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Home » Momodani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. The secret behind the birth of Japan’s first lotion formulated using Western medicine is released to the public in a post-recorded manga video by employees

Momodani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. The secret behind the birth of Japan’s first lotion formulated using Western medicine is released to the public in a post-recorded manga video by employees

Momodani Juntenkan Co., Ltd.
The secret story behind the creation of “Japan’s first” Western medicine prescription lotion is released to the public in a dubbing manga video by employees.
Communicating chemical heritage and improving engagement
Founded 139 years ago, Momodani Juntenkan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President and CEO: Seiichiro Momodani) has continued to pursue beauty and health. Today, July 2, 2024, the story of the creation of “Acne Remover Facial Water”, a lotion developed by the company and certified as a “Chemical Heritage Site by the Chemical Society of Japan” in 2019, has been made into a manga video with dubbing by our company’s executives and employees. It was opened to the public on Tuesday. This is a project to improve employee engagement in conjunction with July 7th (Sunday), Engagement Day.
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Dubbing by employees and part of the video
[Background of this case]
July 7th of each year is designated as “Engagement Day” by the Engagement Project, in honor of Tanabata, “a day once a year to remember, communicate, wish, and repeat the bond with loved ones.” It has been.
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To date, our company has implemented a variety of initiatives, including Family Day, Creative Every Day, and networking events between the president and young employees, so that employees can work with enthusiasm and pride in the company and their work. This year, marking the 139th anniversary of our founding, our executives and employees have created a manga that tells the story of the origins of our company and the birth of our acne remover facial water, a lotion that has been certified as a chemical heritage site by the Chemical Society of Japan. It was released to the public as a dubbing video by. -Video URL-
[Production process]
[Image 3:×1631.jpg] This event was planned to improve employee engagement by promoting exchanges between departments, learning about the history of our products, which are also part of our chemical heritage, and expressing them in our own voices.
Performers are recruited internally, and casting is determined through auditions.
We performed in-house dubbing and editing based on the manga “Momodani Juntenkan Monogatari – Mikao Mizuhen”.
The video was produced by a total of 12 employees, and our president and representative director, Seiichiro Momodani, also makes an audio appearance.
[Video synopsis]
The predecessor of Momotani Juntenkan was “Masokiya”, a medicine business, and its origins date back to the Keicho era approximately 400 years ago. At that time, the Momodani family was living in Kokawa (currently Konakawa, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture), gained the friendship of the Kishu Tokugawa family, one of the three Tokugawa families, served as the head of the village for generations, and made a living as a drug dealer. We have continued to help people. A major turning point for Masakiya came with the Meiji Restoration. Due to the abolition of feudal domains and establishment of
prefectures, the Kishu Tokugawa family, which the Momotani family had served as drug dealers, also moved to Tokyo.
Masajiro Momotani, the founder of Momodani Juntenkan, was born as the 11th generation of Masakiya.In his youth, he studied at Takezan School, Haruta Juku, and Tomari Shoin, and later became the first pharmacist in Wakayama Prefecture. qualification and take over the family business.
While researching drugs as a drug dealer, he created “Acne Remover Facial Water” to cure his wife’s acne.
Later, Momodani Juntenkan was founded, and this became the opportunity for a new start in the cosmetics manufacturing industry.
Our DNA of wanting to help people has been passed down for about 400 years and is our driving force.
■Momodani Juntenkan Co., Ltd.
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[Overview] The Momotani Juntenkan Group was founded in 1885 (Meiji 18) by the founder, who inherited a pharmaceutical industry that had been in business for about 400 years, and started a new cosmetics manufacturing business with the creation of “Beautiful Face Water” for his wife who was suffering from acne. is a cosmetics manufacturer that has been pursuing beauty and health for the past 138 years. We operate as a group consisting of four companies with the purpose of “Creating a beautiful future for people and the earth ~For Beauty and Well-being~.”
We continue our corporate activities with the aim of becoming a corporate group that comprehensively provides “beauty” both
domestically and internationally by further evolving the technological and quality capabilities that we have cultivated over our long history.
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