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Home » Legaltech Co., Ltd. Legaltech Co., Ltd. uses “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” to support sharing of product development data, environmental assessment reports, etc.

Legaltech Co., Ltd. Legaltech Co., Ltd. uses “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” to support sharing of product development data, environmental assessment reports, etc.

Legal Tech Co., Ltd.
Legaltech supports the sharing of product development data,
environmental assessment reports, etc. using “Legaltech VDR
~ Utilizing VDR to succeed in paper and pulp data management ~ ……
Domestic and international litigation support services, intellectual property platform “Tokkyo.Ai”, blockchain-based electronic contract platform “Keiyaku CLM”, legal precedent search service “Legal Search”, blockchain-based brand and intellectual property protection system Legal Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President Takahito Sasaki; hereinafter referred to as Legal Tech Co., Ltd.), which develops next-generation DX services such as “” that realize digital transformation, is a company that provides product development data, environmental We have started offering “Legaltech VDR Paper and Pulp,” a solution that supports the sharing of evaluation reports and supplier data and helps the paper and pulp industry succeed in data management.
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Various issues faced by Japan’s paper and pulp industry
The main challenges faced by Japan’s paper and pulp industry are as follows. 1. Decrease in domestic demand
– Progress in digitalization: With the spread of e-books and digital media, demand for printed materials such as newspapers, magazines, and books is decreasing.
– Declining birthrate and aging population: Due to Japan’s declining and aging population, demand for paper is also decreasing.
2. Decline in cost competitiveness
・Rising raw material prices: The prices of raw materials such as wood and recycled pulp are rising, making cost increases inevitable. ・Increase in energy costs: As the production process consumes a large amount of energy, the increase in energy costs is having an impact. 3. Strengthening of environmental regulations
・Sustainability demands: Sustainable forest management and recycling are required to reduce environmental impact.
– Emission regulations: Regulations on emissions from factories are becoming stricter, and investment is required to comply with them. 4. Intensifying global competition
– Expansion of overseas markets: As demand expands in emerging markets, competition with major overseas paper manufacturers is intensifying.
・Increase in imported products: Cost-competitive foreign products are flowing into the Japanese market, taking away the market share of domestic companies.
5. Responding to technological innovation
・Introduction of digital technology: In order to improve production efficiency and control quality, it is necessary to introduce the latest digital technology.
・Smart factories: The introduction of smart factories that utilize IoT and AI is progressing, and there is a need to respond to technological innovation.
6. Labor shortage
・Securing labor force: There is a labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and securing and training skilled workers is an issue.
7. Improving recycling rate
・Promoting recycling: Efforts are required to improve the paper recycling rate, which requires consumer awareness activities and the development of recycling technology.
In order to respond to these challenges, industry-wide efforts, technological innovation, and stronger environmental measures are essential.
Solving problems with “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” that allows secure sharing of transaction data
“Legaltech VDR (Virtual Data Room) Paper/Pulp” provides solutions specifically for enhancing data management and security. The following are specific solutions that “Legal Tech VDR Paper and Pulp” can provide to the issues faced by Japan’s paper and pulp industry. 1. Decrease in domestic demand
・Support for market analysis and strategy formulation: We use “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” to securely share market data and support demand analysis and the discovery of new business opportunities. 2. Decline in cost competitiveness
・Efficient cost management: Use “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” to centrally manage cost-related data and make it easier to develop strategies for cost reduction.
・Supply chain optimization: Share supply chain data in real time to achieve efficient material procurement and inventory management. 3. Strengthening of environmental regulations
・Compliance management: Securely manage and share documents related to environmental regulations using “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” to ensure regulatory compliance.
– Environmental data analysis and reporting: Aggregate environmental performance data to streamline analysis and reporting.
4. Intensifying global competition
・Support for international trade: We realize secure data sharing with overseas business partners and provide an information infrastructure to facilitate transactions.
・Joint project management: Securely share data with partner companies and support project management in international projects.
5. Responding to technological innovation
・Protection and sharing of technical data: Store technical documents and research data in “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” and share with necessary parties while protecting confidential information. ・Promoting digitalization: By digitizing production data and quality control data, and safely storing and managing it, we support the optimization of production processes.
