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Adachi Onken Co., Ltd. Event Report Enoki Gathering Square “Enjoy music class with jazz guitar!”

Adachi Onken Co., Ltd.
[Event Report] Enoki Gathering Square “Enjoy music class with jazz guitar!” ~Learn popular music with live jazz guitar performance~
On Saturday, June 29, 2024, Adachi Onken Co., Ltd., which operates a comprehensive popular music school in Yokohama City, will hold a “Enjoying Music with Jazz Guitar” event at “Tsui no Hiroba Enoki” in Minami Ward, Yokohama City. We held an event for parents and children who are in the midst of raising children.
After learning about popular music while listening to a jazz guitar performance, the children have fun singing songs together.
Event overview
・Event overview: “Enjoy music class with jazz guitar!”
・Date: Saturday, June 29, 2024
・Venue: Gathering Square Enoki
・Number of participants: 30 parents and children
Adachi Onken Co., Ltd. Representative Director Takeshi Adachi Yawara Nishi, Head of Adachi Onken Co., Ltd., Founder of Drum School
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Event details
Our CEO, Adachi, will explain the differences between classical music and popular music, as well as “pitch” and “chords”, while taking into account the historical background.
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A live guitar performance of popular music such as jazz and blues was performed.
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At the end, all the participants sang together their children’s favorite songs. It was a great success.
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Everyone who participated
The first half of the class was aimed at parents and focused on popular music, which was different from the music classes they had in elementary and middle school, but once the guitar performance started, the children listened attentively. I was there.
During the second half, the children, who were quiet, sang, clapped, and had fun together with their parents.
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After the event
This time, we held an event for parents of the child-rearing generation, where their children could participate together. I would be very happy if the participating families remembered today’s lesson when listening to music or singing and enjoyed music even more.
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We will continue to create various opportunities for people in the local community to experience popular music, and we will continue to create a rich society where music fills our lives.
I would like to do my best to be a part of the creation.
Adachi Onken Co., Ltd. Community Contribution Activities Page
[Takeshi Adachi Profile]
Adachi Onken Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Born August 11, 1973 in Yokohama. Composer/arranger/guitarist. ▼1996-1998 Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Department of Contemporary Writing and Production. Studied under Tomo Fujita, assistant professor guitarist at Berklee College of Music. Responsible for the general music for the New Year event at the Japanese Consulate in Boston.
▼1998 – With full authority delegated by Mickey Yoshino (Godigo), traveled to Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, China’s first popular music university, as head academic advisor. ▼2008
Established Adachi Onken Co., Ltd.
[Nishi Yawara Profile]
Director of Adachi Onken Co., Ltd. Founder of Drum School
Born August 25, 1974 in Tokyo. Drummer and percussionist.
Started playing drums at the age of 15.
Enrolled in AN Music School. Studied under Hiroshi Kusaka and Toru Hasebe. ▼1998
Major debut with the band. Released 2 albums, 3 singles, and 1 maxi single. After that, he started support performance activities as a studio musician. ▼2007
“Drum Gijuku” opened.
▼2015 Appointed head of Adachi Onken Co., Ltd.
Currently, he is in charge of supervising all departments operated by Adachi Onken Co., Ltd., including Drum Gijuku.
About Adachi Onken Co., Ltd.
Operates a comprehensive popular music school in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. We provide music education related to popular music such as guitar, drums, piano/keyboard, bass, vocals,
composition/arrangement, recording/DTM, etc.
Other activities include music instructor education, school management and musician training, music studio management, planning and production of music CDs, planning, production, operation and management of music events, and planning and directing of various music activities.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Adachi Onken Co., Ltd.
Website URL:
Head office location: 3-16-5 Nagata Higashi, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 232-0072
Representative Director: Takeshi Adachi
Established: January 2008
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