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Seibu Co., Ltd./Prince Hotels Worldwide Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima “Wedding Island Motoujina” held

[Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide]
[Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima] – First collaboration in Hiroshima! 4-venue tour – “Wedding Island Motoujina” held

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Press release: July 2, 2024
[Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima] – First collaboration in Hiroshima! 4-venue tour – “Wedding Island Motoujina” held
*Joint bridal fair at 4 facilities of “Moto Ujina”*
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, an urban resort surrounded by the sky and the sea (Location: 23-1 Motoujina-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, General Manager: Haruo Hirase) is located at Share Co., Ltd.
“South Harbor Resort”, “Le Mercier Moto-Ujina” and “Liberia Co., Ltd.” (Location: 25-5 Moto-Ujina-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, President and CEO: Shigeki Yamamoto) are operating “Seaside Garden House”.
In collaboration with the three facilities of “Liberia”, we will hold a joint bridal fair “Wedding Island Motoujina” on Sunday, July 28, 2024, where the four facilities will tour each facility.

In recent years, in the bridal industry, the number of weddings has been decreasing significantly due to the declining population, declining birthrate and aging population, which is causing a decline in the number of people getting married, an increase in the number of unmarried women, and an economic recession. Additionally, due to the diversification of values, an increasing number of couples are choosing to focus on their own individuality, regardless of the traditional wedding format.
Through this joint bridal fair, we offer an opportunity for you to discover the “ideal wedding” that is uniquely yours by experiencing each facility with its own unique features, even though they are located in the same resort space facing the Seto Inland Sea. We will do it for you.
“motto Moto Ujina” image logo mark
■Special project “motto Moto Ujina” formed by four facilities participating in the joint fair
Four facilities in Moto-Ujina Town, which marks the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the town’s name, have established a
cooperative system to differentiate Moto-Ujina from other areas and to make Moto-Ujina recognized as a “wedding island.” did.
Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
The South Harbor Resort
Le Mercier Moto Ujina
Seaside garden house Liberia

– * ■Overview of 4-facility joint bridal fair “Wedding Island Motoujina”* [Date] July 28, 2024 (Sunday)
[Time] Part 1: 9:00A.M.-1:45P.M. (Reception: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima) Part 2 Scheduled from 11:30A.M. to 4:45P.M. (Reception: Seaside Garden House Liberia)
[Contents] 4 facilities, 1 hour tour each (limited to 5 groups per department) ■Part 1: Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima ⇒ Le Mercier Motoujina ⇒ The South Harbor Resort ⇒ Riveria
■Part 2: Liberia ⇒ The South Harbor Resort ⇒ Le Mercier Motoujina ⇒ Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

– * ■Recommended points of “Wedding Island Motoujina”*
* [You can efficiently tour 4 facilities in half a day! 】*
There are a variety of types and styles, including hotel weddings and guesthouse weddings.
Normally, it would be difficult to tour four facilities in half a day, but this is a fair where you can easily see the atmosphere of the venue you are interested in.
You can efficiently tour and find your desired style.

* [Attractive benefits of each of the four facilities] *
At each facility, we will prepare small tastings that take advantage of the characteristics of each facility.
・Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima…Hotel made bread assortment
・Remercier Moto Ujina…Freshly grilled beef steak & original drink ・The South Harbor Resort…Very popular for wedding receptions! Konbu-jime sea bream chazuke
・Seaside Garden House Riberia…Chef’s special pintxos buffet
Hotel made bread assortment (image)
Konbujime Tai Chazuke (image)
Teppanyaki fresh beef steak (image)
Chef’s special pinchos buffet (image)
* [Fun stamp rally] *
“Wedding Island Moto-Ujina” stamp rally will be held.
If you get a stamp at each facility and complete all 4 facilities, you will receive a souvenir from each facility. This is a rare item that you can only get at this timing as some items are not for sale. ・Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima…Hotel original my bottle
・Remercier Moto Ujina…Original stationery
・The South Harbor Resort…Original tote bag
・Seaside Garden House Riberia…Bride Handkerchief
Hotel original my bottle (image)
Original tote bag (image)
Original stationery (image)
Bride handkerchief (image)
Reservations can be made from the fair’s special website.

*Customers are responsible for moving between facilities (parking lots are available at each facility).
*The tour time for each facility is approximately 1 hour.
*Limited to 5 groups per division. Please note that if seats are full, a lottery will be held.
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