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Notice regarding transfer of subsidiary due to property acquisition and completion of property acquisition Loadstar Capital Co., Ltd.

Notice regarding transfer of subsidiary due to property acquisition and completion of property acquisition [Loadstar Capital Co., Ltd.]
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Press release: July 1, 2024
Notice regarding transfer of subsidiary due to property acquisition and completion of property acquisition [Loadstar Capital Co., Ltd.]

Regarding the “Notice regarding change of subsidiary due to property acquisition” which was timely disclosed on March 27, 2024, our group will transfer Hotel 6 from Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter
“Hiramatsu”) and NTT Urban Development Corporation as scheduled today. We would like to inform you that we have received the request.

* ■About acquired assets*
The six hotels to be acquired this time are “THE HIRAMATSU HOTELS & RESORTS Kashijima” and “THE HIRAMATSU HOTELS &
RESORTS Ginoza”, “THE HIRAMATSU Kyoto”, “THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa” Miyota is a luxury hotel located in an area that is famous as a resort area in Japan.
Hiramatsu will continue to manage each hotel.

Kashishima is an island floating in Ago Bay in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture. Located within Ise-Shima National Park, it is blessed with a warm climate throughout the four seasons. It is a sightseeing base in Okushima, with attractions such as pearl rafts and Japan’s most beautiful ria coastline, and is also famous as the location for the Ise-Shima Summit.
There are many places around this property where you can feel close to history and culture, such as Ise Jingu and Kumano Kodo.

・Location: 3618-52 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture ・Site area: 14,256.5 square meters (public registry)
・Total floor area: 1,347.78 square meters (public record)
・Structure: Reinforced concrete/steel frame, alloy plated steel sheet roofing, 2 stories with 2 basement floors
・Construction date: July 1984
Atami City, which faces Sagami Bay and is blessed with a wide ocean and a mild climate, is rich in natural hot springs and is one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan, having been visited by many people since the Edo period.
There are many attractions around this property, such as Kinomiya Shrine, Atami Castle, Atami Plum Garden, and MOA Museum of Art.

・Location: 1993-237 Atami, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
・Site area: 11,079.84 square meters (public registry)
・Total floor area: 1,878 square meters (public registry)
・Structure: 4-story reinforced concrete, wooden flat roof, straw, steel sheet roofing, etc.
・Construction date: March 1988
Sengokuhara is a highland resort area surrounded by beautiful mountains including Mt. Fuji. It is blessed with one of the richest natural environments in the Hakone area, including wetlands where precious plants grow and pampas grass fields that shine golden in autumn. There are also many large, unique museums such as the Hakone Lalique Museum, Hakone Glass Forest, and the Pola Museum of Art. All rooms in this property are equipped with hot spring baths fed directly from the source.

・Location: 1245-337 Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
・Site area: 13,016.21 square meters (public register)
・Total floor area: 3,258.08 square meters (public record)
・Structure: Reinforced concrete construction, alloy plated steel plate roof, 2 floors above ground with 1 floor underground, etc.
・Construction date: December 2016

Ginoza Village is located almost in the center of the main island of Okinawa, about an hour by car from Naha Airport, and is an area that is convenient for traveling to sightseeing spots in the northern part of the prefecture and on the west coast.
This property is located on the east coast of Ginoza, where you can enjoy magnificent natural views such as sunrises and starry skies while being surrounded by the cobalt blue sea and the rich greenery of the mountains.

・Location: 1425 Matsuda, Ginoza Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture ・Site area: 31,074.84 square meters (public registry)
・Total floor area: 3,342.58 square meters (public record)
・Structure: Reinforced concrete or thatched, 2 stories above ground with 1 basement floor, etc.
・Construction date: June 2018

* (5) THE HIRAMATSU Kyoto*
Kyoto is an ancient capital that attracts many people from Japan and abroad with its traditional culture, landscapes, and many places of high historical value, as well as its beautiful seasonal scenery and sophisticated food culture.
This property is located in the center of Kyoto, a 3-minute walk from Karasuma Oike Station. Rakuchu Muromachi Dori is one of the most historic districts, known for the floats that pass during the Gion Festival.

