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Home » Co., Ltd. exclusively releases 3 years of back issues of “Business Law” on its Legal Research Service Co., Ltd. exclusively releases 3 years of back issues of “Business Law” on its Legal Research Service Co., Ltd. releases 3 years of back issues of “Business Law”
exclusively on Legal Research Service
…… Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Taichiro Motoei, hereinafter referred to as the Company) has launched “ LIBRARY(R)︎,” a legal research service that allows you to browse law books and magazines. We are pleased to inform you that 3 years of back issues of the corporate legal magazine “Business Homu” (published by Chuo Keizaisha) will be exclusively published in the “BUSINESS LAWYERS LIBRARY(R)︎”.
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■About business legal affairs
Business Homu is a specialized magazine on corporate law that was launched by Chuo Keizai-sha in 1998. We are quick to introduce the “next-generation themes” of corporate law, from essential knowledge of corporate law such as contract practices, personal information protection law measures, and trends in shareholder meetings, to the legal points of the recent hot topic of generative AI. Additionally, it is consistently ranked number one in the number of accesses in the magazine category of our legal research service.
■About this initiative
This time, we will exclusively publish three years of back issues starting with the June 2021 issue (legal risk management special feature) on our legal research service. In addition, the “Business Law” articles that will be published in the future will be available for viewing at any time without a viewing deadline.
◼︎Top 10 popular issues for the past 3 years that you can read in the library 1. August 2023 issue (Special feature: 25th anniversary special feature: How to navigate corporate law, trajectory and prospects)
2. February 2022 issue (last-minute measures for the revised Personal Information Protection Act, just in time)
3. August 2022 issue (Learning from the experiences of 25 companies: Contract work and resolution process that I was worried about)
4.February 2023 issue (Legal BOOK 2023 – Legal selection by practitioners)
5. November 2022 issue (Today’s issues in outsourcing contracts)
6. July 2023 issue (Top 30 important civil law issues related to corporate legal affairs)
7. May 2023 issue (Key points organized: Practical procedures for changing, renewing, and terminating contracts)
8. March 2024 issue (comprehensive inspection of internal regulations “Overlooked points”)
9. November 2021 issue (Aim for zero mistakes! Learn contract checking tips from real examples)
10. December 2021 issue (trade secret protection and response manual)
BUSINESS LAWYERS LIBRARY(R)︎ is a subscription-type legal research service that allows you to view Japan’s largest collection of law books and magazines. This service was released in 2020 to reduce the burden of research work on legal departments. With the spread of remote work, the service is being used by more than 1,500 companies as of March 2024, mainly large companies, due to the need to view legal books while working from home.
■What is LIBRARY(R)︎: LIBRARY(R)︎ is a subscription-type legal research service that allows you to search and browse more than 2,300 books (*1) using keywords and natural language processing using AI.
It saves you the trouble of searching for information from a huge amount of paper law books, making it possible to streamline lawyer’s work such as considering case processing policies and preparing documents.
*1: As of June 2024
◆About Co., Ltd.: Head Office: Kurosaki Building, 4-1-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Establishment date: July 4, 2005
Capital: 464 million yen (as of the end of March 2024)
Representative: Taichiro Motoei, Representative Director, President and CEO Listing market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market
Business details: With the mission of “Creating the next common sense through professional tech,” we have created portal sites that connect people and experts: “️”, “Tax️”, and “BUSINESS LAWYERS( R)️” and contract management platform
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