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Home » Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Rivals are “Miyaneya” and “Gogosuma”!? Tutorial Fukuda is enthusiastic! BS Yoshimoto new information program “Transmission Live Jimoto no Chikara! “start

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Rivals are “Miyaneya” and “Gogosuma”!? Tutorial Fukuda is enthusiastic! BS Yoshimoto new information program “Transmission Live Jimoto no Chikara! “start

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Rivals are “Miyaneya” and “Gogosuma”!? Tutorial Fukuda is
enthusiastic! BS Yoshimoto new information program “Transmission Live Jimoto no Chikara! “start
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BS Yoshimoto’s new information program “Creation Live Jimoto no Chikara! ” (Monday to Thursday 13:00 to 16:00) started on July 1st (Monday)! This program is a 3-hour live broadcast on weekday afternoons that fully delivers the charm of “Jimoto” from all over Japan. “Residing entertainers” from 47 prefectures passionately report information on recommended local spots, gourmet food, events, etc. A press conference was held before the first broadcast, where regular Tutorialist Mitsunori Fukuda and others talked about the appeal of the program.
I want to go to a local location with everyone!
[Image 2: &s3=29501-3259D6A783B0B0B0B0B17FE6282761FA 2942347C-1800X1200.jpg] The program introduces recommended information not only from Japan but also from Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. Furthermore, we will invite popular guests to the studio and dig deeper into “Jimoto’s story”, “what gives him power”, and his friendships. At the press conference, regular performers Tutorial Fukuda, who was in charge of Mondays, Kazuyuki Sakuma, who was in charge of Tuesdays, Yana Gibson of The Plan 9 who was in charge of Wednesdays, broadcast from Osaka, and Kanoko Nishikawa, who was in charge of Thursdays, appeared at the press conference. The host was CRAZY COCO, who is the sub-MC on Mondays and Tuesdays.
At the beginning, when asked about his enthusiasm, Fukuda drew laughter by saying the following.
“I think the strength of the program is that the comedians who live there interview local people in each prefecture, so we can dig deeper into things that are otherwise unknown.We will deliver that
information to everyone, I also want it to be fun and full of laughter.I think our competitors are “Jouho Live Miyaneya” (Nippon TV) and “Gogosuma” (TBS) (which air on terrestrial TV at the same time). I’m thinking of eating it!”
When asked what he would like to do on the program in the future, Fukuda said, “I would like to go on location filming with all the members in the first and second half of the year.” When everyone said, “That’s great!”, he emphasized, “We’ll go early, but of course we won’t have any weird drinking parties the day before!” The program’s original sticker is Sakuma’s dream
[Image 3:×1200.jpg] Sakuma, who is in charge of Tuesdays, decided to wear glasses for the first time in order to work on the program.
“I sometimes travel to various places to do sales, and I really like the “local feel,” so I’m really happy to be a part of a program like this.Also, my eyesight has been getting worse lately… I bought glasses for the first time at the age of 46 because I often watch live broadcasts and competitions.
Sakuma’s ambition is to create “program stickers” that can be handed out at filming locations. “It’s my dream!” she said with sparkling eyes.
Yana Gibson “Knows the secret side of government”!?
[Image 4:×1200.jpg ]
Wednesday regular Yana Gibson is already becoming the program’s “dark person.” “I live in a place called Ibaraki City in Osaka Prefecture, and I work as a tourism ambassador there.I have a very close relationship with the local government and government officials…”, he said, “That’s not the right way to say it. ” Tsukkomi said.
He continued by commenting, “I go out for drinks with people from the Junior Chamber of Commerce and other influential people, so I know a lot about the events that the local government is doing.And I even know what’s going on behind the scenes!” which drew laughter. When asked about the special feature of Wednesdays, he answered, “I’m planning on complaining as much as I can on Mondays and Tuesdays (when Tokyo-gumi comedians will be in charge)! I want to say things like “Wednesdays are the best”.” And this is another disturbing comment. A frightened voice from Sakuma said, “Wednesday is scary!” An unexpected mogul appears! ?
Kiyoshi Nishikawa’s daughter Kanoko will be in charge of Thursdays. He talks about his enthusiasm for the program.
“I was born in Minoh City, Osaka, and grew up in Minoh. I’ve been to Tokyo and overseas, but I love Minoh the most.I think everyone from all over the country loves their hometown too. “I would like this program to convey and educate people that “people’s hometowns are also extremely attractive.”
Furthermore, there is even an unexpected preview!
“My father usually appears in the theater one week out of the month, so there’s a possibility that he might miraculously appear on a Thursday somewhere, so it could be a bit of a noisy day of the week. I hope you will give me a break, but I think I have the energy!” Also at the press conference was the new program “Tsumami wa Benishoga Danshi~!”, in which Benishoga (Kumamoto Pro-Wrestling, Miki Inada) will be the MC. I’m going to have a drink at home, so come over! ” will be broadcast regularly, and a revival of “Nobaku TV,” the program that can be said to be the origin of Wild Bombs (Kukki!, Rossy), has also been announced.
[Program information] Transmission Live Jimoto no Chikara!
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Broadcast channel: BS Yoshimoto (BS265ch)
Broadcast date and time: Broadcast starts on Monday, July 1st! Every Monday-Thursday 13:00-16:00 (live broadcast)
Performers (MC on days of the week):
●Monday [Tokyo] MC: Mitsunori Fukuda (tutorial) Sub MC: CRAZY COCO ●Tuesday [Tokyo] MC: Kazuyuki Sakuma Sub-MC: CRAZY COCO
●Wednesday [Osaka] MC: Yana Gibson Sub-MC: Yamata
●Thursday [Osaka] MC: Kanoko Nishikawa Sub-MC: Moriyasu Bambam Bigaro Viewing broadcast:
[TV] BS265ch (free broadcast)
[Smartphone/PC] (free distribution) Program HP:
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