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Home » Nulab exhibits at “Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer”

Nulab exhibits at “Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer”

Nulab exhibits at “Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer”

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Press release: July 2, 2024
Nulab exhibits at “Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer”
*We plan to introduce usage examples in human resources, labor affairs, and accounting*
Nulab Co., Ltd. provides the project/task management tool “Backlog
Image of the demonstration on the day

* ■Comment from Oyakawa, Exhibitor Marketing Department*
Marketing Department Marketing Operations Division Ayako Oyakawa “Backlog” is often viewed as a tool for developers, but it is also a service that fits well in organizing back-office tasks performed by people such as human resources, general affairs, and accounting. At Nulab, the entire company, including the management department, uses Backlog to collaborate. Examples of applications are various, such as “entering and leaving procedures” carried out by human resources, “requests for document issuance” sent to labor affairs, and “ordering equipment for each base” handled by general affairs. I hope that by meeting many people and getting to know “Backlog,” I will be able to support everyone in the back office so that they can “enjoy working.”

* ■ Exhibition overview *
– Event name: Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer
– Date and time: June 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 09:30~18:00 / June 24, 2024 (Wednesday) 09:30~16:00
– Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
– Sponsor: Boutiques Co., Ltd.
– Official website: **

– Nulab booth location: Work style reform and health management exhibition area “5-50”
– Booth visit reservation: “Backlog” booth visit reservation page on the Back Office DXPO Tokyo ‘24 Summer site
Please make a reservation from

* ■ About the project management tool “Backlog” *
* ・Backlog service page: * **

“Backlog” is a project management and task management tool that has three strengths.
1. Friendly design and operability that can be used regardless of industry or type of business
2. Not only task management, but also rich functions such as Wiki, Git, Gantt chart, etc. all in one
3. Unlimited number of participants, so you can invite team members without worrying about price
Since its release in 2005, it has helped many teams collaborate. Currently, cloud version /
We offer two types of on-premise versions and are used by more than 1.2 million users worldwide.
For introduction examples, see “List of articles for introduction examples “Backlog”
Please check from

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