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Home » The Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” has established the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) to investigate Oshikatsu and will support happy Oshikatsu!

The Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” has established the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) to investigate Oshikatsu and will support happy Oshikatsu!

The Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” has established the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) to investigate Oshikatsu and will support happy Oshikatsu!
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Press release: July 3, 2024
The Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” has established the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) to investigate Oshikatsu and will support happy Oshikatsu!
* Provided by Booklista Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shigeru Murata, hereinafter referred to as “Booklista”) – Oshibana, a popular activity app
– (hereinafter referred to as oshikatsu app “Oshibana”) has established a club activity “Oshiken!” to support and research oshikatsu with users. *
Purpose of establishing “Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!)” As part of its activities, the “Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!)” regularly conducts surveys related to Oshikatsu and distributes press releases.

The purpose of the survey is to make the promotion of users more enjoyable and to support them.

Nowadays, more and more people are using oshigai or oshikatsu as a source of energy in their lives, and the word “oshikatsu” has become a common term. On the other hand, through interviews for business research, I came to realize that there are many people who are so stressed out and face such inconvenience that they become immersed in the “swamp” of promotion.

We want to be close to the concerns of people who are involved in oshikatsu and eliminate their inconvenience. Users can share their joys and worries with a large number of like-minded people through survey results.

On the other hand, the person being promoted can understand the feelings of the person being promoted through the survey results. In this way, the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) aims to become a bridge between those who promote and those who are encouraged.

The “Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!)” will continue to further support everyone’s Oshikatsu by providing questionnaires to everyone and updating the Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” based on the results.

In a past press release of the Oshikatsu app “Oshibana,” we
investigated how much time users who use Oshikatsu usually spend on Oshikatsu.
The Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” allows you to feel happy to be alive today through Oshikatsu*
This is a service that provides. The difference between Oshibana and most services related to the promotion and creator economy market is that *
The point is that we develop services from the perspective of users who are in the driving position*. We develop products together with users, putting the user first.

The user base of the Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” is mainly college students and younger, middle school and high school students. The number of users is 700,000, and it is calculated that there is approximately one user in every class who uses the Oshibana app. The Oshikatsu Research Club (Oshiken!) uses club activities as its motif, and conducts research and research from the same perspective as the users, and is now called a club activity in order to create a sense of familiarity.

In order to maximize feedback to users, we will continue to publish the research and survey results we conducted to consider ways to utilize them in our services as the “Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!).”
“Oshikatsu Research Club (Oshiken!)” Future plans
The next research conducted by the Oshikatsu Research Department (Oshiken!) is scheduled to focus on “SNS (Social Networking Services).”

The word “SNS” is often seen in the news, but what exactly are the apps that users recognize as SNS? What SNS do you usually use? We are conducting a survey using a questionnaire.

The results of the survey will be announced in July.
▼Click here for the questionnaire currently being collected

In addition to the survey, we are also planning user participation activities, so please look forward to future releases.
What is the promotion app “Oshibana”?
Oshibana, an Oshikatsu app, aims to support a happy Oshikatsu life through users’ Oshikatsu* “Happy to be alive today”*
This is a service that aims to provide. We think about Oshikatsu from the perspective of the pusher and develop services together with users.

App Store URL:
Compatible devices: iOS *iOS14.0 or later
Official X (old Twitter):
An illustration:
Miura Popa (
Ren Aikawa (
Service ideas and features under development are published on Trello (

Recruitment information
We are looking for members to work with us on the development of the Oshikatsu app “Oshibana” and other new businesses.

Recruitment Information Actively recruiting engineers and designers!


4 secrets to product development that generates “enthusiasm” among users
Inquiries regarding this release
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Tomoyuki Motosawa, head of development of the Oshibana app

[Inquiries regarding the app]
Please contact us via the in-app contact form or official Twitter. Official X (old Twitter):
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Booklista is based on the vision of “Entertainment x Tech
(Intellectual Curiosity x Impressive Experience)”, and has developed “- Oshibana
-” and the short manga creation support service “YOMcoma”, we are working on creating new businesses. We also develop various businesses related to e-books and provide total support for the comprehensive operation of e-book stores. We will expand our scope to include all types of entertainment and create new value by making full use of digital technology.

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