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Home » Corporate Legal Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. Corporate Legal Innovation Platform will expand and relocate its headquarters to the 33rd floor of the Marunouchi Building on July 1, 2024.

Corporate Legal Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. Corporate Legal Innovation Platform will expand and relocate its headquarters to the 33rd floor of the Marunouchi Building on July 1, 2024.

[Corporate Legal Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.] Corporate Legal Innovation Platform will expand and relocate its headquarters to the 33rd floor of the Marunouchi Building on July 1, 2024.

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Press release: July 2, 2024
Corporate Legal Innovation Platform will expand and relocate its headquarters to the 33rd floor of the Marunouchi Building on July 1, 2024.
*Accompanying ambitious legal personnel and legal organizations as a center of innovation in corporate legal affairs*
*Corporate Legal Affairs Innovation Platform Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Representative Director and CEO: Kei Nomura (hereinafter referred to as our company) has decided to move to the top floor of the exclusive office floor of the Marunouchi Building (2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) on July 1, 2024 due to business expansion and increase in personnel. We have expanded and relocated our head office to the 33rd floor. *
With this relocation, we have created a space suitable for high-class clients, and we are providing more services than ever before, including job change services for lawyers and legal personnel, organizational consulting for law firms and corporate legal
departments, and legal market data analysis. We have established a system to provide a complete range of services. *
We are determined to further fulfill our mission as “the foundation that supports innovation in corporate legal affairs.” We look forward to your continued patronage. *
*Purpose of office relocation*
As we relocate our offices due to business expansion and an increase in personnel, our mission is to enhance the scalability of our company as a “foundation that supports innovation in corporate legal affairs,” and create a space suitable for creating the future of the corporate legal field together with our clients. The concept is the creation of new ideas, that is, the nexus of innovation in the corporate legal field.
*About the new office*
The new office is located on the 33rd floor, the top floor of the Marunouchi Building’s exclusive office floor, and has an office design that emphasizes change, creativity, and dialogue. Each area is divided into four major areas.
Entrance: An entrance suitable for the origin of career and
organizational evolution
We designed an entrance befitting the starting point for career and organizational evolution. The high counter at the entrance, which has a marble look and indirect lighting, has been selected from materials that are appropriate to warmly relate to the history of a legal organization that has survived through the ages. We have designed a space with a high dynamic openness, that is, a space with a sense of solidity and transparency at the entrance, and a space where you can see the view of the 33rd floor beyond the high counter.
Meeting room: Conference room as a place for open decision-making Chestnut wood, which is a single piece of leisurely wood with a bifurcated tip, was selected as the material for the table. Chestnut is a durable and beautiful wood that is used for the foundations of historic buildings, making it the perfect material for supporting the decision-making branches of legal personnel. Yet, it also has the unique love of wood, and is a table with such strength, familiarity, and history that you can’t help but stroke it during a discussion. Despite the wooden layout, the conference rooms have a consistent modern feel with glass walls, resulting in a space where thoughts can naturally be freed and discussions can develop.
Work area: Head office for legal market data analysis
In contrast to the meeting room, which is based on white, the work area where our consultants conduct data analysis etc. is designed using black as the main color. By arranging the highest quality gray marble brushed carpet underfoot, we have designed a work area that symbolizes our philosophy, combining data analysis in the black area and decision-making in the white area. In addition, the deep bar counter has both a cloakroom function and maximizes the usability of the space.
Seminar area: A stage for unique discussions
Approximately 80 people can participate in the seminar area alone. A huge screen is lowered against the backdrop of the view from the 33rd floor, and in front of the screen is an isolated, thick podium that connects one end of the office to the other, maximizing comfort during interactive seminars held in approximately 180 degrees. I am. There is a desk in the center where participants can have discussions with each other, and we have designed a stage set that will enliven discussions in any situation.

