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Home » Atam Co., Ltd. Summer vacation special lesson “Draw moving poses!” Held from August 1st (Thursday) to Augu st 31st (Saturday), 2024

Atam Co., Ltd. Summer vacation special lesson “Draw moving poses!” Held from August 1st (Thursday) to Augu st 31st (Saturday), 2024

[Atam Co., Ltd.] Summer vacation special lesson “Draw moving poses!” Held from August 1st (Thursday) to August 31st (Saturday), 2024
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Press release: July 1, 2024
Summer vacation special lesson “Draw moving poses!” Held from August 1st (Thursday) to August 31st (Saturday), 2024
*Special experience workshop for online illustration class will be held! * Atamu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Atsushi Miyazawa, hereinafter referred to as Atamu Co., Ltd., which operates online illustration classes)
Atamu Academy) will be holding a special experience session “Draw a pose with movement!” from August 1st (Thursday) to August 31st (Saturday), 2024. We would like to inform you that we have started accepting reservations for the trial session. In this lesson, we will introduce *
You can learn about powerful and vivid character illustrations*.

*Event overview*
Event period: August 1st (Thursday) to August 31st (Saturday), 2024 *This event will not be held from August 11th to 17th due to our summer vacation.
Holding time: 2 hours per session: 1.9:30-11:30/2.13:00-15:00/3.14:15-16:15 Venue: Online
     We will use Zoom. Please participate from your home etc. Capacity: 3 people per session *This lesson is limited to Atamu Academy non-members.
Target age: 3rd grade elementary school to high school student Participation fee: 3,300 yen/person (tax included)
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What you can learn from “Drawing poses with movement!”
1. Learn the basics of body balance
First of all, what is the human body like? * Let’s know this. Learning the basics of the body will make it easier to move your character!

2. You can try dynamic poses
By learning techniques and tips on how to draw poses, your
illustrations will look less unnatural and *your characters will be more convincing*.

3. Learn costumes and facial expressions that match the poses Once you have completed the pose you want to draw, draw in the costume and facial expressions to make the illustration more realistic. * During the lesson, you will receive corrections and advice from the instructor. * Please rest assured that the instructors at Atamu Academy are only professionals involved in illustration and art.
You are sure to make new discoveries!
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Furthermore, this special trial lesson will be held in *group lesson format*. *Experience an actual group lesson while practicing poses from the popular curriculum*
*By praising the good qualities of others and being inspired by each other*, develop your own *ability to view illustrations objectively*.

*Parents are requested to be present on the day of participation. *Applications must be made at least 4 days in advance, including the day of participation. Also, if the reservation is full, we may not be able to accommodate you even if it is more than 4 days in advance. Please apply early.
*Fees must be paid in advance. If payment is not completed, you will not be able to take the lesson.
*Payment method will be by credit card.
*We cannot accept cancellations or refunds after 3 days prior to the date of participation.
*If canceled due to our circumstances, we will refund the full amount. *There is a possibility that the content of the trial offer may be recorded for the purpose of improving the quality of the free trial. *Produced works may be posted on Atamu Academy’s web content and used for advertising.
*This does not guarantee that students will improve their ability to create illustrations, etc.
*Personal information acquired in connection with the provision of experiences will be handled appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy.
*You can also participate in the trial lesson with paper and pen. *Each person can only apply once during the period.

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Atamu Academy is an online digital illustration classroom with 900 students enrolled as of June 2024.
We design a curriculum with the main themes of illustration, animation, and manga in Japanese art culture, and provide production guidance for “children who like digital art” and “children who aspire to become creators in the future.”
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* ■About Atum Co., Ltd.*
Atamu Co., Ltd. is a startup that operates online illustration classes with the vision of “maximizing children’s potential through illustration education.”

Company name: Atum Co., Ltd.
Established: September 25, 2018
Head office location: 1214 Win Aoyama, 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Atsushi Miyazawa
Business details: Management of online illustration class Atamu Academy *About details about this release*

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