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JAC Recruitment July 19th (Friday): Free online seminar (panel discussion)

JAC Recruitment
July 19th (Friday): Free online seminar (panel discussion)
“To shine as a female manager – What is my own style of leadership?” ……
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, Chairman and President: Hiromi Tasaki, hereinafter referred to as JAC), an industry leader that operates human resources recruitment businesses in 11 countries around the world, announced on Friday, July 19, 2024, “As a female manager, We will be holding a free online seminar entitled “To Shine – What is my personal style of leadership?”
[Image 1:×626.jpg] In recent years, the active participation of women has been promoted, and as part of this effort, efforts are being made to increase the number of female leaders and managers in companies.However, on the other hand, there are many people who have been approached for a management position or who are considering a management position as a career option. Some people are worried, such as, “Will I be able to hold a managerial position?” or “Will my responsibilities become heavier and make it difficult to balance work with family?” In this seminar, we will welcome two people who are currently active in management positions as panelists, and we will ask them about their background in leading to their careers in management positions, how they achieve work-life balance, and how they think about work. We will discuss skills unique to management positions.
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“To shine as a female manager – What is my style of leadership?”
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Ms. Mayumi Kuribayashi
Manager, Service Infrastructure Business Division, System Platform Business Group, Fujitsu Limited
[Image 2:×307.jpg] When I first gave birth, I had the impression that raising children meant giving up on one’s career, but after many trials and errors, now, without giving up on raising children or working, I am working as a manager at Fujitsu Cloud while working as a mother of two children. Promote commercialization of services. Apart from her main job, she is also the representative of MIRAIS, a childcare leave community for those on maternity leave.
Mr. Fumi Saito
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Hydrogen Strategy Headquarters, Standards and Licensing Department, Standards and Regulations Section Manager
[Image 3:×614.jpg] He has experience in management positions at both a think tank and a business company, and is active as an energy-related professional, particularly in the hydrogen field. Achieving a work-life balance even in busy work as a manager.
Shizuka Imai
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. HR Division Manager
[Image 4:×559.jpg] After working as a general wholesaler of cosmetics and daily necessities, joined JAC Recruitment in 2012 as a consultant. We support many female leaders and managers in changing jobs.
Currently, she is also a female manager and is working as a manager in the education department. Mother of 1 child.

[JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.]
JAC Recruitment was founded in the UK in 1975, and in Japan as JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. in 1988. We specialize in introducing
specialists and managerial personnel, and are one of Japan’s largest consultation-type recruitment companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market. Our strength is in recruiting people with international business experience, and in Japan we support the recruitment of many foreign companies and Japanese companies in global fields such as overseas business. Overseas, we operate in 34 locations in 11 countries around the world, including the UK, Germany, America, and Asia.
Other group companies include JAC International, which specializes in foreign companies, VantagePoint, an executive search company specializing in the consulting industry, and CareerCross, which operates a recruitment site specializing in global and bilingual human resources.It is a global company. .
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