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Home » IBJ, a matchmaking agency, has entered into a business partnership with Hachijuni Bank, a top bank in Nagano Prefecture. Expanding local marriage support.

IBJ, a matchmaking agency, has entered into a business partnership with Hachijuni Bank, a top bank in Nagano Prefecture. Expanding local marriage support.

IBJ, a matchmaking agency, has entered into a business partnership with Hachijuni Bank, a top bank in Nagano Prefecture. Expanding local marriage support.
IBJ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shigeru Ishizaka, First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6071), which is developing a complex matchmaking business centering on the marriage consulting agency business and has created the most successful marriages in Japan. has entered into a business matching agreement with The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. (Head Office: Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, Director and President: Masaki Matsushita, First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8359), a No. 1 regional bank headquartered in Nagano City, as of June 2024. We have signed a contract.
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The total fertility rate² has hit a new record low of 1.20, and the declining birthrate has become a crisis situation. Against the backdrop of population decline, an increasing number of local governments are working to support marriage. In 2023, Nagano Prefecture will return to excessive population outmigration, with Nagano City in particular having the highest number of out-migration people.We are working to maintain and improve vitality even in the face of a declining population.
Under these circumstances, our company, which operates multiple matchmaking businesses, has been working with local financial institutions and local governments across the country to support local matchmaking. We are now partnering with Hachijuni Bank, the second bank in the prefecture following Nagano Bank, and hope to further expand marriage support in the region.
Partnership details
Through this partnership, we will support the opening of matchmaking businesses for client companies of Hachijuni Bank, which is working to expand their business, and will not only be expected to have a positive impact due to the affinity with our main business, but also provide support for matchmaking businesses. We aim to create marriages in the area by increasing the number of people.
[Table 2:] Supporting single people who are looking to meet people not only creates family ties through marriage, but also creates demand for weddings, education, housing, etc. in the area. Our company will continue to expand its marriage support throughout the country based on the philosophy of “making everyone in a relationship happy.”
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Example of a group company of a regional financial institution opening a marriage counseling agency
An increasing number of regional financial institution groups are starting their own matchmaking agency business.
77 Bank (77 Human Design Co., Ltd.) – Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture “Marriage Agency 77 Musubi” to open in April 2024
77 Human Design Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of 77 Bank, a Daiichi regional bank with approximately 120 branches in Miyagi Prefecture. Since our founding in 1899, we have been operating a marriage counseling agency that is rooted in the community as a banking group that has continued to work with the community.
List of affiliated financial institutions
Nagoya Bank (Aichi Prefecture)
Kirayaka Bank (Yamagata Prefecture)
Sendai Bank (Miyagi Prefecture)
Nagano Bank (Nagano Prefecture)
Ikeda Senshu Bank (Osaka Prefecture)
Toyama Bank (Toyama Prefecture)
Hokuriku Bank (Toyama Prefecture)
Saga Bank (Saga Prefecture)
Sanjusan Bank (Mie Prefecture)
Kyoto Bank (Kyoto Prefecture)
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank (Gifu Prefecture)
Shimane Bank (Shimane Prefecture)
Yamanashi Chuo Bank (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group (Tokyo)
∟Kiraboshi Consulting
Towa Bank (Gunma Prefecture)
Minami Nippon Bank (Kagoshima Prefecture)
82 Bank (Nagano Prefecture)
■Hachijuni Bank, Ltd. (financial code: 0143)
Based on our philosophy of “maintaining sound management and thereby contributing to the development of the local community,” we are engaged in a variety of initiatives to develop the local economy and improve customer satisfaction.
Address: 178-8 Okada, Nakagosho, Nagano City
Representative: Masaki Matsushita, President and Director
Established: August 1, 1931
■IBJ Co., Ltd.
With total support that goes beyond just matching, we have created the most marriages (= engagements) in Japan. Using our unique marriage agency platform, we connect marriage agencies and match hunters across the country, and provide services tailored to each customer’s lifestyle and matchmaking phase, with the kind support that only a person can provide. We would like to contribute to Japan’s serious problem of population decline by creating marriage couples.
Head office: Shinjuku First West 12th and 17th floors, 1-23-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 2006
Representative: Shigeru Ishizaka, President and Representative Director Business content: Marriage agency platform business, directly managed marriage agency business, event business, matchmaking app business, life design business
¹ No. 1: Research by Japan Marketing Research Organization (Number of marriages: Actual results in 2023, Number of members: As of the end of December 2023, market research in designated areas for the period ending January 2024) *Number of marriages: Number of people who got married only within IBJ (Does not include federations other than IBJ, referrals from friends, etc.)
² Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | 2023 Vital Statistics ³ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | Population movement report based on the 2023 Basic Resident Register
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