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Home » JAPAN DAO launches “National Local Digital Project” to revitalize Japan’s regions with NFT

JAPAN DAO launches “National Local Digital Project” to revitalize Japan’s regions with NFT

JAPAN DAO launches “National Local Digital Project” to revitalize Japan’s regions with NFT
Collaboration with local characters from all over Japan
[Image 1:×1407.jpg] JAPAN DAO announced that it has officially launched the “National Local Digital Project”, a regional revitalization project that utilizes advanced digital technologies such as NFT (non-fungible tokens). This project aims to collaborate with local governments across Japan and use blockchain technology to disseminate Japan’s local specialties, characters, and tourist attractions to the world. Special site
What is the National Local Digital Project?
[Image 2:×746.jpg] The National Local Digital Project aims to revitalize local economies by digitizing Japan’s local resources and distributing and selling them as NFTs. We create and sell digital art and collectible items with themes such as local characters, tourist spots, and specialty products, and use the proceeds to support regional development. As part of this project, we will implement the following initiatives:
[Image 3:×813.jpg] Issuance and sale of local NFTs
Digital art depicting local culture and scenery
We will turn it into an NFT and distribute and sell it in domestic and overseas markets.
[Image 4:×807.jpg] Global expansion of regional brands
Disseminating Japan’s regional brands to the world
We aim to increase the number of inbound tourists.
[Image 5:×745.jpg] message
“We see great potential in disseminating Japan’s local resources to the world through digital technology. Through this project, we aim to revitalize local economies and develop local culture.” Digital Local Project ” plans to continue collaborating with local governments and companies for further development. For detailed information, please visit JAPAN DAO’s official website and SNS.
[Image 6:×665.jpg] About JAPAN DAO
JAPAN DAO is one of the world’s largest DAO communities with members from over 150 countries. With the vision of “Blockchain for everyone”, we will use anime and manga to convey to people around the world the great possibilities that new technological advances can bring to society.
[Image 7:×665.jpg] inquiry
JAPAN DAO Solution Office Email:
Official website:
Legal advisor: Pro Innovation Law Office
Agent: Gamma Law, Professional Corporation
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