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Tokyo What`s Decarbonization! ?

What`s Decarbonization! ?
“Public Relations Tokyo” July issue, where you can find administrative information about Tokyo
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government publishes a public relations paper, “Koujo Tokyo”, on the 1st of every month to convey information necessary for the metropolitan government and the daily lives of Tokyo residents. The July issue is titled “What`s Decarbonization,” and provides a wide range of information on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “decarbonization” measures, as well as initiatives that we can take. Continuing from last year’s July issue of Public Relations Tokyo, we featured preparatory school teacher Osamu Hayashi on the cover, introducing the key points of “decarbonization” and the electricity recommended by the Tokyo metropolitan government through “HTT (ⒽHerasu, ⓉCreate, ⓉSave)”. We will explain the measures.
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Creating our future with decarbonization
The climate crisis is becoming even more serious, with the phrase “deadly heat” becoming commonplace.
We will summarize and explain “decarbonization”, which is the key to solving the problem, in four points.
Decarbonization point 1. Utilize renewable energy!
Decarbonization point 2. Decarbonization that we can do too – HTT action! Decarbonization point 3. Hydrogen utilization is the trump card! Decarbonization point 4. Environmentally friendly town development July issue collaboration
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For the collaboration in the July issue, Osamu Hayashi, a cram school teacher and talent known as “Mr. Hayashi,” has been involved in public relations activities for “HTT” in Tokyo, continuing from 2020. CM starring Osamu Hayashi in Tokyo (HTT related in 2023):
“Are you doing it? HTT! Edition” (15 seconds/30 seconds)
“HTT version from small things” (15 seconds/30 seconds)
Osamu Hayashi Born in 1965. Preparatory school teacher.
Currently active in TV and commercials.
What is Public Relations Tokyo?
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We publish a monthly tabloid edition that includes explanations about Tokyo government, information and events necessary for Tokyo residents’ lives, etc.
It is delivered to each home in a newspaper insert and placed on shelves at metropolitan facilities, metropolitan subway stations, etc. In addition to the web version, there will also be a Braille and audio version for people with visual impairments, and from April 2020, mainly
A children’s edition is published for elementary school students in grades 4 to 6 and their guardians to provide an opportunity to learn about Tokyo government and society. It was published as “Tokyo News” on March 30, 1955, and has since changed its name to “Tokyo News” and “Minna no Tokyo,” for over 70 years as the Tokyo public relations paper. I continue to walk.
Publication date: 1st of every month
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Circulation: Approximately 2.25 million copies
Distribution destinations: Newspaper inserts, Tokyo facilities, municipal counters, branch offices, citizen centers, public libraries, Public cultural facilities, post offices, financial institutions, Toei subway/JR/private railway stations, etc.
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