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Home » Nairy Co., Ltd. Over 30,000 registered nail artists! “Nairy,” a direct booking app for nail artists, has raised a total of 820 million yen.

Nairy Co., Ltd. Over 30,000 registered nail artists! “Nairy,” a direct booking app for nail artists, has raised a total of 820 million yen.

[Nairy Co., Ltd.] Over 30,000 registered nail artists! “Nairy,” a direct booking app for nail artists, has raised a total of 820 million yen.
*Nairy Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Over 30,000 registered nail artists! “Nairy,” a direct booking app for nail artists, has raised a total of 820 million yen.
* Nailie, a direct booking app for nail artists
Naley Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Kengo Asakura), which provides “(Naley)”, is partnered with Nissay Capital, SMBC Venture Capital, POLA
We have raised a total of 820 million yen from SEED, Vector Co., Ltd., and others. The cumulative amount of funding is 1.32 billion yen. * Through this procurement, we will strengthen our marketing, strengthen our products, and strengthen our internal structure and recruit human resources to accelerate the speed of business growth, with the aim of creating a world where nail artists in a variety of settings can express their individuality.

A look at the NAILIE AWARD 2023 held to improve the status of nail artists working at Nailie.
* ■What is Nailie? *

Nailie is a nail reservation app that allows you to search for a design from over 1.9 million nail images posted by nail artists and make a reservation directly with your favorite nail artist. By registering your credit card in advance, you can easily complete everything from reservation to payment within the app. You can also use atone for deferred payment.
The cumulative number of app downloads has exceeded 2 million, and more than 30,000 nail artists nationwide have registered.

・App title: Nailie
Android: ・Official website:
・Official Instagram:
・Official X:
* ■Comment from Kengo Asakura, Representative Director and CEO of Naley Co., Ltd. *
We have recently raised 820 million yen as a Series B round. Based on our mission of “beautifying the world with individuality,” we aim to create a world where people can attract customers through their individuality, rather than through coupons and bargain prices, and improve the status of everyone involved in the beauty industry. I would like to continue doing so.
Also, since I myself come from the beauty industry, I would like to use the power of technology to update the old structures that I have experienced over the past 15 years, which are harmful to the industry. With this funding, we will strengthen our marketing, strengthen our products, strengthen our internal structure to accelerate the speed of business growth, and recruit human resources.We will work even harder to achieve our goals. I am.
To all the investors who sympathized with our business and became new shareholders, to all the investors and business partners who have been involved in the past, to our members who work with us every day, We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the users of Naley, and we will continue to work hard to achieve our goals.
* ■ Underwriter comment *

*●Nissei Capital Akimasa Okubo*
I am very pleased to have the opportunity to invest in Naley. The Nail app is an innovative reservation platform that promotes appropriate matching between nail technicians and users while focusing on solving problems for nail technicians.
I feel that Nailey has great potential as it is steadily growing its products, led by President Asakura, who has a wealth of experience and connections in the nail industry.
We look forward to seeing Naley achieve further growth and
establishing new standards in the nail industry.
As Nissay Capital, we will do our best to support Neily in realizing its equity story.
* ●SMBC Venture Capital Mr. Junya Yasuda*
When considering investment, we interviewed various nail artists, and we realized that nail care is already becoming an indispensable infrastructure for nail artists. I also deeply sympathize with the attitude of President Asakura and the rest of the Nail Team, who run the company through trial and error every day, thinking that they want nail technicians to be more active.
We hope that with this funding, Nailly will further expand into a service that is loved by nail artists and users alike. The SMBC Group will continue to provide full support.
* ●POLA ORBIS Holdings Co., Ltd.*
*General Planning Office, Corporate Venture Capital, Mr. Yuichiro Kishi / Mr. Saki Maezawa*
We are very honored to have invested in Naley Co., Ltd.
As a CtoC platform that addresses the needs of fashion-conscious users while solving the challenges faced by sole proprietors in the nail industry,
I feel that our position in the industry is becoming more and more established these days.
I was impressed by the management team’s focus on the potential of the beauty market as a whole and always aiming to maximize customer satisfaction.
We will do our best to support you in your future growth.
*●THE SEED Taki Hirosawa*
This time, we have invested in Mr. Neily from THE SEED 3rd issue. I happened to speak with Mr. Asakura at a social gathering at an event, and I was strongly attracted to his deep knowledge of management and keen insight into business, so I decided to schedule an interview with him later.
This fund usually focuses on seed investments, but we are very happy to be able to work with them this time.
I hope to be able to be of some help to Mr. Neily’s further growth. * ●Vector Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hajime Nishie*
We are confident that Nail’s services, which are suited to the diversifying era in which individuals and freelancers are active, will bring new value to the existing nail industry and expand the possibilities of the nail artist profession.
This is our company’s vision, and we would like to continue to help people like Neiley by “spreading good things to the world and making people happy.”
* ■About strengthening recruitment *
*We are actively recruiting for the following positions. We are also hiring for positions other than those listed below. If you are interested, please feel free to apply. *

・Flutter Engineer
・App designer
・In charge of SNS
・PR planner
・Media Sales/Operations
・Customer success
・Customer support
・IT general affairs
* ■Company profile *
Company name: Naley Co., Ltd.
Location: LAIDOUT SHIBUYA 4F, 1-15-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kengo Asakura
Established: September 15, 2016
Business content: Development and operation of smartphone applications *About details about this release*

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