6. Labor shortage
・Management of human resources information: Centrally manage human resources information and training data to support appropriate staffing and skill improvement.
・Support for remote work: By using “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp”, you can safely share and manage data even in a remote work environment. 7. Improving recycling rate
・Management of recycling data: Data related to the recycling process is managed with VDR to support efficient recycling activities. ・Strengthening partnerships: Facilitate data sharing and strengthen collaborative relationships with recycling-related partner companies. “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” provides concrete solutions to these issues through the secure management and sharing of data, contributing to greater efficiency and competitiveness of the entire industry. Main functions of “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp”
“Legaltech VDR Paper and Pulp” helps solve the data sharing challenges faced by the paper and pulp industry by providing several functions. The specific features and benefits are introduced below.
1. Secure data storage and access control
・Features: Advanced encryption technology, access privilege settings for each user, strengthened authentication process
・Benefits: Prevents leakage of confidential information and ensures that only authorized users can access the data they need.
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2. Efficient document management
・Features: Version control, full text search, tagging
Benefits: Easily track and manage multiple versions of documents and quickly find the information you need. This improves operational efficiency.
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3. Secure collaboration tools
・Features: Comments and annotations, real-time updates
Benefits: Easily share information between multiple teams and partners and provide real-time feedback.
4. Audit logs and reports
・Features: Activity tracking, custom report generation
・Benefits: You can track who accessed what data and what operations they performed, making auditing and compliance management easier. 5. Workflow automation
・Function: Task management, notification function
Benefits: Streamline project management, receive automatic
notifications for important updates and deadlines, and gain visibility into task progress.
6. Legal compliance
・Features: Regulatory compliance features, data retention policies ・Benefits: Enables data management that complies with various legal requirements and ensures compliance.
7. Easier data integration and sharing
・Feature: Management of multiple data sources
Benefits: Integrate and centralize data from disparate systems and data sources to facilitate data sharing.
Specific benefits for the paper and pulp industry
・Improved data security: Reduces the risk of leaking confidential information and enables secure data sharing.
– Improved operational efficiency: Streamline document management and sharing, and find and share information faster.
・Ensuring compliance: Data management that complies with legal requirements and regulations makes it easier to comply with
・Enhanced collaboration: Enable real-time sharing with teams and partners to keep projects moving smoothly.
With these functions, “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp” effectively solves data sharing issues in the paper/pulp industry, helping to improve operational efficiency and safety.
[Image 5:×560.jpg] What is VDR?
VDR is an abbreviation for “Virtual Data Room” and is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that uses the Internet to store sensitive data and share it with third parties. Features include notes, bookmarks, question and answer (Q&A) tools, multi-factor authentication and digital watermarking. Since there is no need for physical data storage and it can be accessed immediately from anywhere, it functions as a sharing tool for paper and pulp industry development data, supplier data, etc. Therefore, VDR is used for data sharing in the paper and pulp industry.
The global VDR market will double to $1.6 billion in 2021 and $3.2 billion in 2026.
According to ResearchStation, the global VDR market will be worth $1.6 billion in 2021, but this is expected to double to $3.2 billion in 2026. Product Summary
Product name: “Legaltech VDR Paper/Pulp”
Availability start date: July 2, 2024
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[Table 2:] [About Legal Tech Co., Ltd.]
Name: Legal Tech Co., Ltd. Representative: Takahito Sasaki
Established: June 2012
Location: 4F Toranomon 40MT Building, 5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Capital: 51 million yen
Established in 2012 as a 100% subsidiary of AOS Technologies Co., Ltd., a long-established legal tech company founded in 1995. Since then, we have provided e-discovery and forensic services, and in 2015, we received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 10th Nippon New Business Creation Awards for making a significant contribution to improving people’s lives with technology for criminal investigation and corporate fraud verification. Awarded. In the future, we will shift to LaaS (LegalTech as a Service), which is gaining momentum in Japan, and will launch the blockchain authenticity determination system “,” the next-generation electronic contract portal “Keiyaku.Ai,” and the legal portal “” ” and the intellectual property portal “Tokkyo.Ai”, we will provide next-generation AI services that realize digital transformation. More details about this release: