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Aeon Co., Ltd. Top Valu “32 carefully selected items” price reduction

Aeon Co., Ltd.
Topvalu “32 carefully selected items” price reduction
Implemented at approximately 10,000 stores nationwide from July 3rd (Wednesday) ……
From July 3rd (Wednesday), Aeon will reduce the prices of 32 items*1 of Aeon’s private brand “Top Valu” at approximately 10,000 stores nationwide, including “Aeon”, “Aeon Style”, and “Max Valu”. A total of 120 items have had their prices revised since last year.
[Image 1:×424.jpg] Amid predictions that it will be extremely hot this summer, household consumption expenditure*2 increased for the first time in 1 year and 2 months, but the trend continues to be to reduce spending on food due to rising prices. In order to respond to this growing desire to save money, we are reducing the prices of 32 carefully selected items, focusing on products that can be used in summer lifestyle situations. Aeon believes that our social mission is to provide the products our customers need at bargain prices and contribute to enriching their lives. By making the most of the scale of our group and building a supply chain that leverages our unique network, we will continue to provide products with affordable prices and quality that will satisfy your needs.
[Image 2:×579.jpg] *1: Other applicable products will be announced at the store. Product handling varies depending on the store.
*2: Based on the year-on-year change rate for households with two or more people in the April 2024 Family Income and Expenditure Survey Report by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. *3: Prices including tax will be rounded down to the nearest whole number if purchased individually.
*4: This is the Aeon Group’s standard retail price. Sales prices may vary depending on the store name and store.
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