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Home » Hyundai Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. Hyundai and Hilton Grand Vacations agree to collaborate to propose cross-border ZEV experiences and discover potential customers

Hyundai Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. Hyundai and Hilton Grand Vacations agree to collaborate to propose cross-border ZEV experiences and discover potential customers

Hyundai Mobility Japan Co., Ltd.
Hyundai and Hilton Grand Vacations agree to collaborate to offer cross-border ZEV experiences and discover potential customers ……
・Hyundai’s first cross-border global program
・Considering future expansion in Japan and globally
[Image:×2600.jpg] Hyundai Motor Company (Headquarters: Seocho-ku, Seoul, South Korea; President & CEO: Jang Jae-hoon; hereinafter referred to as Hyundai) and Hilton Grand Vacations (Japan Branch: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Jeffrey Bernier) have recently announced that We basically agreed to collaborate to discover potential customers by proposing a ZEV* experience that goes beyond.
Based on this basic agreement, the two companies will pursue three main initiatives: “proposing premium customer experiences provided by both companies,” “exploring new business opportunities,” and “strengthening sustainable tourism in tourist destinations including Hawaii.” We will select areas of collaboration and move forward with the full-scale development of related collaboration models in each area.
Based on the brand vision of “Progress for Humanity,” Hyundai is putting “people” at the center of new business initiatives.
Furthermore, we believe that advancements in mobility are essential to enriching lives, and we continue to evolve as a mobility company that provides a wide range of mobility services.
Hilton Grand Vacations, a premium vacation ownership and experience company, offers a “life with vacations” that deepen your bonds with your loved ones and enrich your life. We own luxury condominium-style resorts in 200 locations around the world, including Okinawa, Hawaii, and the United States, for one week each year, and offer a new vacation style where you can travel as if you were living there. Hyundai and Hilton Grand Vacations will take on new challenges that leverage the strengths of both companies under their respective brand visions. As a leader in sustainable mobility, Hyundai aims to expand the sustainable EV experience and is exploring ways to make it more borderless and seamless. In this context, the brand vision resonates with Hilton Grand Vacations, which aims to provide new vacation styles and excellent experiences to travelers around the world and propose environmentally friendly and sustainable travel as a leading company in the industry. So, we decided to join hands.
Hyundai Mobility Japan has been running the “Hyundai Mobility Passport” campaign since April of this year, where you can experience Hyundai vehicles at designated locations on Oahu, Hawaii. In an attempt to further strengthen this collaboration with HGV, we plan to expand the program to the “Hyundai Mobility Passport in Kona” starting this summer.
The reason we chose Hawaii as the setting was because, while it is a popular traditional tourist destination, it is highly environmentally conscious and the use of electric vehicles has been increasing in recent years, making it ideal for this program. Through this program, Hyundai hopes to improve customer satisfaction and expand brand recognition by providing EV experiences at travel destinations and making customers’ journeys more enriching and convenient.
In this collaboration, we plan to first develop EV experience programs centered on this program in a format suitable for each region. We will start with a program for customers in Japan, but in the future we plan to expand in appropriate regions given the demand for EVs.
*ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle): A general term for electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) that do not emit exhaust gases such as carbon dioxide while driving.
About Hyundai
Founded in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company operates in more than 200 countries and employs more than 120,000 people, addressing real-world mobility challenges around the world. Guided by its brand vision of “Progress for Humanity,” Hyundai Motor is accelerating its
transformation into a smart mobility solution provider. To enable innovative mobility solutions, Hyundai invests in advanced
technologies such as robotics and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and pursues open innovation to introduce future mobility services. For a sustainable future for the world, Hyundai Motor will continue its efforts to introduce zero-emission vehicles equipped with
industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicle technology. For more information about Hyundai Motor Company and its products, please visit:
About Hilton Grand Vacations
Hilton Grand Vacations, Inc. (NYSE:HGV) is known as a leading company in the timeshare industry. Based in Orlando, Florida, USA, the company plans, develops, sells, and operates timeshare resorts in first-class vacation destinations, as well as operates Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Hilton Club. We currently provide over 700,000 club members with a selection of high-quality resort exchange programs, excursions, and reservation services. In Japan, the business is operated by Hilton Resorts Marketing Corporation (Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: Representative Jeffrey Bernier). For more information, please visit,,, More details about this release: