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Home » UK Corporation Co., Ltd. 3-minute walk from Hatagaya Station Trunk room “Superbo Hatagaya Koshu Kaido Stor e” will open on August 1, 2024!

UK Corporation Co., Ltd. 3-minute walk from Hatagaya Station Trunk room “Superbo Hatagaya Koshu Kaido Stor e” will open on August 1, 2024!

[UK Corporation Co., Ltd.] [3-minute walk from Hatagaya Station] Trunk room “Superbo Hatagaya Koshu Kaido Store” will open on August 1, 2024!

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Press release: July 2, 2024
[3 minutes walk from Hatagaya Station] Trunk room “Superbo Hatagaya Koshu Kaido store” will open on August 1, 2024!
*A new trunk room “Sperabo” supervised by an organization and storage advisor will open near Hatagaya Station. *
New store information
Store name: Superbo Hatagaya Koshu Kaido store
Address: Cure YMD 6F, 2-20-10 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access 3 minutes walk from Hatagaya Station on the Keio Line HP
Store image
Opening campaign underway!
We are offering a special discounted rent as part of our opening campaign! We are used by both individuals and corporations, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


If you are not sure how much space you need to store the items you want to store, please consult our storage advisors!
About the trunk room “Sperabo”
Superbo operates 400 stores and more than 15,000 indoor trunk rooms (rental storage spaces) mainly in Tokyo and Osaka.
In view of rising real estate prices, living space in the city center is limited, and housing is becoming slimmer. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t need items filled with precious memories, such as hobby tools, seasonal clothes, hina dolls or Christmas trees that you only use a few times a year.
In order to solve these problems unique to the city center, the storage room “Sperabo” was born.
We also hope that by renovating properties that cannot be rented for a long time and using them as storage rooms, we can help solve the social problem of the 800,000 vacant houses.
Feature 1: Completely non-contact/non-face-to-face from tour to contract and cancellation
The trunk room “Sperabo” can be viewed without face-to-face contact (reservation required), and contracts and cancellations can be completed online.
In order to respond to contactless and non-face-to-face needs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to apply online based on feedback from customers who want to use the service immediately.
*There is no need to receive the key as it uses a smart lock and dial key. Feature 2: Minimum 1 hour from application to use
Especially for busy businessmen in Tokyo, who have sudden job transfers, overseas assignments, business trips, etc., and may need a place to store their luggage right away.
In order to meet these needs, we have made the process from
application to contract as simple as possible, allowing you to use the service as soon as the credit card payment is completed after signing the contract. In addition, the keys used are smart locks, dial keys, and not physical keys, so there is no need to worry about receiving them.
Feature 3: Reliable double security & monitoring system
The trunk room is a place where you can store your important luggage. Not only are the rooms private, but the entrance and each room are equipped with keys. Double lock system for peace of mind.
In addition, surveillance cameras are installed in the passageway inside the luggage room.
*There are currently no cases of theft.
Feature 4: All of our staff members are certified as “Organization and Storage Advisors”.
How big is the trunk room and how much luggage can it fit in? Many people may have such questions.
In such a case, you can ask the staff in charge of organizing and storage advisors, who will answer your questions.
You can avoid the trouble of renting a room that is bigger than your luggage or being too small to fit your luggage.
Feature 5: The store is newly built and has a clean feel.
Most stores have been open for less than a year, and the interiors, including partitions, are all new.
The store is kept clean as we carry out regular cleaning.
Of course, we are fully equipped with air conditioning, and we take good care of humidity control.
UKCorporation supports storage room investment.
It has also been featured on various Youtube channels.
Yosuke Real Estate
Ayukawa TV
Rakumachi for real estate investment
[Market expansion in 2022] Advantages and disadvantages of trunk room investment revealed!

Yosuke Real Estate
Storage room investment that can be started with own funds of 1 million yen

Ayukawa TV
[Undercover Report] One of the most talked about investments: “Trunk room investment”
[Limited time] Book gift project
Ranked #1 at famous bookstores nationwide
A trunk room investment book will be presented to all official LINE subscribers!
* ▼Can be read in about 2 hours! Click here to register for free book gift LINE▼*
Even if you are not thinking about investing right away, please read this book first.
This is an excellent introductory book on investing.
UKcorporation Co., Ltd. is a professional storage room operator that currently manages and operates over 10,000 storage rooms.
This book contains a wealth of know-how backed by such achievements. Whether you have already started investing or are just starting out, we hope you will be satisfied with our content, so please apply. *Book applications are limited to one book per person.

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Phone number: Tel: 03-6911-0577 (Reception hours: Weekdays 10:00-19:00) E-mail:
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