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New Space Intelligence Co., Ltd. A new era drawn by New Space Intelligence and Isumi Railway

New Space Intelligence Co., Ltd.
A new era drawn by New Space Intelligence and Isumi Railway
Kuniyoshi Station is renamed to “NSI Kuniyoshi Station”
New Space Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Ube City, Prefecture, Representative Director: Yumiko Nagai, hereinafter referred to as NSI) and Isumi Railway Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Koichi Furutake, hereinafter referred to as Isumi Railway) are located in Kuniyoshi. We have signed a naming rights agreement for the station.
With this naming rights agreement, Kuniyoshi Station will make a new start as “NSI Kuniyoshi Station.” The contract period is for two years, from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2026, and Kuniyoshi Station will also be called “NSI KUNIYOSHI” in English.
NSI selected Isumi Railway as a demonstration field as part of the FY2020 and FY2020 Industrial Innovation Promotion Subsidy and has been working on developing a railway infrastructure monitoring system using satellite data. This system detects abnormalities on the ground surface and provides this information as alerts to
infrastructure managers. Isumi Railway aims to utilize this
information to streamline maintenance operations and speed up disaster recovery. Currently, NSI is collaborating with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (President: Kenji Yayoda, hereinafter referred to as MRI) to provide an innovative monitoring service that can respond to all situations, including disasters, as a commissioned research project of the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. We are proceeding with the development of. Isumi Railway is providing continuous support for this project as a demonstration field.
Regarding this naming rights agreement, Yumiko Nagai, NSI’s
representative director, commented as follows.
We are very pleased that NSI’s railway infrastructure monitoring service, in cooperation with Isumi Railway, has concluded a naming rights agreement for Kuniyoshi Station.
We at NSI utilize satellite data to provide information services that support customers’ decision-making.
This time, we received great support from Isumi Railway in the development of railway infrastructure monitoring, using Kuniyoshi Station as a demonstration field.
We have visited Kuniyoshi Station many times from Prefecture and have a great fondness for it.
We dream that a new era of railway infrastructure monitoring will begin from Kuniyoshi Station, and that our technology will spread throughout the world.
We are heading toward this dream, and our challenges will continue. We will do our best to meet your support and expectations.
In addition, Koichi Furutake, President and Representative Director of Isumi Railway, commented as follows.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for making a new start as “NSI Kuniyoshi Station.” Through the naming rights agreement, we aim to further deepen the trust we have built and contribute to the development of the region. A railway infrastructure monitoring system is essential for safe transportation on local railways like ours, and we are confident that this joint project will become an important tool to support the region. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in this endeavor.
[Image:×2925.jpg] Photo left: Isumi Railway President Koichi Furutake Center: NSI CEO Yumiko Nagai Right: Isumi Railway Cheer Team Leader Yasuyuki Kakesu Contact:
About New Space Intelligence Co., Ltd.
New Space Intelligence Co., Ltd. (NSI) is a startup founded by members of AIT (Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)) and University. We have specialized knowledge and technology in remote sensing, AI technology, and image processing. We aim to use satellite data to update all industries and realize a Geo-Enabled society. Currently, we are providing change detection services using the “Satellite Data Pipeline,” a platform that integrates a wide variety of satellite data and solves customer problems using the optimal analysis method that suits the purpose. We will develop solution services.
NSI Company Profile
About Isumi Railway Co., Ltd.
Isumi Railway Co., Ltd. (Isumi Railway) is a railway operator headquartered in Otaki-cho, Isumi-gun, Chiba Prefecture. Taking over the Kihara Line, which was one of the designated local transportation lines of the Japanese National Railways (JNR), we operate “Isumi Railway” as a third sector.
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