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Home » Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. Optimus Primal polystone statue from the movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beas t” is now available for pre-order

Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. Optimus Primal polystone statue from the movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beas t” is now available for pre-order

Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
Optimus Primal polystone statue from the movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beast” is now available for pre-order
PRIME 1 STATUE is a high-end brand from Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. In the Museum Masterline, we have released a polystone statue of Optimus Primal, who appears in the movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beast.” Reservations start today, July 2nd. Product release is scheduled for September to December 2025.
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[Image 1:×630.jpg] From the 7th live-action movie “Transformers: Awakening of the Beast” to be released in 2023, Optimus Primal will be dispatched to the Museum Master Line!
[Image 2:×1061.jpg] The leader of the Maximals who fight to protect all life, this is a figure that embodies his charm in robot mode.
[Image 3:×1061.jpg] A line of sight that is illuminated by LED light directed toward the front.
[Image 4:×1061.jpg] The upper body is greatly pumped up, and the cyber blades in both hands are sharply curved.
[Image 5:×1061.jpg] The design is a fusion of inorganic and organic elements, and is precisely expressed in a battle-ready pose that conveys an unyielding determination.
[Image 6:×1500.jpg] The metal armor and internal structure are dull gunmetal with weathering to give it a rugged impression.
[Image 7:×1061.jpg] The fur that caught the eye in the movie is made of wild synthetic hair.
[Image 8:×1061.jpg] The parts that can be said to be the symbol of the beast are realistically finished.
[Image 9:×1500.jpg] And for the Ultimate Bonus version, which is limited to 350 figures worldwide, we have prepared a special base featuring Beast Mode.
[Image 10:×1061.jpg] In addition to the two types of heads, each part also has a built-in LED light-emitting gimmick.
[Image 11:×1061.jpg] The battle at the beginning of the movie, where Scorponok is defeated, is recreated.
[Image 12:×1061.jpg] Also included is a head part with built-in LED that shows the mouth open to change the expression in robot mode.
[Image 13:×1061.jpg] Enjoy both modes in a variety of combinations.
[Image 14: &s3=61479-340-340- E331a965DE4D6970532D188A47 f7e9d81-1500X1060.jpg] Furthermore, the huge twin-edged cyber blade and right palm are purchase benefits exclusive to this version.
[Image 15:×1061.jpg] “Rhinox Cheetah transform (maximize)!” The climax scene unfolds before your eyes as you rush towards the enemy with your friends.
[Image 16:×1061.jpg] Painting, modeling, gimmicks. Optimus Primal was created without giving up on anything. Be sure to add this wild and brave figure to your collection!
[Image 17:×1060.jpg] ◆Product page◆ [Note] – The photo is a product sample. There is a case where the actual product may differ. ・Actual colors may look different depending on your monitor. -Delivery will be made as soon as preparations are complete, but due to production schedules, the shipping date may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding before purchasing. Product Summary
Museum Masterline Transformers/Awakening of the Beast Optimus Primal Ultimate Bonus Edition
*This Ultimate Bonus version will be available in Japan at the Prime 1 Studio Online Store.
Product price: ¥392,590 (tax included)
Release date: September to December 2025 Sales quantity: 350 series: Transformers/Beast Awakening Format: Museum Masterline Size: Non Scale Height: 90cm Width: 61cm Depth: 51cm
Height: 96cm Width: 61cm Depth: 66cm (equipped with double-edged Cyber ​​Blade) Weight: 32.2 kg Material: Polystone (some parts use different materials) Rights notation:
(C) 2024 TOMY. (C) 2023 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. (TM) & (R) denote Japan Trademarks. Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd. For sale in Japan only. “Transformers” “TRANSFORMERS” is a registered trademark of Takara Tomy Co., Ltd.
[Image 18:×1500.jpg] Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd.
[Image 19:×468.png ]
Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd. is a company that conveys the appeal of character content through a variety of products. We produce and sell figures, apparel, and goods, including the world’s best character statue “PRIME 1 STATUE”.
・Location: 6-36-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: Rie Matsumoto ・Official site:
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