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ZitzGen “Seminar on survival strategies for mobile phone sales agents in the age of wholesale shakeout of ag ents”

“Seminar on survival strategies for mobile phone distributors in the era of wholesale shakeout of distributors”
An era of unprecedented agency shakeout. A thorough explanation of how to survive and win to improve operating profits and career evaluations using “100% proven success stories” instead of theories. Held sequentially over 3 days from August 6th at the online venue ……
ZitzGen Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: jitsugen, location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Daiki Yoshimoto) is conducting a wholesale weeding out of representatives and executives of mobile phone sales agencies that operate au, docomo, and Softbank shops. We will hold a “Explanation Seminar on Survival Strategies in the Age of Massive Weeding Out of Agents for Cellphone Sales Agents” that will thoroughly explain the surefire ways to survive in this era. The event will be held on August 6th (Tuesday), August 8th (Thursday), and August 21st (Wednesday), 2024.
*The content is the same for all dates.
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[Seminar on survival strategies for mobile phone sales agents in the age of a big shakeout of agents] “[Seminar on survival strategies for mobile phone sales agents in the age of a big shakeout of agents]” held at■ Background/Seminar Overview Currently, there is a fierce competition among distributors to survive in the mobile sales industry. In fact, 70% of agencies have withdrawn in the last 10 years. Competition is expected to intensify in the future, and in 10 years, only 30% of today’s agencies may remain. We are currently in an era of unprecedented agency shakeout. We are entering an age where the difference is whether the business will survive or whether it will be withdrawn.

So why did we live in such an era, and is there anything we can do about it? That’s not true. Mobile sales agencies are a business with a special profit structure. If you don’t manage your business with the right tips, you run the risk of deteriorating your business
performance quickly. That’s why I want as many agencies as possible to know the right strategies and survive. With this in mind, we have decided to hold this year’s “Seminar on Survival Strategies for Cellphone Sales Agents in the Age of Massive Deletion of Agents.”

In this seminar, we will explain current trends such as “What will happen to the industry in the future?”, “Business strategies to increase career indicators and achieve operating profit margins of over 10%,” “Organizational strategies with execution and
thoroughness,” and “Good people.” You can easily and efficiently absorb comprehensive management know-how on “human resources strategies that help people recruit, develop, and thrive.”

This is a sure-fire way to win, with thorough explanations based on 100% proven examples, not theories. The next event has not yet been decided, so please be sure to participate and seize the opportunity to be reborn so you don’t miss out on this super special 4 hours. ■Seminar results: Our company has held numerous seminars aimed at improving business performance for managers and executives of small and medium-sized enterprises. To date, over 700 business owners and executives have participated, and the satisfaction rate based on survey responses has exceeded 95%. And this time, we have decided to hold a “Seminar on Survival Strategies for Mobile Sales Agents in the Age of Massive Dealer Throwout” exclusively for managers and executives who operate mobile phone sales agencies.
“Operating income has recovered by 100 million yen.”
“We were able to get out of the red.”
“I’m now able to get the best indicators of my career.”
All of the know-how we introduce has been proven. There is an actual agency that has used this know-how to become the best in Japan in terms of productivity and operational quality. This is a seminar that we are proud of, boasting industry-leading performance improvement. -If you are a manager of a mobile phone sales agency who would like to know more about this, please be sure to attend–Explanation of the income and expenditure structure with an operating profit margin of over 10%-What kind of organizational structure does it have? ・How to create an event promotion plan to obtain a large amount of MNP at a low price・How to do it・Shikumi to improve your proposal skills・How to develop managers・What kind of evaluation reward system is in place・Mass applications What is the mechanism for collecting ■Event overview Event time: 13:00-17:00 (Registration starts: 12:30-) Participation fee: 9,800 yen excluding tax/1 person (10,780 yen including tax)
*Limited to managers and executives who operate mobile sales agencies Capacity: Limited to the first 30 people Application: Date: [1st] Online August 2024 6th (Tuesday) 13:00-17:00 (Application deadline: August 5th (Monday)) [2nd] Online August 8th, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00-17:00 (Application deadline: August 7th (Wednesday)) [3rd] Online August 21st, 2024 (Wednesday) 13:00-17:00 (Application deadline: August 20th (Tuesday)) Participants: Mobile sales agents Limited to operating managers and executives Method of event: Held via Zoom *The event may be canceled due to various circumstances, such as if the minimum number of participants is not met. In addition, if you are judged to be unsuitable for the seminar, you may not be able to attend the seminar. Please note. ■Instructor ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Executive Officer Daiki Yoshimoto Co., Ltd. ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Associate Mari Yagi ■Schedule [1st course] Explanation of current trends Course theme: “The most intense era of survival competition in the history of the industry!” [2nd course] Business strategy Commentary Course Theme: “What is the strategy to increase career indicators and increase operating profit over 8%?” [3rd course] Explanation of organizational strategy Course Theme: “Lack of ‘ability to execute and thoroughness’ means there is a hole in the
organizational strategy.” ” [Lecture 4] Explanation of Human Resources Strategy Course Theme: “If you recruit, develop, and reward good human resources, your organization will grow.” ■Company Overview Trade Name: ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Daiki Yoshimoto Location: PORT ONE Kayabacho 6F, 5-15 Hakozakicho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0015 Established: January 2019 Business content: Management consulting Capital: 90 million yen URL: [This seminar Inquiries] ZitzGen Co., Ltd. Department: Mobile Shop Consulting Team Person in charge: Mari Yagi (Hiromichi Yagi) TEL: 03-6663-9906
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