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FOLIO Holdings Co., Ltd. Notice regarding appointment of outside directors and outside auditors

FOLIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Notice regarding appointment of outside directors and outside auditors ……
FOLIO Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Shinichiro Kai, hereinafter referred to as “FOLIO Holdings”) has appointed Kunihiro Takahashi and Yoko Adachi as outside directors as of July 1, 2024. We would like to inform you that Mr. Takashi Kokubo has been appointed as an outside corporate auditor.
The purpose of the appointment of outside directors and outside auditors is to further expand the business and strengthen the corporate governance system. Under a new management structure with the addition of three people with wide experience and high expertise, FOLIO Holdings will earnestly face the issues of society and customers, create new forms of finance with technological strength and creativity, and contribute to the prosperity of society. We will continue to take on the challenge of realizing a brighter future. Mr. Kunihiro Takahashi Profile
Joined Arthur Andersen in 1998. In 2004, joined Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd. In 2008, became vice president. In 2013, he joined Barclays Securities Co., Ltd. as head of the technology, media and communications sector. In 2014, he was appointed managing director. In 2016, he became the Director of Corporate Finance. In 2022, he will be appointed as Head of Financial Sponsor Sector. In 2024, joined Corporate Support Research Institute (CSRI) and became a partner (current position).
FOLIO is a financial technology company with outstanding
technological, product development, and design capabilities in the robo-advisor field. We are also developing an unprecedented business in which we provide this basic system as a SaaS platform to other financial institutions. We are a company that plays a pioneering and important role in the drastically changing capital markets/asset management industry. I am honored to be a part of FOLIO’s growth and business enhancement.
Yoko Adachi Profile
In 1995, joined Merrill Lynch Securities Tokyo Branch. In 1998, joined Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch (currently Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd.). In 2012, he became Managing Director of the Fixed Income Exchange Commodities Sales Division. In 2019, he became co-head of the fixed income exchange commodity sales division. In 2021, joined Shinsei Bank, Ltd. (currently SBI Shinsei Bank, Ltd.). In 2023, he was appointed as Managing Executive Officer in charge of Financial Corporation Sales and Corporate Sales. In 2024, assumed the position of Managing Director of SBI Securities Co., Ltd. (current position).
FOLIO Holdings has created new solutions based on highly unique technology and through co-creation with other financial institutions. Now that financial services are required to be more sophisticated and expanded, I feel that we need to further deepen our collaboration with financial institutions. I would like to leverage the experience I have cultivated at banks and securities companies to contribute to future growth and increased corporate value.
Mr. Takashi Kokubo Profile
In 2000, registered with the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association and joined Nishimura Sogo Law Office (currently Nishimura & Asahi Law
Office/Gaikokuho Joint Venture). Established Kokubo Law Office in 2014. As a lawyer, he has insight into corporate legal affairs such as corporate governance, M&A, and financing, and has worked as an outside director at multiple listed companies to strengthen governance systems and improve corporate value.
FOLIO Holdings and its group companies provide unique fintech-related services backed by advanced technological capabilities, and we are confident that they will continue to play an important role in Japan’s efforts to become an asset management nation. As an outside auditor of FOLIO Holdings, I would like to perform my duties appropriately and contribute to the development of the company.
New executive structure
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■About FOLIO Holdings
FOLIO Holdings aims to create new financial solutions and realize a prosperous future by utilizing AI and providing operational
infrastructure systems. Currently, it has FOLIO Co., Ltd., which provides discretionary investment management solutions to general customers and financial institutions, and AlpacaTech Co., Ltd., which develops AI solutions for investment management and trading, and the strong business of both companies. Based on synergies, we are expanding our financial solutions by making full use of our advanced technological capabilities.
▶︎FOLIO Co., Ltd.
▶︎AlpacaTech Co., Ltd.
■Company Profile FOLIO Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4th floor, Kyodo Building Ichibancho, 16-1 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Business management and incidental operations of group companies
Representative: Shinichiro Kai, Chairman and CEO
Established: April 1, 2019
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