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Home » Information Services Industry Association (JISA) 40th Anniversary “ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024” will be hel d in Tokyo in November

Information Services Industry Association (JISA) 40th Anniversary “ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024” will be hel d in Tokyo in November

[40th Anniversary] “ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024” will be held in Tokyo in November
~Industry leaders, experts, and policy makers at the forefront of digital transformation (DX) in the Asia-Oceania region gather in Tokyo~
Information Services Industries Association (JISA) and Asia-Oceania Computer Industry Organization (ASO)
CIO) will hold the “ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024” this year, which marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of both organizations. “ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024” will be held at the ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo from November 6th (Wednesday) to November 8th (Friday), 2024, and will be held at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo. This is a major event that brings together leaders, experts, and policy makers.
Under the theme of “Digital Asia – Global sharing of Digital skills,” this summit will explore the future of the digital economy, innovative technology trends such as generative AI, and the global sharing of digital skills, and will feature various keynote speeches, Panel discussions and networking will be held.
We welcome participants from a variety of fields, including domestic and international companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and startups. Registration for participation will begin on Wednesday, July 17th from the website below.
As a place for digital innovation and co-creation, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of the Asia-Oceania region. We look forward to your participation.
[ASOCIO Digital Summit 2024 Official Website]
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[About ASOCIO]
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The Asia-Oceania Computer Industry Organization (ASOCIO) is an ICT federation organized by ICT associations representing 24 economies in the Asia-Pacific region. ASOCIO was founded in 1984 by founding members from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. It is the oldest and most active international ICT organization in Asia and Oceania. Its influence extends to more than 20,000 ICT companies in the region. ASOCIO member economies currently represent $1 trillion in global ICT revenues. ASOCIO’s purpose is to promote, encourage and foster relationships and trade among its members and to develop the regional computer industry.
Currently, ASOCIO includes Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand. , has 24 members from Vietnam.
Under the ASOCIO umbrella, member economies have the opportunity to work together for growth.
Every year, ASOCIO organizes major activities in different member economies, such as the Digital Summit, Multilateral Trade Visit (MTV), Smart City Summit and Plenary Session, as well as the publication of research reports and the ASOCIO ICT Awards. About the Digital Summit, we are talking about one of the region’s powerful ICT forums, providing a platform for governments and industry to exchange information, build closer relationships and, most importantly, identify new business opportunities. known as one.
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