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SAMANSA Co., Ltd. A new type of short film production support program “TRIPLEX” has started, from financin g to theatrical release and distribution!

TRIPLEX, a new type of short film production support program, from fundraising to theatrical release and distribution, has started! Breathing new life into the film industry. We will actively support everything from financing to production, theatrical release, and online distribution with our three services: SAMANSA, MOTION GALLERY, and K2.
SAMANSA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Japan with the lowest fees, “MOTION GALLERY” (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Shimokita-Ekimae-Cinema “K2” (Tokyo) Setagaya Ward, Tokyo), we will launch “TRIPLEX”, a short film production support program that is the first collaboration between a distribution service, a movie theater, and a crowdfunding platform. Through this, we aim to create new film production opportunities for creators and revitalize Japan’s short film industry. ■First in Japan! What is the short film production support program “TRIPLEX”?
[Image 1:×1456.png ]
TRIPLEX is a new initiative launched by SAMANSA, a short film subscription service, MOTION GALLERY, a creation-focused crowdfunding platform, and K2, a movie theater in Shimokitazawa.
This project calls for short film scripts or proposals of 25 minutes or less from the public. For the projects selected from the
applications, we will use MOTION GALLERY’s crowdfunding to collect fans and funds. Furthermore, SAMANSA will provide full support from pre-production to post-production until the work is completed, including additional financial support of up to 10 million yen. The completed work will be shown theatrically at K2 movie theater in Shimokitazawa, and then distributed on SAMANSA for one year. Additionally, depending on the project, we will support the project as a feature-length project.
Through this project, we will contribute to the discovery of new talent and the development of visual culture. Let’s create a new story together and share it with the world.
■Recruitment details, support details, recruitment period
Recruitment details: Script or project for a short film of 25 minutes or less Support details: Creating fans and obtaining production costs through crowdfunding for MOTION GALLERY, compensation of up to 10 million yen from SAMANSA for the portion of the production budget that is insufficient through crowdfunding, theatrical screening at K2, SAMANSA 1 year delivery of
Recruitment period: July 1st to July 30th, 2024
Number of supported works: 3 works
Conditions: None, anyone can participate
Please apply below. ■Shimokita – Ekimae – Cinema “K2”
[Image 2:×2001.png ]
The newly opened mini theater “K2” in Shimokitazawa in January 2022 aims to become a “node for people who love culture” against the backdrop of Shimokitazawa, where various cultures are rooted. K2 has 71 seats on one screen (two of which are wheelchair accessible), and is a place where diverse cultures such as theater, music, and subcultures come together, and the purpose of the theater is to communicate new value as a movie theater.
K2 is planned and operated by MOTION GALLERY, one of Japan’s largest crowdfunding platforms, and is located in the commercial facility “tefu lounge Shimokitazawa” directly connected to Shimokitazawa Station. We also position movie viewing as a place to share learning, sharing diverse cultures and timeless values.
Furthermore, K2 has introduced a monthly participation fan community called “BASIC.” This allows movie theaters to become cultural hubs that grow together with the local community, and provides an environment where audiences can participate as participants in the movie.
■MOTION GALLERY, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Japan with the lowest fees
[Image 3:×626.png ]
SAMANSA is known as a subscription service that provides high-quality short films, dramas, and documentaries, and this time, we have collaborated with the crowdfunding platform MOTION GALLERY. MOTION GALLERY is one of Japan’s leading crowdfunding sites that provides a place for creators to collect the funds they need for their projects. This collaboration will provide even more financial options and support for talented creators to realize their ideas.
■TRIPLEX system that allows fans to support creators for a long period of time Creators use the crowdfunding platform MOTION GALLERY to raise production funds. The purpose of crowdfunding here is not just to raise money, but to build a strong community between creators and fans. Receiving support from fans can increase interest and
anticipation for a project while securing production costs.
In addition, SAMANSA will provide financial support of up to 10 million yen to cover the portion of each work’s production budget that is insufficient through crowdfunding. The completed work will be screened at the mini-theater “K2″ and you will be able to experience SAMANSA’s short films, which are usually only available on the app, in real life. It will be a valuable opportunity for creators to get live reactions from users, and after the screening, it will be streamed online around the world on the SAMANSA app.
This will allow viewers who are unable to visit movie theaters to enjoy their works, and will allow creators’ works to reach a wider audience. Fans can continue to support creators over a long period of time, from the crowdfunding stage to distribution on the SAMANSA app, allowing for continuous support. SAMANSA also introduces creators’ other works, so fans can continue to support creators.
In this way, TRIPLEX is able to build a fan community and establish a long-term support system through crowdfunding.
■Positive impact of TRIPLEX on the Japanese film industry
TRIPLEX’s integrated support system, from production financing to movie theater screenings and online distribution, creates an environment in which creators can concentrate on producing short films. We also believe that by lowering the hurdles to raising funds, new works will be created one after another, contributing to the revitalization of the film industry as a whole. In addition, by combining theater screenings and online distribution, we will be able to deliver short films to a wide range of viewers, allowing them to enjoy short films. We believe that by providing creators with two outlets: online distribution and theatrical screening, Japan’s short film industry will be further revitalized.

[Image 4:×1080.jpg] It is a VOD service that distributes short movies from all over the world for 370 yen per month, with the message “Get rich with movies for those 10 minutes.” The running time of each movie is
approximately 3 to 29 minutes, and we are delivering a movie experience that will enrich your daily life and suit various situations such as commuting time and free time. We also have direct contracts with creators from all over the world, and are conducting an “initiative that rewards creators”, which is unprecedented in the short film industry. We deliver over 630 short films (as of December 2023) that cannot be seen on other domestic VODs.
■SAMANSA business overview
Name: Short movie distribution service “SAMANSA”
App site:
iOS version (App Store): Android version (Google Play):
■Company overview
Company name: SAMANSA Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Okazaki Building 603, 2-14-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yuichi Iwanaga
Co-representative: Takayuki Toyama
Establishment date: April 2021
Business details: Operation of short movie distribution service “SAMANSA” Corporate site:
Service site URL:
X (old Twitter):

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