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Home » Honey Theater style fantasy “Katte ni XX Shitte” will be performed. Enjoy food and drinks while casually wat ching the ultimate entertainment show

Honey Theater style fantasy “Katte ni XX Shitte” will be performed. Enjoy food and drinks while casually wat ching the ultimate entertainment show

Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd.
Honey Theater style fantasy “Katte ni XX Shitte” will be performed. Enjoy food and drinks while casually watching the ultimate
entertainment show
Sponsored by Honey Theater, LIVE VOL.15 “Let’s do it without permission” will be held from July 18, 2024 (Thursday) to July 20, 2024 (Saturday) at Kichijoji STAR PINE’S CAFE (Kichijoji Honmachi 1, Musashino City, Tokyo) -20-16) will be performed.
Tickets are on sale now at Confetti (operated by Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daigo Kuramatsu).
Tickets on sale now at Confetti
Honey Theater Official Homepage
Honey Theater Official XTwitter
[Image 1:×2700.jpg]
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Unlike regular theater performances, “LIVE VOL” performances started in 2012 with the concept that anyone can easily watch the theater! This year marks the 15th time that the show has been performed at Star Pines Cafe in Kichijoji, with a focus on a style that allows you to watch the theater while having a meal or drinking alcohol. The stage is 200% entertaining, starting with a before-talk event by the members that is held every performance, followed by the main play and showtime (dancing and singing)! Scriptwriter and director Sugamo Gotanda depicts “female friendship.” This production will also deliver the ultimate entertainment show (stage) with a pop and dark style, just like Honey Theater. OL Venus Honey Theater refers to performers other than members as dispatch members, and this time, in addition to Honey Theater members (Kyoko Tabuchi, Kosuke Ujiie, Miwa Gunji, Sawaki Akimoto, Miyu Kurino, MARIE), the idol group Bakuste The unique dispatch members include Tororo Nanami, who is from Sotokanda 1-chome and plays the roles of Seto, Veronica, and Ichika in the Stage Assault Lily x Private Ludovico Girls’ School series, and Yasuno Tsuga, who belongs to the Genius Theater Company Bakabakka. (guest performers) gather! There will be a total of 14 people.
This year, of course, it’s summer of honey!
What will happen in 2024…
Honey x Yokai! ! ? eh!
Sui is suffering from severe bullying.
I want to die… That’s the night of the summer festival.
He meets Shigemi, who saves him from the bullying.
From there, I was able to spend some fun time with Shigemi.
Shigemi disappeared from in front of Sui without saying anything. Sui has always wanted to say thank you.
Although he visits the summer festival venue every year, he is never able to meet Shigemi…
And modern times.
Incidents in which children were targeted by criminals for fun were occurring frequently.
Sui also visits the summer festival venue, and is able to meet Shigemi again. However, Shigemi’s behavior is strange.
Shadows surround Sui as she speaks.
“We are… youkai!”
“I’ve possessed your loved one.”
Apparition! ? Shigemi! ?
Will Sui be able to help the possessed Shigemi? ?
2024: If you turn your eyes away from the honey style fantasy… I’m going to possess you too!
Organization overview
As entertainment from 5 p.m.
She usually works as an office lady and becomes an actress after work… or on her day off, just like the office lady Venus!
His activities are not limited to the stage, but include movies, dramas, narrations, famous games, etc.
They have expanded to include animation motion actors, and the national newspaper Yukan Fuji even wrote an article about them as a unique small theater group that wears two pairs of straw sandals. In addition, there is always a showtime on stage, and original songs for Honey Theater are also created.
As a result, she has participated in many dance events.
The main stage is VOL, which performs in theaters, and LIVEVOL, which performs at live houses that emphasize closeness and a sense of unity with the audience. We create works that are completed through the participation of our customers.
In addition, guest performers other than members are called “dispatch members,” and they range from veteran actresses to many active idols who co-star in each work.
Sugamo Gotanda, which won the Golden Comedy Festival 2016 Excellent Direction Award, decided to make the most of the entire cast. It has a good reputation and is said to be a production that can make idols shine, so it has become a group that idols want to be a part of. The ultimate goal of OL Venus Honey Theater is…
It’s not about stage awards or appearing in big productions… it’s about having a happy time with the customers who participated. world peace!
Pray for the raised dove…
A stronger enemy than anywhere else!
More invincible than anyone else! !
Performance summary
LIVE VOL.15 “Do XX without permission”
Performance period: July 18, 2024 (Thursday) to July 20, 2024 (Saturday) Venue: Kichijoji STAR PINE’S CAFE (1-20-16 Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo)
Kyoko Tabuchi
Kosuke Ujiie
Gunji Miwa
Sawaki Akimoto
Miyu Kurino
MARIE (all Honey Theater members)
Aki Nomoto
Risaki Okano
Future Miki
Nanami Tororo
Yasuno Tsuga
Reika Ozaki
Reona Sugimoto
Screenplay/Direction: Sugamo Gotanda
Sound/Lighting/Stage Manager: Star Pines Cafe
Choreography: One Day Yari Mizuriko Kushihara
Flyer design: Mayuko Hitomi
Photography: Hiroshi Koike
Sponsored/Planned/Produced by: Honey Theater
■Performance schedule
Thursday, July 18th Starts at 19:00
Friday, July 19th Starts at 19:00
July 20th (Sat) Start 12:30/Start 17:30
*Before talk event “Honey Flames” will be held 30 minutes before each performance.
Cast: Honey Theater members
*Doors open 60 minutes before the performance
*Performance time is scheduled to be approximately 2 hours (with an intermission)
■Ticket price
VIP ticket – reserved seat -: 20,000 yen
General ticket – unreserved seat -: 4,500 yen
(tax included)
【Tickets for today】
VIP ticket – reserved seat -: 20,000 yen
General ticket – unreserved seat -: 5,000 yen
(tax included)
■ General tickets require an additional drink fee.
(Please pay for drinks at the venue on the day)
■ VIP tickets will receive the following benefits! !
VIP Super SPECIAL benefits 6!
SP1.1 drink included
SP2. Preferred reserved seat
(You can choose your desired location from the front row on the 1st floor or the front row on the 2nd floor.)
SP3. Attraction ticket during the play
(We will have the performers say the words you specify in the play!) SP4. Invitation to after party
(You can participate in the launch to be held at a later date!) SP5. Thank you message video present
(Gift one video just for you)
SP6.Performance flyer signed by all cast members
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