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Home » Nippon Design Co., Ltd. “ORIGIN,” an event commemorating the publication of the principal of Nippon Design School, to which 502 creators applied, will be held on June 22nd. A special seminar and large social gathering will be held for participant

Nippon Design Co., Ltd. “ORIGIN,” an event commemorating the publication of the principal of Nippon Design School, to which 502 creators applied, will be held on June 22nd. A special seminar and large social gathering will be held for participant

[Nippon Design Co., Ltd.]
“ORIGIN”, a publication commemoration event by the principal of Nippon Design School, was held on June 22nd, to which 502 creators applied. A special seminar and large social gathering will be held for participants who want to change their career through reskilling. *Nippon Design Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
“ORIGIN”, a publication commemoration event by the principal of Nippon Design School, was held on June 22nd, to which 502 creators applied. A special seminar and large social gathering will be held for participants who want to change their career through reskilling. *
Nippon Design School, operated by Nippon Design Co., Ltd., held an event called “ORIGIN” on June 22nd (Saturday) to commemorate the first publication of its principal, Natsumi Kubo. On the day of the event, we held a special seminar and a large networking event with the participation of people who are currently attending or considering attending the Nippon Design School. *
Nowadays, terms such as “reskilling” and “lifelong learning” have become commonplace due to work style reforms and the lifting of the ban on side jobs. The number of people who want to change their lives, change the way they work, or acquire skills has increased, but many people feel scared when they take the first step.
Nippon Design School wants such people to realize new possibilities in themselves, so the principal, Kubo, who was a “clunky guy with no guts,”
I have published “A Gutless Longing to Become a Web Designer” (Gentosha), which describes how I became the principal of a school with over 2,500 graduates. *
To commemorate this time, *
Based on the contents of the book, we are planning an event called “ORIGIN” that will tell you about Kubo’s ORIGIN and how to acquire skills and reform the way individuals work. *
We received over 500 applications from all over Japan.
A large-scale networking event will also be held after the seminar. They interacted while enjoying luxurious catering and alcoholic beverages. There was also a gift lottery where you could win Apple products and original goods, making it a very exciting day. (Digest video of the day: )
*Specific details of the day*
[Part 1 “ORIGIN of Japan’s No. 1 Design School Principal Natsumi Kubo”] The first seminar, “ORIGIN by Natsumi Kubo, principal of Japan’s No. 1 design school”, was based on a book in which the number of graduates was 2,500 (currently over 3,000 as of July). )’s path to becoming a school principal.

As Kubo’s work history, he uses anecdotes from more than 10 jobs to show how he was a lackluster person and how he was able to succeed, so everyone has potential. Did.
Overall view of the venue
A candid introduction to ORIGIN
[Part 2 “Key points to recognize phases to become a person who continues to be successful”]
In the second part, based on my experience of training more than 2,500 web designers, I will tell you the common characteristics of people who can achieve results, and I will carry out work that will enable anyone to do so.

Participants thought about questions that would dig deeper into themselves and shared them among themselves. While sharing, many people were filled with emotion and cried.
Implement work to produce results
Participants crying during group work
[Part 3 “Q&A talk session with Kubo and Otsubo”]
In the third part, Otsubo, representative of Nippon Design Co., Ltd., also took the stage.

Let’s look back at the reasons why Natsumi Kubo was able to succeed from an outsider’s perspective, based on episodes from that time. The two of them also answered questions from the participants, such as how to advance your career and succeed in the creative industry. Answer questions from students
[Creator Exchange Meeting]
After the seminar, a large creator networking event will be held. After a general toast, many students lined up to toast with Otsubo, Kubo, and the instructors from Nippon Design School.
Cheers scenery
Students lining up for a toast
Japan Design School instructors from Japan and abroad
-Present lottery-
A gift raffle was held during the time for chatting and taking photos, and participants were given presents such as Apple products and original goods.
Photo shoot with Nippon Design employees and students
Kubo responding to autograph requests
People who won original T-shirts
-Original song concert-
At the end of the event, principal Kubo and Nippon Design employees performed an original song from Nippon Design School. Kubo’s father also appeared in the video as a performer, and the venue was very excited.
Original song concert
Students enjoying the performance
*Voices from participants*
* Participant’s voice 1.*
* The details of the event, slide materials, brochures, videos of dads, end credits, etc. were all carefully crafted and I enjoyed everything! ! *
I’m sure the preparations were extremely difficult, but I’m really grateful to everyone at Desask for organizing such a wonderful event! thank you very much! ! !

Mr. Kubo is very bright and seems to be enjoying his work now, but I understand that he is where he is today because he has learned through various experiences! !

I think sharing your goals with your friends in real life is very effective for making them come true! ! And there was a lot to learn and realize from others! !

