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freee Card Unlimited, link receipts attached to emails to card usage details

freee Card Unlimited, link receipts attached to emails to card usage details Started providing “receipt email receiving function”
Free Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daisuke Sasaki) offers a “receipt email receipt function” for freee Card Unlimited that allows you to link receipts sent to the email address issued for each card with card usage details. We have started offering.
■Improve work efficiency by linking card usage details received via email
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Previously, receipts received by email had to be downloaded to a PC and then uploaded to freee accounting, making it time-consuming to link them to credit card details. With this new “receipt email receipt function,” it is possible to link the receipt that is sent to the email address specified for each card to the card usage statement. An email address is issued for each card, and by specifying that email address as the receipt destination for online transactions such as SaaS and advertising, you can directly check and link receipts from the usage details menu on the card management screen. It will look like this. ■“Integration flow” points regarding freee Card Unlimited’s “receipt email receipt function”
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Improved communication flow When collecting receipts when using conventional corporate card online payments, the on-site person in charge receives an email with the receipt attached, and in many cases the accountant does not receive the email. Accounting personnel had to communicate with on-site personnel to confirm that receipts had been received each time. With the new Freee Card Unlimited’s “receipt email receipt function,” you can check the contents of the email you received and the attached receipt on the Freee Card Unlimited management screen and link it to your card details. This eliminates the need to check with on-site staff to see if receipts have been received and to request their submission, streamlining communication. *”Integrated flow” refers to the foundation for developing freee’s products, and is a general term for the framework that combines the design concepts that have been continued since the company’s founding. Please see below for details. ■Free Co., Ltd. Company Profile Company Name: Free Co., Ltd. Representative: CEO Daisuke Sasaki Date of Establishment: July 9, 2012 Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 1-2-2 Osaki Art Village Osaki Central Tower 21F back office knowledge useful for everyone from managers to staff- /-List of latest job openings at Free Co., Ltd.-: is an integrated company that allows anyone to run their business freely, with the mission of “making small businesses the leading players in the world.” We will realize a type management platform. As a SaaS cloud service originating from Japan, we will continue to provide “serious value” by building an open platform by collaborating with partners and financial institutions.
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