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Volkswagen’s new Tiguan will go on sale by the end of this year

Volkswagen Group Japan Co., Ltd.
Volkswagen’s new Tiguan will go on sale by the end of this year Global best-selling SUV further evolves with advanced segment equipment ……
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By adopting MQB evo architecture, equipment of upper segment is adopted. The interior and exterior have been completely redesigned, with a more powerful exterior and interior featuring a new generation interface. Clean diesel + 4WD powertrain, which is popular in Japan, is available. Gasoline engine adopts 48V mild hybrid system for the first time in “Tiguan” Volkswagen Japan (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Brand Director Andrea Calcagni) will begin accepting pre-orders for the new 3rd generation Tiguan, the first full model change in 7 years, at authorized Volkswagen dealers nationwide starting in September. We plan to start shipping from November onwards.
The first Tiguan model was introduced in 2007, and since then more than 7.6 million units have been sold worldwide. Since 2019, it has been a best-selling model that has received high praise as the highest-volume selling model in the entire Volkswagen Group. The new 3rd generation Tiguan has a bonnet positioned higher than the previous model, emphasizing the power of an SUV, and pursuing aerodynamic performance, improving the CD value from 0.33 to 0.28. In addition, we have adopted MQB evo, which is an evolved version of the conventional MQB architecture. With the new technology realized by this MQB evo, the adaptive chassis control “DCC” has been changed to “DCC Pro”, the conventional matrix headlight “IQ. LIGHT” has been changed to “IQ. LIGHT” HD, and the infotainment system has a new generation design. It has evolved into “MIB4” and has been able to adopt many advanced technologies of the upper segment.
The adaptive chassis control “DCC” has evolved into the volume segment’s first 2-valve independent control type “DCC Pro”, realizing complex control that was impossible with conventional mechanisms. The internal structure of the new “DCC Pro” has independent oil circuits for the rebound and compression sides, so the damping force can be controlled separately for each. Although similar technology has been adopted in the motor sports and luxury car segments, which rely on advanced technology, this is the world’s first adoption in the volume segment. By using this technology, the new Tiguan achieves an unprecedented level of dynamic driving and comfortable ride comfort, both of which would otherwise be contradictory. Sport mode provides agile handling typical of Volkswagen, while Comfort mode provides a comfortable flat ride.
Furthermore, the MQB evo platform is the first Volkswagen to adopt “Vehicle Dynamics Manager,” which provides highly coordinated control of “DCC Pro” and electronically controlled differential lock (XDS). By controlling each of the four wheels independently according to driving conditions, Volkswagen’s renowned accurate steering response has reached an even higher level.
The LED matrix headlights, which were available on previous models, detect oncoming and preceding vehicles using the front camera, and individually control the lighting and extinguishing of the LEDs installed in the matrix module, allowing for optimal light
distribution. This is the latest headlight system. The new Tiguan comes standard with the even more advanced “IQ. LIGHT” HD on the Elegance and R-Line. Equipped with 19,200 high-definition multi-pixel LEDs on each side, it allows for more detailed control than before, making driving at night and in dark places more comfortable and safe. The advanced parking assist system “Park Assist Plus” not only automatically operates the steering wheel, but also the accelerator and brakes. The newly installed memory function can memorize operations from 50 meters in front of the parking space, and up to 5 can be stored in memory.
Driving Experience Controls located on the center console provide quick access to functions such as adjusting audio volume and selecting driving modes. A pneumatic massage function is standard on the driver’s seat for the “Elegance” and “R-Line” models other than the base grade. Furthermore, when the optional leather seat package is installed, a pneumatic massage function that can be selected from eight different patterns is installed on both the driver and passenger seats. In addition, the seat ventilation function dissipates heat trapped between the passenger and the seat to maintain comfort, and it is also possible to set the seat heater and ventilation to
automatically operate when the outside temperature is detected. . As for the powertrain, there are two lineups: a 1.5L eTSI mild hybrid system (FWD), a first for the Tiguan, and a 2.0L TDI clean diesel engine, which is popular in Japan, combined with the full-time 4WD system 4MOTION.
The 1.5L eTSI gasoline turbo engine installed in the new Tiguan is the latest generation EA211 evo2 engine with a maximum output of 110kW (150PS) and a maximum torque of 250Nm. The Active Cylinder Management Mechanism (ACT) has been strengthened to increase efficiency by shutting down two of the four cylinders more frequently. It is also possible to stop and restart the engine while driving and switch to eco-coasting driving. This contributes to fuel savings of up to 0.5 liters per 100 km. *The new Tiguan is also the first to be equipped with a 48V mild hybrid system that combines a 48V lithium-ion battery that stores power from regenerative braking and a 48V water-cooled belt starter generator that functions as an alternator and starter. The 48V belt starter generator also functions as a motor and assists with torque when starting. It not only contributes to improved fuel efficiency, but also supports starting and acceleration.
The 2.0L TDI diesel turbo engine is an EA288 evo engine that generates a maximum output of 142kW (193PS) and a maximum torque of 400Nm. Equipped with a twin dosing system that further reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by increasing the number of SCR systems to two. Combined with the full-time 4WD system “4MOTION”, powerful driving is achieved.
Both the 1.5L eTSI engine and 2.0L TDI engine are entry grade equipped with the latest driving support systems such as “Travel Assist”, lane keep assist system “Lane Assist”, and lane change assist system “Side Assist Plus”. In addition to the “Active”, the “Elegance” comes standard with LED matrix headlights “IQ.LIGHT HD” and a seat massage function for the driver and passenger seats, as well as a special exterior, special seats, and 20-inch aluminum wheels. There are 3 grades installed called “R-Line”, making it a total of 6 grades. *Research by Volkswagen headquarters
Please refer to the following for the grade structure.
New “Tiguan”: 6 grades available
– eTSI Active 1.5L eTSI(110kW/150PS) / 7-speed DSG / FWD
– eTSI Elegance 1.5L eTSI(110kW/150PS) / 7-speed DSG / FWD
– eTSI R-Line 1.5L eTSI(110kW/150PS) / 7-speed DSG / FWD
– TDI 4MOTION Active 2.0TDI(142kW/193PS) / 7-speed DSG / 4WD – TDI 4MOTION Elegance 2.0TDI(142kW/193PS) / 7-speed DSG / 4WD – TDI 4MOTION R-Line 2.0TDI(142kW/193PS) / 7-speed DSG / 4WD Please see below for the main specifications and equipment list of the new Tiguan.
New “Tiguan” specifications table
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