・Location: 361 Engyojacho, Muromachi-dori Sanjo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
・Site area: 1,173.84 square meters (public registry)
・Total floor area: 3,839.32 square meters (public register)
・Structure: Reinforced concrete, wooden flat roof, 5-story thatched roof ・Construction date: January 2020

* (6) THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota*
Miyota Town is a town of beautiful nature located at the southern foot of Mt. Asama. Mt. Asama has beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, sparkling fresh greenery in the summer, and gradually becomes more colorful, with spectacular autumn leaves in the fall, and turns into a beautiful snow-capped mountain in the winter. It is one of the 100 famous mountains.
This property is located in an area of ​​60,000 square meters where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Asama.
It covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square feet, with only 37 guest rooms, each with a minimum area of ​​100 square meters including the terrace.
It has a spacious design that exceeds the size of the room.
Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with spacious hot spring baths.

“THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota”
・Location: 375-723 Shiono, Miyota-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture ・Site area: 64,780 square meters (public registry)
・Total floor area: 7,901.32 square meters (public register)
・Structure: 5-story reinforced concrete building with flat roof ・Construction date: October 2020

* ■About the status and future of Hiramatsu Hotel*
Hiramatsu has also captured the post-corona demand in the hotel business, and the occupancy rate from April 2023 to March 2024 has increased significantly by 2.3% compared to last year, and the unit price per room has increased by 7.3% compared to last year ( *1). In addition, according to the monthly performance (non-consolidated) preliminary report for May 2024 (*2), despite the difficult market environment in May this year, sales in the hotel business increased by 5.0% compared to the same month last year at existing stores. Sales continue to be strong.
Behind this achievement is “THE HIRAMATSU Kyoto” and “THE HIRAMATSU HOTELS & RESORTS.”
The occupancy rate and room price are rising due to an increase in the number of long-term stays by foreigners, mainly in Sengokuhara, and the success of attracting group use by the ultra-wealthy.
Additionally, as the repeat customer rate is increasing at all stores, we believe that the efforts of Hiramatsu’s management team and frontline staff are bearing fruit.

By entrusting future hotel management operations to Hiramatsu, which is striving for further growth by creating high experience value and stay value based on its strong brand power, we will continue to support the existing Hiramatsu fans in Japan and overseas. We hope that the high-quality appeal of Hiramatsu Hotel will be widely conveyed to everyone, and we aim to grow all parties involved and improve the hotel’s asset value.

(*1) Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. “Fiscal Year Ending March 2024 Financial Results Briefing Investor Briefing Materials (Disclosure Version)” Announced on May 22, 2024
(*2) Hiramatsu Co., Ltd. “Notice regarding monthly bulletin
(non-consolidated)” announced on June 14, 2024
* ■About Hiramatsu*
【Company Profile】
Name Hiramatsu Co., Ltd.
Representative Kazuyasu Misu, President and Representative Director Capital 100 million yen
Founded April 1982
Business details Restaurant/cafe/hotel management,
Planning, planning, and management of weddings at Hiramatsu
restaurants and hotels

* ■About Roadster Capital*
【Company Profile】
Name Roadstar Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Tatsushi Iwano, President and CEO
Capital: 1.4 billion yen (2.7 billion yen including capital reserves) Established March 2012
Business content Corporate funding business, asset management business, crowdfunding business
License/Registration ▼Loadstar Capital
Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 2660
Real Estate Transaction Business Governor of Tokyo (3) No. 94272

▼Loadster Investments
Investment management business, Type 2 financial instruments business, investment advisory/agency business Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Finance)
Commercial) No. 3260
Comprehensive real estate investment advisory business Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism General – No. 164 Real Estate Transaction Business Tokyo Governor (1) No. 104014

▼Roadster Funding
Money lender registration number: Governor of Tokyo (3) No. 31574 that’s all
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