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Home » SBI Sumishin Net Bank x K-I Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. launches “Yutaka Bank”, a full banking service using NEOBANK and full of home loan execution benefits

SBI Sumishin Net Bank x K-I Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. launches “Yutaka Bank”, a full banking service using NEOBANK and full of home loan execution benefits

Sumishin SBI Net Bank Co., Ltd.
SBI Sumishin Net Bank x K-I Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. launches “Yutaka Bank”, a full banking service using NEOBANK and full of home loan execution benefits
SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Noriaki Maruyama, hereinafter referred to as “SBI Sumishin Net Bank”) and K.I.Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. (head office: Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Keiji Hanawa (hereinafter referred to as “KAI Star Real Estate”) is provided by Sumishin SBI Net Bank through Yutaka Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Osamu Matsuzawa; hereinafter referred to as “Yutaka Partners”) We will start offering “Yutaka Bank”*2, a new financial service that utilizes “NEOBANK(R)”*1, a full banking BaaS (Banking as a Service)*1, from July 1, 2024 (Monday).
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SBI Sumishin Net Bank leverages the cutting-edge IT and financial know-how it has cultivated since its establishment to provide full banking BaaS (Banking as a Service) “NEOBANK” to partner companies. We are promoting the creation of new added value through financial services together with our corporate customers.
K.I. Star Real Estate operates a detached house sales business, a custom-built housing business, etc. with the management philosophy of “A company that creates prosperity, comfort, and pleasure, aiming to create a rich, enjoyable, and comfortable lifestyle.” We promote our business in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers by supplying housing and real estate with excellent design and functionality at prices that are affordable to many people.
Through this partnership, we will further strengthen our contact points with customers of the K.I. Star Real Estate Group and provide customer-oriented services through the provision of “Yutaka Bank,” which provides housing loans and full banking services. .
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*1: “NEOBANK(R)” is a registered trademark of SBI Sumishin Net Bank. Registered trademark No. 5953666.
*2: Yutaka Partners Co., Ltd. is currently applying to register “Yutaka Bank” as a trademark.
Main services/functions
“Yutaka Bank” is a banking service for everyone, including those who have purchased a home through KAI Star Real Estate.
In addition to receiving benefits when you borrow a home loan, you can complete all daily banking services such as deposits, transfers, and ATMs using a dedicated smartphone app.
Luxury benefits when borrowing a home loan*3:
When you borrow a home loan from Yutaka Bank, you will receive KEIAI points worth up to 250,000 yen depending on the loan amount. KEIAI points can be used to pay for renovation services provided by KEIAI Star Real Estate Group. You can use KEIAI points for up to 5% of the total bill for optional work, repair/maintenance, and remodeling of your home, or up to 10% if the total bill is over 1 million yen (tax included). *4
Additionally, a 5% discount*5 will be applied only to optional construction provided by KAI Star Real Estate Group.
App-complete banking transactions:
All services such as ATM deposits and withdrawals, balance inquiries, transfers, cardless shopping using smartphone debit, etc.
Transactions are available in the app.
Advantageous fees:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year*6 ATM usage fees and transfer fees to other banks are waived up to 5 times a month.
Strong security:
We have implemented strong security measures to ensure your peace of mind. Open an account on the same day: If you have your My Number card or driver’s license, you can open an account on the same day*7 from the app.
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*3: Subject to change or cancellation without notice.
*4: Only applicable when ordering renovation services provided by KAI Star Real Estate Group.
*5: Applies to optional construction contracted before the execution of the mortgage loan.
*6: Excluding maintenance time.
*7: Applicable to those who use “My Number Card Reading” and “Identification Verification with Smartphone” and apply between 10:00 and 10:00 pm.
“Yutaka Bank” app download
・If you are using an iPhone: Get the “Yutaka Bank” app from the App Store*8 (URL below). /id6478194888
・If you are using an Android OS device: Get the “Yutaka Bank” app from Google Play*8 (URL below). ・If you are viewing from a PC, please scan the two-dimensional code below with your smartphone.
For iPhone users
Search for “Yutaka Bank” in the App Store or read the two-dimensional code below.
[Image 4:×338.png ]
If you are using an Android OS smartphone, search for “Yutaka Bank” on Google Play Store or scan the two-dimensional code below.
[Image 5:×274.png ]
*8: App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
Yutaka Bank Overview
[Table 5:] Company profile of each company
●Company overview of SBI Sumishin Net Bank
[Table 6: ]
●Company profile of KAI Star Real Estate
[Table 7: ]
●Yutaka Partners company profile
[Table 8:] SBI Sumishin Net Bank aims to transform financial services and make society more comfortable and convenient by utilizing cutting-edge technology based on a customer-centric approach.
Through our partnership with SBI Sumishin Net Bank, K.I. Star Real Estate and Yutaka Partners aim to provide high-quality financial services to more customers and provide consistent support.
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