop of the D2C brand “LIFiLL” operated by Ryuta, head office: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, hereinafter referred to as Stylem. *
Background of Virtusize introduction and expectations
Background of the introduction of Virtusize
LIFiLL is a borderless cut-and-sew brand that debuted in 2021. We were born as a D2C brand that transcends all borders, including work, gender, and age.
With the exception of some products, all products have “neutral” specifications. We mainly sell unisex items that are the same for both men and women in four sizes. In addition, we do not operate an official offline store and focus on e-commerce.

Under these circumstances, for example, for female customers, “Is LIFiLL’s size (S) the same as the size (S) of a typical women’s wear?” “Or is LIFiLL’s size (S) a typical men’s size (S)?”
We have received many questions regarding size.
Until now, each customer had to check the size chart and check the fit before making a purchase, but in case we were not able to meet their expectations, we started offering a size change service from the time of our debut. While I was working as a receptionist, I found that the return/exchange rate was very low and did not cause any particular problems, but as the brand continues to grow, I am not sure if there is anything I can do to provide even more convenience and peace of mind to our customers. I was wondering if there was a better solution. What to expect from Virtusize
Every step of the cut-and-sew process, from the selection of raw materials to the finished product – knitting, dyeing, and sewing – is directly linked to quality. Because LIFiLL has deep professional know-how, it is a brand that customers often choose to purchase by designation, and approximately 40% of all customers are repeat customers who support the brand.
Therefore, by introducing “Virtusize”, we hope to provide an environment where customers can easily try on products with a sense of security similar to trying them on at a physical store, and we hope that more customers will be able to experience the appeal of LIFiLL. Also, in terms of EC KPIs, we hope that Virtusize will help reduce the number of drop-offs from the time a customer “adds to cart” to the time when they “complete checkout.”

Service overview
* Comfortable online try-on function and convincing size recommendations * Compare personal silhouettes and favorite items smoothly
・You can intuitively check the detailed fit with “Body and Clothes Comparison”. ・ Compare the size of clothes registered in your closet with purchased items using “Compare clothes” Just click on the icon to check the registered clothes at a glance, and easily compare clothes with each other. You can compare.
Create your own favorite collection You can create your own favorite collection with the “Online Closet.” Clothes purchased at shops that are linked to Virtual Size are automatically registered in your closet, allowing you to manage them across shops and brands. You can also add items you are interested in to your closet without purchasing them. You can compare the sizes of the clothes in your closet and the products you are considering purchasing.

* We offer accurate sizing from two silhouettes *
You can check all product sizes with one touch using the size buttons on the screen. The size of the corresponding product is displayed for each size, allowing you to see information on all sizes at a glance. If you already have size data or purchase history, we will also suggest a recommended size that is close to the silhouette of the item in your closet, or a size that would be selected by someone with a similar body shape based on your body silhouette.

About LIFiLL
A thread wrapped in air, luxuriously simple. The definition of softness changes the moment it touches your skin. Made of high-quality materials that are comfortable and nurturing that will last with you forever. A neutral design that subtly reveals the wearer’s dignity and style. Clothes that create new impressions, go beyond work, gender, and rules, and allow you to live your life to the fullest every day. Weaving nature. Connect with who you are.
Official site:
Official Instagram account:

About Virtusize
Virtusize is a fashion big data company that mainly provides virtual try-on “Virtusize” using product size data, item recommendation solution “FittingRoom”, and analysis platform “Analytics”.
These solutions provide highly personalized recommendations based on customers’ “cross-site” purchasing and comparison information that Virtusize receives from customers, helping them select the appropriate items. We support this. Additionally, for the fashion e-commerce industry, we are contributing to reducing the return rate and increasing the repeat rate. Currently, over 150 fashion sites around the world use our services, including Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Under Armor, Beams, United Arrows, Onward, World, Marui, and Lumine. *About details about this release*

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