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Adire Law Office starts accepting LINE consultation reservations for overtime claims

Adire Law Office
Adire Law Office starts accepting LINE consultation reservations for overtime claims
Adire Law Office (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, representative attorney: Atsumi Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as “Adire”*) has started accepting reservations via LINE for legal consultation regarding overtime claims.
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Among labor-related legal issues, cases that are particularly frequently consulted are “claims for unpaid overtime wages” and “retirement agency”.
At Adire, we have been accepting reservations via LINE for
consultation regarding retirement representation, and the service has been well received since its introduction.
Even if you are busy with your daily work, we would like you to feel free to consider legal consultation with an attorney. With this in mind, Adire has decided to accept reservations via LINE for
consultations regarding overtime billing.
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If you add Adire’s LINE account as a friend, you can make a
reservation for legal consultation with a lawyer just by communicating through chat or a form, just like you would make a reservation at a restaurant or beauty salon.
Additionally, legal consultations are provided over the phone, so there is no need for you to visit our office.
For more information, please check Adire Law Office’s dedicated website for overtime pay claims and retirement representation. Overtime billing/retirement agency website: At Adire, we will continue to create a system that makes it easy for everyone to consult and make requests, in order to realize our firm’s philosophy of becoming a “nearby law firm.”
■About Adire Law Office
Debt consolidation, traffic accident damage, marital problems/gender troubles, overtime pay claims/retirement agency, hepatitis B benefit claims, asbestos health damage benefits/compensation claims, wills/inheritance, Internet rights. We are a law firm that resolves legal issues such as infringement. Based on the philosophy of “bringing lawyers closer to you,” we have established roots in each region as a “cost guarantee office” that eliminates the need to worry about money when hiring a lawyer. We are compatible.
Representative attorney Atsumi Suzuki (belongs to Aichi Prefecture Bar Association).
AdIre Law Office (affiliated with Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association) Official website:
Official X (old Twitter):
Official YouTube:
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