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Home » HashPort Co., Ltd. Released the co-creation membership card service “Token Discovery Program” as a busines s collaboration initiative for “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”

HashPort Co., Ltd. Released the co-creation membership card service “Token Discovery Program” as a busines s collaboration initiative for “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”

HashPort Co., Ltd.
Release of co-creative membership card service “Token Discovery Program” as a business collaboration initiative for “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”
HashPort Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Yoshihiro Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as “HashPort”) and the Kansai Innovation Center (Chairman: Minoru Saotome, hereinafter referred to as “MUIC”) have announced that each business will be able to create their own unique We will gradually release the “Token Discovery Program” which provides membership card services using Web3 technology from late July 2024.
We will provide membership card services to members or participants of companies, local governments, organizations, etc. who support the Osaka/Kansai Expo’s momentum and participate in the business collaboration service of “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet.”
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Through this program, we aim to “co-create” companies, local governments, and organizations under one membership card, and expand efforts to create fans and repeat customers in the region and local government. In addition, as a development of these programs, we will accelerate business collaboration between companies in preparation for the Osaka-Kansai Expo, building momentum and providing new customer experiences.
◆What is “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”?
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“EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet” is a wallet service unique to the Osaka/Kansai Expo that aims to help promote cashless payments in Japan, and includes financial services such as “Myakupe! (electronic money)”, “Myakupo! (points)”, and wallet. In addition to providing Myakumya rewards program based on service usage and benefits granted based on status, we also offer business collaboration services such as Soulbound Token*, which utilizes the Web3 wallet function. The SBT Digital Passport (hereinafter referred to as “SBT”) will be
responsible for collaboration with various pavilions and external businesses that contribute to building momentum for the Expo. *NFT that cannot be transferred. Taking advantage of this
characteristic, SBT is issued as a token that represents the background and behavior history of the individual who owns the wallet. The wallet in which various SBTs are stored is called a “soul” because it represents the owner of the wallet.
◆ Overview of “Token Discovery Program (Membership Card Service)”
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“Token Discovery Program” is a Web3 service that can be launched and used directly by clicking on the browser tab at the bottom right from “Connect” as an upgrade function of the business collaboration service (SBT Digital Passport) of “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”. This is a membership card service that utilizes technology.
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Users will be issued an “SBT Membership” which is a membership card for each company, local government, or organization that uses business collaboration services through this token discovery program
(membership card service utilizing Web3 technology). You can receive “SBT” and “tokens” obtained at various places issued with the conventional “SBT Digital Passport”, as well as “Badge SBT” that will be issued in the future, and receive exclusive benefits and services within Token Discovery. Masu.
◆ List of functions of “Token Discovery Program (membership card service utilizing Web3 technology)”
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1. “SBT membership function” to issue SBT for membership card 2. “Rank UP function” where the level increases depending on the number of acquired badges SBT held
3. “Gacha function” where you can win limited coupons and tickets by lottery ◆Experience details of “Token Discovery (membership card service)” [For event participation]
[Image 6:×2194.png ]
1. When participating in the event, scan the QR code at the venue with the “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”.
2. You will receive a badge SBT that proves your participation in the event and a designated token (DISCOVERY TREASURE TOKEN, abbreviated as DTT) that can be used in gacha.
3. When you accumulate a certain number of badges SBT, your SBT membership rank will increase.
4. By consuming the tokens acquired at the same time as the badge SBT, you can try the gacha where you can win special benefits.
5. As your rank increases, the prizes you win in gachas will upgrade. ◆ Businesses scheduled to participate: Osaka Food Service Industry Association The Osaka Restaurant Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as “ORA”) is scheduled to participate as the first company to participate in the “Token Discovery Program.”
ORA is a pavilion exhibitor at the Osaka-Kansai Expo, and aims to use the Osaka-Kansai Expo as an opportunity to inform the world about Osaka’s food and contribute to the revitalization of the Osaka-Kansai region. . The first and second campaigns have already been implemented using the EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet, and more than 1,500 coupon NFTs have been distributed through the two campaigns.
◆ “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet” service introduction site
We have set up the following website that introduces how to use the “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”, so please take a look.
・Service introduction of “EXPO 2025 Digital Wallet”
・App download link
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[Image 8:×292.png ]
■Overview of Kansai Innovation Center (MUIC Kansai)
Corporate name: Kansai Innovation Center General Incorporated Association Location: 3-6-3 Fushimi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture Representative: Chairman Minoru Saotome
Established: March 6, 2020
Business overview: This is a base for creating open innovation with a tourism industry theme, operated by the Kansai Innovation Center, a general incorporated association established by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Ltd. and Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd. In anticipation of the 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo, large companies, startups, local governments, and others are collaborating to carry out activities aimed at solving issues in the tourism industry and creating new businesses.
■HashPort Company Profile
Company name: HashPort Co., Ltd.
Location: 12th floor, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yohiro Yoshida, Representative Director and CEO Established: July 13, 2018
Business overview: Provision of services related to token business etc. using blockchain/NFT on Web3, etc.
■Contact information regarding this matter
HashPort Co., Ltd.
Kansai Innovation Center (General Incorporated Association) (Person in charge: Kusuda) TEL: 070-2470-8922
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