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Home » Inquiry response AI implementation support service “GMO Immediate Response AI” supports AI chat in multiple languages ​​including English and Chinese GMO Pepabo

Inquiry response AI implementation support service “GMO Immediate Response AI” supports AI chat in multiple languages ​​including English and Chinese GMO Pepabo

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Inquiry response AI implementation support service “GMO Immediate Response AI” supports AI chat in multiple languages ​​including English and Chinese [GMO Pepabo]
Supporting inquiries from cross-border e-commerce and inbound companies ……
An inquiry response AI implementation support service operated by GMO Pepabo, Inc. (President and CEO: Kentaro Sato, hereinafter referred to as GMO Pepabo), a member of the GMO Internet Group, which helps improve productivity in dealing with internal and external customers, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises. “GMO Sokuresu AI” (URL: will be available in multiple languages ​​from July 2, 2024 (Tuesday), and will be available for the top 20 speakers of languages ​​including English and Chinese. You can now choose from over 80 supported languages, including the languages ​​of
As a result, businesses that respond to inquiries from foreigners such as cross-border e-commerce and inbound tourists can reduce response costs and improve the experience of overseas customers by implementing “GMO Immediate Response AI.”
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[Background of multilingual support]
Recently, inbound demand has been reignited, with inbound consumption in 2023 reaching a record high (*1), and the number of foreign visitors to Japan in 2024 exceeding 2019 (*2), before the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, in the area of ​​product sales, the
cross-border e-commerce market is expanding (*3), and as domestic consumption cools down due to rising prices, it has become important to utilize cross-border e-commerce to capture overseas demand. In order to do business overseas or for foreigners, we need human resources with foreign language skills above a certain level, but in recent years there has been a shortage of global human resources, and the cost of securing human resources is considerable. .
“GMO Immediate Response AI” is a one-stop service that provides support from the introduction to operation of conversational AI by combining the inquiry response know-how that GMO Pepabo has cultivated over the years and the expertise in AI implementation. The latest AI customized based on OpenAI’s LLM (Large-Scale Language Model) “GPT-4o”, which is also used in ChatGPT, understands user inquiries and provides answers in natural language according to the context. Is possible. Using the unique verification technology developed by GMO Pepabo, “GMO SokuResponse AI” will now be able to provide more natural and accurate responses to chats, and support the implementation of inquiries in multiple languages. Ta.
As a result, by introducing “GMO Immediate Response AI”, business operators will no longer need to hire specialized personnel and will be able to immediately respond to various inquiries 24 hours a day, regardless of region or time zone. As a result, we can reduce costs, prevent lost sales opportunities, and improve the experience for domestic and international customers.
(*1) March 29, 2024 Japan Tourism Agency “Survey on consumption trends of foreigners visiting Japan” (URL:
(*2) May 15, 2024 Japan National Tourism Organization “Number of foreign visitors to Japan and number of Japanese departing in 2024” (URL: (*3) August 31, 2023 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “FY2020 Digital Transaction Environment Improvement Project (Market Research on Electronic Commerce)” (URL: 08/20230831002/20230831002.html)
[Details of multilingual support]
■Features of multilingual AI chat using “GMO Immediate Response AI” (1) High accuracy
With conventional AI chat, there were concerns about the accuracy of language translation and the likelihood of hallucinations (false responses), so detailed tuning of the AI ​​was required. However, with “GMO SokuResponse AI”, we provide a more natural and accurate AI chat by conducting interviews during the introduction stage and verifying multiple languages ​​using our unique technology and know-how. (2) No need for multilingual learning materials
The only documents and data that can be used to respond to inquiries are Japanese manuals and FAQs, and we are able to respond in multiple languages ​​without having to prepare learning materials in languages ​​other than Japanese.
(3) No option fee required
Since it is supported as a default service, there are no additional charges such as optional fees.
-Example of supported languages-
English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian languages, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Polish, etc.
*For other languages, please contact us.
*The number of languages ​​that can be set is limited.
■Advantages of introducing multilingual AI chat using “GMO Immediate Response AI”
(1) Cost reduction
By simply introducing AI chat with “GMO Immediate Response AI”, you can respond to inquiries in multiple languages, so there is no need to hire specialized personnel. In addition to responding to online inquiries, it is also possible to use AI chat to respond to inquiries about how to use facilities and equipment in offline places such as accommodations and public institutions.
(2) Preventing loss of sales opportunities
Since we can respond to inquiries immediately in multiple languages ​​24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can respond immediately to inquiries from areas with different time zones, day or night, and prevent loss of sales opportunities.
[For businesses interested in introducing AI chat]
If you are a business that is interested in or considering introducing AI chat, please fill out the necessary information at the URL below and apply for a free consultation and request for information on “GMO Immediate Response AI.”
▼Request for materials ▼Free consultation that’s all
[GMO Pepabo, Inc.] (URL:
Company name: GMO Pepabo, Inc. (TSE Standard Market, Securities code: 3633) Address: Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kentaro Sato, President and Representative Director Business details ■Hosting business
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Capital: 262.22 million yen
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