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Home » Volkswagen simultaneously announces five new models: T-Cross, Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and Golf Variant

Volkswagen simultaneously announces five new models: T-Cross, Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and Golf Variant

Volkswagen Group Japan Co., Ltd.
Volkswagen simultaneously announces five new models: T-Cross, Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and Golf Variant
Pre-orders for the new “T-Cross” will start from July 6th (Saturday) ……
Volkswagen Japan (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: Brand Director Andrea Calcagni) has announced that it will begin sales activities for five new models in the second half of the year, and will begin shipping them sequentially, with the aim of strengthening sales in the Japanese market. The mission of the People’s Car brand is to provide cars that can become partners to more customers by deploying advanced technology and high quality across a wide range of models and offering a variety of powertrain options. .
The main features and release dates of each model are as follows. New “T-Cross”
[Image 1:×1191.jpg] The “T-Cross” has been praised for its advanced safety equipment, body size that is easy to handle in Japan’s road environment, and high practicality, and has been the number one imported SUV registered for three consecutive years since its introduction in Japan in 2020. 1 (according to our own research). The new T-Cross, which has undergone its first minor change, maintains the popular body size, improves safety, and has a brushed exterior with a lineup of eight colors, including three colorful new colors. The interior has been upgraded and the quality of the interior has been greatly improved.
Pre-orders for the new T-Cross will begin on July 6th (Saturday), and shipping is scheduled to begin in late September.
New “Tiguan”
[Image 2:×1446.jpg] Since the first model of the Tiguan was introduced in 2007, more than 7.6 million units have been sold worldwide. Since 2019, it has been the Volkswagen Group’s best-selling model and has received high praise worldwide. The new 3rd generation Tiguan, which is the first full model change in 7 years, uses MQB evo, an evolved version of the previous MQB architecture, and generously incorporates cutting-edge technology from the upper segment. The powertrain lineup is also attractive, combining the Tiguan’s first 1.5L eTSI mild hybrid system (FWD) and the 2.0TDI clean diesel engine, which is popular in Japan, with the full-time 4WD system 4MOTION.
Pre-orders for the new Tiguan will begin in September of this year, with shipments scheduled to begin in November.
New “Passat”
[Image 3:×1158.jpg] Since its launch in 1973, the Passat has been a long-selling model with a history of more than 50 years, with over 34 million units sold, surpassing even Volkswagen’s legendary bestseller Beetle. The 9th generation new Passat, which has undergone a full model change for the first time in 9 years, uses the MQB evo architecture like the new Tiguan. The body has been enlarged compared to before, and in addition to improving the comfort of the rear seats, the cargo space has also evolved to be able to adapt to a variety of uses and lifestyles, with one of the largest loading capacities in the segment above. Ta. The powertrain lineup includes a combination of a 1.5L eTSI mild hybrid system (FWD), a 2.0TDI clean diesel engine, and a full-time 4WD system, 4MOTION, as well as a plug-in hybrid that can travel over 120km in EV mode. .
Pre-orders for the new Passat will begin in September of this year, with shipping scheduled to begin in November.
New “Golf”/New “Golf Variant”
[Image 4:×1043.jpg] Volkswagen’s best-selling Golf, which has continued to evolve over the 50 years since its debut in 1974, has continued to raise the performance standard for compact hatchbacks as a benchmark for practical hatchbacks. The 8th generation Golf, introduced in Japan in 2021, incorporates dramatic advances in the global trends of electrification, digitalization, and enhanced driving support functions into the compact car segment. It has led the segment as a model with a long history. The new Golf and Golf Variant, which are the first minor changes in three years, have an updated infotainment system and improved interior and exterior. Especially on higher grades, the illuminated “VW” emblem makes the fearless front design even more prominent.
[Image 5:×1447.jpg] The powertrain lineup includes a 1.5L eTSI engine with two outputs (85kW/116PS or 110kW/150PS) and a 2.0TDI engine with a twin dosing system with dual AdBlue injection, which is the same as the previous generation. In addition, the traditional hatchback sports grade “GTI” is equipped with a 2.0TSI 195kW/265PS engine.
Orders for the new Golf and Golf Variant will begin in September of this year, with shipments scheduled to start from January 2025. In addition to the all-electric SUV ID.4, which went on sale in 2021, Volkswagen plans to introduce the ID. Buzz, the second model in the ID. series, in 2025. The aim is to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by 2050.
Meanwhile, in order to meet customer needs, in addition to the five models announced this time, we will continue to strengthen our lineup of attractive internal combustion engine models with improved environmental performance. We will continue to promote this. More details about this release: