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Kunitomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture Come! Cheer team! ! ! Free access to the steep slopes

[Kunitomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture] Come! Cheer team! ! ! Free access to the steep slopes

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Press release: July 1, 2024
Come! Cheer team! ! ! Free access to the steep slopes
*Kunitomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, is proposing a cheering group training camp support plan for young people with high spirits, where they run barefoot up a steep hill and scream their youth at the top. * Kunitomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture (Mayor: Nakabeppu)
In order to support the summer training camps of cheering teams from universities and high schools, Naofumi will open the glass ski slope, a paid facility at Hokedake Park, the town’s largest tourist facility, free of charge.

It is open for free during the summer vacation period (July 1st to August 31st), and advance reservations are required. For more information, please contact the Hokke-dake Park Management Office (telephone number).
Please contact us at 0985-78-1943.

*Of course, any group other than the cheering squad, such as clubs and club activities, that would like to strengthen their legs and back at a training camp can use the camp.

Hokke-dake Park Grass Ski Slope is a natural grass grass ski slope with a total length of approximately 500 meters, and a national grass ski competition is scheduled to be held this fall. The carefully managed grass is highly rated by skiers from all over the country and is perfect for running up barefoot.
*However, if you go barefoot, please be careful of deer droppings here and there.

The park also has a glamping facility scheduled to open this summer, lodging facilities perfect for training camps, a campsite, and a clear stream where you can cool off. This summer, why not train your legs and hips at Hokke-dake Park and shout out your youth from the top?

* Hokke-dake Park website * Natural grass grass ski slope used for training camps
View from the top of the grass ski slope
Glamping facility (private facility) scheduled to open within the park Campsites in the park start from 1,000 yen/site, 200 yen/person

* Kunitomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture *
A town with a population of approximately 18,000 located in the central part of Miyazaki Prefecture. There are many valuable cultural assets such as the Honjo Kofun Group (a nationally designated historic site) that blend into the townscape, and it is a town rich in humanity, where history and culture live in the midst of beautiful nature. Characterized by a warm climate throughout the year, in addition to agricultural products grown in the tropical Miyazaki sun such as mangoes, sengiri daikon (dried daikon radish), green peppers, Fuyu persimmons, and rice, we also produce Miyazaki beef and chicken. It is a treasure trove of ingredients such as charcoal grilled food. Recently, there has been news that ROHM Co., Ltd., which produces SiC power semiconductors, is aiming to establish a new production base in the town, and Enka singer Soichi Futami, who is from the town, has been appointed as the first hometown ambassador. There are also bright spots in the field.

*Contact information regarding this release
Kunitomi Town Hall Planning Policy Division TEL: 0985-75-3126 mail:
*Contact for inquiries regarding reservations and park facilities Hokedake Park Management Office TEL: 0985-78-1943 mail: *About details about this release*

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