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Home » Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Provides a “learning place” that fosters children’s work outlook Held at “Dormy Inn Ikebukuro” for junior high school students

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. Provides a “learning place” that fosters children’s work outlook Held at “Dormy Inn Ikebukuro” for junior high school students

[Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.] Provides a “learning place” that fosters children’s work outlook Held at “Dormy Inn Ikebukuro” for junior high school students

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Press release: July 2, 2024
Held for junior high school students at Dormy Inn Ikebukuro, providing a “place of learning” that fosters children’s work outlook
*- Dormy Inn’s work experience program “DOMINISTA CHALLENGE” -*

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kyoritsu Maintenance / President: Koji Nakamura / Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which operates the business hotel “Dormy Inn”, is offering “Dormy A “work experience program” will be held at Inn Ikebukuro from July 9th (Tuesday) to July 10th (Wednesday), 2024.

Front desk reception (image)
Preparation before opening of the public bath (image)

* [What is the work experience program] *

Since 2019, Dormy Inn has been providing a “place of learning” for junior high and high school students through work experience, such as lectures and working at the front desk and checking guest rooms, in order to foster a career outlook in the hotel industry. During the program, participants will learn about the duties and roles of each department, how to make their guests’ stay comfortable, and experience the fun and thrill of working at a hotel.

This time, we decided to implement the program after receiving an inquiry from Itabashi Ward Kami-Itabashi Daini Junior High School about accepting work experience at Dormy Inn Ikebukuro. Through work experience, we will strive to help students develop a sense of work, and we will also work to develop human resources who will be responsible for the development of Japan’s tourism industry.

* *Information about “DOMINISTA CHALLENGE”: *

* 【Implementation content】*
Objective: Acquire the attitude and knowledge necessary for work, and deepen your thinking about career choices
Implementation date and time: July 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 10:00-15:00 / July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) 9:45-15:00
Lecture: Occupational explanation (about the industry, the fun and charm of working at a hotel, the role of each department)
On-site experience: 1. Front desk reception/Learn hotel etiquette and customer service experience
2. Facility management/Checking guest rooms and preparing for the opening of the public bath
     3.Other/Breakfast experience

* [Comment from a student at Itabashi Ward Kamiitabashi Second Junior High School] *

I requested work experience at Dormy Inn because I was interested in what kind of jobs are available at hotels. When I looked at the website, I was impressed with the customer service at Dormy Inn, so I wanted to try it out myself. I will do my best to do what I can.

* [Comment from Dormy Inn Ikebukuro Deputy Manager Kim Seung-hyun] *

Based on the “customer first” philosophy, Dormy Inn staff never say “no” to customer requests, but rather strive to solve problems and come up with alternative solutions. I think this mindset of not giving up easily is important in life as well.

Dormy Inn’s unique services, such as the large public bath, breakfast, and soba noodles that are enjoyed by many guests, were born from these thoughts. We hope that this work experience will be a good experience for the participating students as they come into contact with our ideas.

* [Future outlook] *

At Dormy Inn, through the activities of the “Work Experience Program”, we are achieving the goals advocated in SDGs 4. We will promote “high-quality education for everyone” and work to play a role in nurturing students’ vocational outlook.

* -What is Dormy Inn-*

A business hotel chain that offers a “home-like relaxation” and comfort based on know-how in the dormitory business. Based on the concept of “a comfortable, simple hotel to live in,” we offer standard business hotels and Japanese-style premium brand “Onjuku.” Develops brands such as Nono. We have a total of 96 locations, 95 in Japan and 1 overseas.

* -What is Kyoritsu Maintenance-*
Kyoritsu Maintenance was established in 1979 and began its business by providing corporate catering services.
Since then, based on the spirit of “human maintenance,” we have developed a dormitory business that operates Dormy student dormitories and company dormitories, a hotel business that operates Dormy Inn business hotels and Kyoritsu Resort resort hotels, and Dormy housing for the elderly. We are developing a senior life business that operates “Senior”. We will contribute to the development of society through food, shelter, and healing services.
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