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En Japan establishes a new “AI Technology Office”

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En Japan establishes a new “AI Technology Office”
– Launched an organization dedicated to AI research. Utilizing technology to further realize “successful activities after joining the company”
En Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Koji Suzuki) announced on July 1, 2024 (Monday) that it has established a specialized organization called “AI” responsible for research and development of AI utilization in its own services. We will establish a new Technology Office.
The “AI Technology Office” cross-sectionally aggregates data accumulated through various human resources services operated by our company and utilizes it to develop unique AI algorithms and machine learning models. In addition to strengthening our research and development functions, we will accelerate the implementation of AI into each service more than ever.
By utilizing AI technology, we will realize our cherished purpose of “increasing the number of people who work hard for others and society, and making the world a better place” more broadly and with greater precision.
Overview of the new organization “AI Technology Office”
[Image 1:×686.png ]
For over 20 years since our establishment, we have provided a wide range of human resources services, including recruitment, selection, placement, education, and evaluation.
I did. As a result, we have a huge amount of data on the process from recruitment to retention and success after joining the company. The newly established “AI Technology Office” is a specialized organization that will promote AI research and development based on this data. We have over 30 professionals including data scientists and machine learning engineers. We will be responsible for data
engineering, big data analysis, development of unique AI algorithms and machine learning models, and implementation of functions in each product.
Additionally, this organization has established a unique evaluation and compensation system that is different from other departments. In addition to strengthening recruitment, we will continue to develop specialized human resources who have both AI knowledge and HR domain knowledge.
Comment from the person in charge of the “AI Technology Office” En Japan Co., Ltd. Director
AI Technology Department Teruyuki Terada
[Image 2:×1746.jpg] In recent years, the importance of rapidly evolving AI technology and data utilization has increased, and in the HR industry, data analysis and the introduction of AI have become key to achieving better matching between people and companies.
In this context, our company has strived to provide various AI solutions by utilizing data accumulated through various human resources services, such as recruitment sites, word-of-mouth sites, post-employment onboarding tools, and aptitude tests.
In order to further advance this initiative, we have established a new organization dedicated to AI research and are developing our own AI models and algorithms.
We will focus on the development of rhythm. This will connect many job seekers and companies smoothly and in a way that will lead to their success.
We aim to realize our company’s purpose by supporting our customers. Examples of past initiatives
Even before the launch of our new organization, we have been implementing functions and providing services that utilize AI. One case
▼ “Middle Career Change” is equipped with a function to automatically generate job summaries using GPT tools
[Image 3:×473.jpg] ▼Introduction of automatic free comment judgment system using AI to the turnover prevention tool “HR OnBoard”
[Image 4:×473.png ]
▼Providing “EnSX Sales Analytics” that analyzes and visualizes business negotiations using unique AI technology
[Image 5:×480.png ]
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