The color is a complex of navy and gray with a gradation effect, creating a stylish and unique space. In the projects we carry out in the seminar area, we aim to always provide participants with new perspectives and suggestions, so we have carefully thought out every detail in the space so that clients can discover new things every time they visit. Masu.

At night, the lighting changes, giving off an even more unique glow.

From Kei Nomura, Representative Director and CEO of Corporate Legal Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
“We would like to inform you that we have relocated our head office to the 33rd floor of the Marunouchi Building from July 1st.
We believe that it is thanks to the support of our many clients that we have been able to continue our business for about five and a half years since we started our business in February 2019. I sincerely thank you. We would also like to once again thank Mitsubishi Estate for proposing the top floor. As a company suitable for this floor, we will work exclusively and exclusively to develop our business. As the culmination of about five and a half years since our founding, we have spent over a year discussing everything from the design of the new office to the office furniture. We pursue a design that
encompasses not only functionality but also a variety of meanings, and we approach our office furniture with the same commitment, so we hope you’ll enjoy viewing it.
We will do our best to repay your continued patronage, so we appreciate your continued patronage. ”
Overview of new headquarters
New address:
33rd floor, Marunouchi Building, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo access:
1 minute walk from JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
Directly connected to Tokyo Station on the Marunouchi Line
Directly connected to Chiyoda Line Nijubashi-mae-Marunouchi station 3 minutes walk from Otemachi Station on the Mita Line
4 minutes walk from JR Keiyo Line Tokyo Station
8 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station on the Yurakucho Line
Phone number: 03-6812-2878

About Corporate Legal Innovation Platform Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first company that provides one-stop organizational consulting for corporate law firms and in-house legal departments, as well as agent services in the same field. Established with like-minded Mr. Tetsushi Takimoto (Visiting Associate Professor at Kyoto University) with the desire to contribute to the realization of a highly legalized society by developing and increasing the presence of the legal market. -Consulting Services-
We have received multiple orders for organizational and human resources consulting projects from major international law firms, foreign law firms, and corporate law firms. Utilizing an approach that precisely captures the structure and contradictions of law firms/legal organizations and statistical data analysis, we lead to organizational change. We provide data consulting specialized for law firms/legal organizations, and support everything from formulating organizational visions based on analysis results to proposing and implementing specific measures such as partnerships. He also serves as an advisor on recruitment strategy, vision design and execution for a general trading company, as an advisor on the legal organization of a major foreign company, and as an advisor on legal human resources projects for a major financial institution.
-Agent service-
Supporting career changes for lawyers and legal personnel. Based on our knowledge based on consulting and data analysis, we provide tailored services tailored to each individual’s diverse career and aspirations. In fiscal 2022, approximately 40% of those who consulted with us will successfully change jobs through us (approximately 5 times the human resources industry average of approximately 7.5%). Boasts high matching accuracy. In particular, it has a high share of job changes from the four major law firms and those who change jobs to the five major general trading companies, and its strength is in top-tier job changes (approximately 40% of the total number of experienced lawyers who joined the five major general trading companies in FY2022) Approximately 20% of the lawyers who changed jobs from the Big Four law firms in the same year were introduced by us. In addition, we have a track record of providing career change support to Japan’s leading corporate law firms, major Japanese companies, major foreign companies, famous venture companies, etc.
-Legal Market Research-
Engaged in collecting various data and social scientific statistical analysis that contributes to decision-making by legal personnel and legal organizations. As an example, some of the information published on our website includes surveys of the presence of law firms/legal organizations, calculations of the market value of the lawyers they belong to in the human resources market, surveys of law firms and groups of companies where they can change jobs, and Examples include statistical market analysis such as human flow analysis. In addition, we conduct data analysis based on scientific and domain knowledge in conjunction with consulting services and agent services.

Established: 2018
Representative Director and CEO: Kei Nomura
Business content: Recruitment business specializing in the legal field (permit number 13-U-310398), organizational and personnel consulting business related to the legal field, research business, publishing business, education and training business
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