Also, I was worried about priorities, and I consulted with you, and my thoughts deepened! ! The time I spend designing is fun and I can get absorbed in it, but I started this because I wanted to spend more time with my children, so I don’t forget that design is a job, not a hobby, and I set goals that prioritize how to earn money efficiently. I think I’ll do it! !

* I have changed so much because I joined Desask, and it is a really big event in my life! ! *
Participant’s voice 2.
The title of the book, “A gutless man dreams of becoming a web designer,” really stuck with me, and it took me a little courage to go to Tokyo for the first time in 10 years, but I definitely wanted to hear his story, so I decided to participate. . *

Mr. Kubo has changed jobs 10 times, and Otsubo-san called him a flop, but I also change jobs a lot. So, I completely understand the feeling of quitting one’s job right away, and even though I was a little disappointed in the middle of the story, I found myself laughing at “Resurrection”.

In my case, I was very depressed and had a long period of illness until I recovered, so I learned about the “rules to protect my heart” this time, so I’m going to put them into practice when I feel depressed again! !

I was really encouraged by your words, “Let your future self lead you,” “I will be your best ally,” and “Those who are successful keep working until they achieve their goals!” *
Participant’s voice 3.
Thank you very much for your valuable talk today. *
I haven’t taken Desask (nickname for Japan Design School), so I wonder if I’m away? I was a little nervous about participating, but I enjoyed Dr. Kubo’s talk and was glad I came. *

I want to become a person who is good at practicing the 5 steps to achieving goals that you talked about, growing steadily, and making dreams come true!

Also, on a personal note, I recently succeeded in changing jobs to a designer position. It’s been about four years since the coronavirus outbreak, but I feel like we’re finally at the starting line. When I was looking for a new job, I often watched Mr. Kubo’s YouTube videos, and I was getting discouraged.

I’ve just moved to Tokyo and don’t have any plans to take the Desask class, but I was jealous of how close the alumni were. I would like to work on what I can do now with the goal of becoming a Desask student in the near future. *
Participant comments 4.
Kubo’s childhood (it was too cute), the 10 jobs he tried, his setbacks and what he learned from them. Mr. Kubo’s current strength is that he can turn the painful experiences he had back then into jokes and make them laugh…! You must have seen a movie! ? It moved me so much that I thought about it.

The words that particularly stuck with me were, “I feel like I’m being pulled by my future self and I’m getting better and better.” I want to work backwards from where I want to be and build up my future self.

Work, QA meetings, live performances, raffles, and large social gatherings are jam-packed with learning and fun, and you’ll be highly motivated! It was a day that lifted me up. At the seminar and 8th anniversary event in December, we will be able to report our achievements with confidence! *
*Voice of Natsumi Kubo, principal of Nippon Design School*
Natsumi Kubo, Principal of Nippon Design School
A large scale event held in real life for the first time in about half a year to commemorate my publication. Last December, we held a large-scale event with 300 people, but this time we had even more people. I think it’s all thanks to all of you that we were able to hold such a big event.

As I talked about at the event, I used to be so gutless that I would quit my part-time job after one day. *
Now, as the principal of a design school with over 3,000 graduates, I am able to publish a book and hold an event to commemorate the publication.This is a future that I could never have imagined in the past. *

I hope that the participants will be able to see the possibilities of the future that they cannot see at the moment by seeing what I am now, from a place where no matter what I tried, it did not work out, and this event will make that ideal come true. I would be happy if it could be an opportunity for you.
*What is Japan Design School?*
“Dezask”, where you can become a professional-level web designer in as little as 45 days from no experience, offers seminars for those who want to know the basic knowledge of web designers. There are also courses where you can acquire professional-level design skills even if you have no experience, how to attract customers even if you have no connections, how to get orders using SNS, and study sessions and exchanges for those who want to build up a track record for freelance work even after graduation. We offer meetings, design competitions, etc.
Free video lessons now available: *Nippon Design Co., Ltd.*
Nippon Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 with the vision of “designing a better Japan by making people’s lives and working styles happier.” Our main business, “Zeroichi,” provides IT skills that allow you to earn money in a short period of 45 to 90 days without any experience, completely online, and is a pioneer of a school that produces side jobs and freelancers who can work as nomads and work from home. It has become. By helping individuals acquire skills and expanding their range of career choices, we are contributing to the realization of a better Japan.

* -Company Profile-*
Company name: Nippon Design Co., Ltd.
Purpose: Change the way Japanese people live and work to make them happier and design a better Japan
Address: 2F, Ikebukuro Center Building, 1-35-3 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 18, 2013
Representative Director: Takuma Otsubo
Number of employees: 32 people
Business content: WEB marketing, WEB production, consulting
URL: Company HP
      WEB Design School
       WEB Writing School
       Video editing school
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