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Yamachiku Co., Ltd. Achieved 60% own brand from 100% OEM “Only bamboo chopsticks. ” Yamachiku changes as re presentative. Formulate mission, vision, and values

[Yamachiku Co., Ltd.] Achieved 60% own brand from 100% OEM “Only bamboo chopsticks. ” Yamachiku changes as representative. Formulate mission, vision, and values

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Achieving 60% in-house brand from 100% OEM “Only bamboo chopsticks.” ” Yamachiku changes as representative. Formulate mission, vision, and values
*Challenging the world from a town with a population of less than 10,000 people* *
As of June 28, 2024, Shogo Yamazaki has been appointed as the new representative of bamboo chopsticks manufacturer Yamachiku Co., Ltd. (Head office: 330 Hisashige, Nankan-cho, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, Representative Director: Kiyoto Yamazaki). It will be announced. In conjunction with the change of president, we have established a new mission, vision, and values. *
* ■* “Turn every “obvious” into “thank you.” ”Yamachiku’s future goals Since its founding in 1963, Yamachiku has been consistently making only bamboo chopsticks for over half a century. Inheriting the will of our predecessor, we have formulated a mission, vision, and values. Under the new system, we will be undertaking various projects in the future.

* ▽Mission*
* Protect your chopsticks and connect your hearts. *

Grasp food, bring it to your mouth, and get used to it in your hands.

Every gesture at the Japanese dining table has its roots in chopsticks.

Yamachiku, who has continued to create “only bamboo chopsticks,” is taking on the challenge of

Rather than using chopsticks as two sticks, we want to connect them to the future as the heart of Japan.

We believe that chopsticks are not “chopsticks” in the world,

We will create a standard called “YAMACHIKU”.

* ▽Vision*
* “Thank you” for all the “obvious” *

“Itadakimasu” before eating,
When you finish eating, say “Gochisousama.”

This word expresses the feeling of gratitude towards all beings. From the life that became the food, to the producers who grew the material, the people who transport it, the people who cook it, And even the people who made the utensils that support our meals.

The dining table is a place where “thank you” for the “obvious” is born.

For each thing that should actually be “thankful”,
We will once again create a cycle of “thank you.”

Such a gentle daily life is the scenery of “YAMACHIKU”.

* ▽Value*
For the “thank you” we receive from the world,

* 1. We are loved with confidence*
As we create products that are loved by our customers, we always ask ourselves our responsibility as manufacturers.

* 2. We create each other*
Manufacturing cannot be completed by one person. For our customers, we make friends and make friends.

* 3. We speak with things *
Whether our path is right for our customers and society. Everything is evaluated based on the product.
* ■Message from new representative Shogo Yamazaki*
The radical for “chopsticks” is bamboo crown. The history of Japanese chopsticks began with bamboo.
Bamboo chopsticks, which are light and have delicate tips, are an essential tool for Japanese people who cherish “Itadakimasu.” However, because it exists for granted, few people pay attention to its cultural value or production background. “Cheaper and in large quantities.” Amid rationalization, bamboo chopsticks are disappearing from the dining table.
As the only chopstick maker that continues to make “only bamboo chopsticks,” shouldn’t we continue to connect culture with chopsticks? Based on this idea, we have started our activities with our own brand okaeri. Yamachiku’s chopstick making, which was once unknown even to people in his hometown of Nankan, has now received high praise both domestically and internationally.
Our company is celebrating its 61st year since its establishment. We will take this opportunity to formulate a mission, vision, and values ​​as a new organization, and all of our employees will work together to connect chopstick culture to the world and into the future. Chopstick culture has continued for over 3000 years. We will continue to take on the challenge of making bamboo chopsticks an option on dining tables around the world 1,000 years from now.
* ■Shogo Yamazaki Activities*
Joined Yamachiku, his family business, in 2013. When I joined the company, it was 100% OEM, but in 2019 we announced our own brand okaeri,
ADC awards, Pentawards, TOP AWARDS
Won international design awards such as ASIA. Currently, over 60% of sales are from our own brands, and we are also responsible for producing novelty products for brands such as HONDA and Vivienne Westwood. Starting in 2020, we have held an in-house design contest every year, and have produced many hit products, including chopsticks for natto. In 2022, Japan’s largest startup conference “ICC
FUKUOKA2022” won the Crafted Catapult category. In 2023, we will open a factory shop “Haikei” with a cafe in Nankan-cho.
* ■Company profile*
Company name: Yamachiku Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shogo Yamazaki
Location: 330 Hisage, Nanseki-cho, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture Founded: January 1, 1963
Established: May 13, 1991
* ■Inquiries regarding Yamachiku Co., Ltd.*
Yamachiku Co., Ltd.
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