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Daiwabo Information System launches satellite broadband internet service “Starlink Business”

Daiwabo Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Daiwabo Information System launches satellite broadband internet service “Starlink Business”
Daiwabo Information Systems Co., Ltd. (DIS) has teamed up with KDDI Corporation (KDDI) to develop a high-speed, low-latency satellite broadband service that utilizes Starlink, a low-orbit satellite from American aerospace manufacturer SpaceX. Start handling.
[Image:×120.jpg] The reason behind starting to handle “Starlink Business” is to not only provide a general wide network area, but also to support companies and local governments in responding to their BCP, and to build and develop communication environments in emergencies such as natural disasters. We had a strong desire to solve issues such as improving the communications environment that supports the front lines, and improving the communications environment in remote areas and at sea where normal radio waves cannot reach. Satellite
communication services are an effective solution for these situations. Specifically, by using “Starlink Business,” which utilizes the low-orbit satellite “Starlink,” communication becomes possible even in environments where communication was not possible before. It is expected to be used in a variety of fields, including use in mountainous areas with poor communication environments and as a backup line in the event of a disaster.
Starlink Business is a satellite broadband Internet service that provides high-speed, low-latency communications and provides highly reliable Internet connections for businesses.
☆Features of Starlink Business service☆
Realizes high-speed, low-latency communication
Connect to the Internet even in places where there is no communication environment
Securing means of communication in the event of a disaster
“Starlink Business” offers three plans: “Business Fixed Plan,” “Business Relocation Plan,” and “Maritime Plan” in order to meet the diverse needs of users.
In addition, DIS mobile has created its own annual package and has developed a provision style that allows users to purchase
communication costs in one lump sum for the year, allowing users to choose the purchasing method that suits their business style. DIS has a community-based sales system with a sales network that spans all over Japan, and through our sales partners, we deliver services to companies, local governments, and users across the country in need. About Daiwabo Information System
As one of Japan’s largest distributors supporting IT distribution, DIS supplies IT-related products purchased from approximately 1,400 domestic and overseas manufacturers and suppliers to end users nationwide through approximately 19,000 domestic sales partners. We are delivering it. We have built a locally-based sales system with 96 sales offices nationwide, and as a “visible distributor,” we are able to respond to the diverse needs of our customers.
In addition, DIS mobile, the company’s MVNO business, is currently celebrating its 15th year since handling DIS mobile WiMAX. We will continue to contribute to the development of IT equipment and communication services.
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